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Roy Edward Larsen

Roy Edward Larsen

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Roy Edward Larsen, the son of a newspaper man, was born in Boston in 1899. He studied at Harvard University, where he was business manager of the college literary magazine, The Advocate. It has been claimed that he had been the first person in history to turn it into a profit-making venture.

In 1923 Briton Hadden and Henry Luce established Time Magazine. Larsen was appointed as circulation manager. Other members of staff included Thomas J. C. Martyn, John Stuart Martin, Manfred Gottfried and Niven Busch.

The first edition of the magazine was published on 3rd March, 1923. Only 9,000 copies were sold, a third of what it would take to break even in the first year of business. In an attempt to increase sales, Hadden employed young women to ask for the magazine at news-stands. Their reply was that they had never heard of it. After a few women had requested a copy of the magazine, Hadden arrived and by that time they were in the right mood to take a couple of copies.

According to Isaiah Wilner, the author of The Man Time Forgot (2006): "Gradually Time gained a following among the young and modern set. College students kept the magazine on the coffee tables, circled favorite phrases or surprising facts, and quoted them to friends. A single issue would make its way through several sets of hands." After six months the magazine was selling 19,000 copies a week. By March 1925, Time Magazine had a paid circulation of 70,000 subscribers. In its second year, the magazine made a profit of $674.15.

Despite an increase in revenue, Henry Luce still had trouble paying suppliers. Larsen was asked to come up with a way of finding more income from advertising in the magazine. Hadden suggested the idea of increasing the price of smaller adverts and offering a discount for buying in bulk. This method not only improved revenue but eventually became the industry standard for selling advertising. Larsen devised several different subscription offers. This included paying the cost of postage. The company also supplied a self-addressed and stamped postcard in their mailing.

In April, 1925, Henry Luce discovered that Time Incorporated had lost $1,958.84 over the previous four months. He decided that he could save a considerable sum of money by relocating to Cleveland. John Penton, claimed he could save Luce $20,000 a year by printing the magazine in the city. Time Magazine moved to Cleveland in August, 1925.

Larsen worked very closely with Briton Hadden in the various campaigns to increase the circulation of the magazine. One strategy was to criticise individual cities. For example, Hadden commented that Greensboro was "second-rate". He also attacked different aspects of Denver and Indianapolis. This created great controversy but the following year the readership had increased between 50 and 100% in these cities. Larsen wrote to Hadden: "The numbers speak for themselves. What we have done in Denver and Indianapolis, we can do in hundreds of cities and towns throughout the country."

In December, 1925, Larsen organised a new subscription campaign. It was a great success and the magazine's circulation increased to 107,000. However, that year, the company lost $24,000, but this was largely due to the cost of the move to Cleveland. Luce claimed the future looked bright as the relocation had made the magazine more popular outside of New York City. By 1927 was selling over 175,000 copies a week.

In 1928 Briton Hadden and Henry Luce argued about business matters. Luce was keen to publish a second magazine that he wanted to call Fortune. Hadden was opposed to the idea of publishing a journal devoted to promoting the capitalist system. He considered the "business world to be vapid and morally bankrupt". Together, Hadden and Luce owned more than half of the voting stock and were able to retain control of the company. However, Luce was unable to publish a new magazine without the agreement of his partner.

Hadden died of heart failure on 27th February, 1929. The following week Hadden's name was removed from Time's masthead as the joint founder of the magazine. Luce also approached Hadden's mother about buying her stock in Time Incorporated. She refused but her other son, Crowell Hadden, accepted his offer to join the board of directors. Crowell agreed to try and persuade his mother to change her mind and in September 1929, she agreed to sell her stock to a syndicate under Luce's control for just over a million dollars. This gave him a controlling interest in the company. Soon after Hadden's death, Luce began publishing Fortune.

Larsen was also involved in producing The March of Time for radio (1931) and for the cinema (1935). Larsen eventually became president of Time Incorprated. He was also the main figure behind the creation of Sports Illustrated.

Roy Edward Larsen died in 1979

Rob Roy MacGregor

In Victorian times, people were enthralled by the novels of Sir Walter Scott, who portrayed a man called Rob Roy in his work… a dashing and chivalrous outlaw.

Of course, the truth was a little less glamorous.

For centuries the ‘Wild MacGregors’, cattle rustlers and brigands, were the plague of the Trossachs in Scotland.

The most famous, or infamous, member of the clan was Robert MacGregor, who acquired the name of ‘Roy’ early in life due to his mop of red curly hair.

The Wild MacGregors earned their name and living through ‘cattle lifting’ and extracting money from people in exchange for offering them protection from thieves.

In the early eighteenth century, Rob Roy MacGregor had established a flourishing protection racket, charging farmers an average 5% of their annual rent to ensure that their cattle remained safe.

He had complete control over the other raiders in Argyll, Stirling and Perth and so could guarantee that any cattle stolen from his customers would be returned to them.

Those who did not pay regretted it …as he had them stripped of all they possessed.

Rob Roy was not the sort of man to argue with!

Apart from leading a raid in the Lowland parish of Kippen in 1691, his early days were spent peacefully as a drover, buying and selling Highland cattle under the patronage of the Duke of Montrose.

But 1712 was not a good year and Rob Roy lost most of his capital as there was a ‘slump’ in the cattle market. However he was not deterred, and absconded with £1000 that had been invested in the business by various chieftains and became a cattle thief.

He stole most of the cattle from his earlier benefactor, the Duke of Montrose.

The Duke was not happy about this, especially as his archenemy the Duke of Argyll was supporting Rob Roy and giving him refuge in Glenshira, not far from Inverary. Montrose took his revenge by seizing MacGregor’s house and throwing his wife and four young sons out into the depths of winter.

Following his annus horribilis of 1712, Rob Roy was accused of fraudulent bankruptcy and in 1715 he was to be found trailing in the wake of the rebel army of the deposed Stuarts at Sheriffmuir, waiting patiently for any booty that he could lay his hands on.

The end came when he had to surrender to the Duke of Atholl in 1717, but he managed to escape, probably through the protection of the Duke of Argyll. However, Rob Roy was eventually caught and imprisoned again.

On the point of being transported to Barbados in 1727, he received a pardon from King George I and decided, as he was not getting any younger (he was now in his mid-fifties) that it was time to settle down.

This he did and lived the rest of his life as a peaceful, law-abiding citizen… well, apart from the odd duel or two.

The same cannot be said about his violent sons, James and Rob Oig (Robert the Younger), but that is another story!


Edward W. Larsen, Ph.D., professor of nuclear engineering and radiological sciences in the College of Engineering, retired from active faculty status on May 31, 2019.

Professor Larsen received his B.S. (1966) and Ph.D. (1971) degrees from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He served on the faculties of New York University and the University of Delaware. He was a staff member at the Los Alamos National Laboratory from 1977-86. He joined the University o f Michigan faculty as a professor in 1986.

Professor Larsen's research focused on the development of advanced algorithms for the mathematical analysis and the computational simulation of problems associated with the interaction of radiation with matter (particle transport). Much of his analytical work involved the use of asymptotic expansions to more precisely describe the relationship between transport theory and approximate diffusion theories. Professor Larsen's computational work led to more accurate discretization methods for deterministic transport calculations, more efficient and robust methods for accelerating the iterative convergence of deterministic calculations, and more efficient hybrid Monte Carlo/Deterministic methods. His work has been utilized in modern computer codes that simulate practical nuclear reactor and related radiation transport problems. During his career, Professor Larsen co-authored over 350 scholarly papers and mentored 42 Ph.D. students. He was elected a fellow of the American Nuclear Society (ANS) in 1988 and received several of the most prestigious awards in the international nuclear community, including the U.S. Department of Energy's E.O. Lawrence Award (1994), the ANS Arthur Holly Compton Award (1996), and the ANS Eugene P. Wigner Reactor Physicist Award (2009).

The Regents now salute this distinguished teacher and scholar for his dedicated service by naming Edward W. Larsen, professor emeritus of nuclear engineering and radiological sciences.

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KNUTSON, Jens M., Benson.
KOBERNAT, James F., Hill City.
KOEHLER, George W., Mound.
KOERNIG, George C., St. Paul.
KOLARS, Joseph T., Le Suer Center.
KORSTAD, Edwin, Trasky.
KOWASEWICH, Tady, Chisholm.
KRAEMER, Henry H., West Union.
KRAGERUD, John P., Barnesville.
KRAY, Frank A., Cold Spring.
KROLL, Fred W., Stillwater.
KRONLOKKEN, John, Renville.
KRUEGGER, Arthur F., Barnesville.
KRUGER, Ben A., Pequot.
KUCHARSKY, Adam, Duluth.
KULSETH, Martin, Appleton.
LABELL, Clarence R., Minneapolis.
LABOVITCH, Lawrence M., Minneapolis.
LADE, Arthur, Sherburn.
LAMB, Ralph, Seaforth.
LAMBERT, Robert A., Maple Lake.
LAMMERDING, Joseph H., Buffalo.
LANDE, Armin, Jackson.
LANGEMO, Nickolaie, West Concord.
LANGFORD, Richard J., Osseo.
LARSON, Axel, St. Paul.
LARSON, Benmore O., Jackson.
LARSON, Christian H., Ada.
LARSON, Clarence W., Herman.
LARSON, Clifford G., Farmington.
LARSON, David H., Little Falls.
LARSON, Elmer G., Parret.
LARSON, John A., Wheaton.
LARSON, Martin, Duluth.
LARSON, Thedor G., Garland.
LARSON, William, Bertha.
LATENDRESSE, Albert P., Duluth.
LEBACKEN, Melvin R., McIntosh.
LEE NELS, Ogilvie.
LEE, Oscar T., Dawson.
LEE, Roy, Pine River.
LEE, Thomas C., Fosston.
LEFTO, Levi, Henderson.
LEINES, Conrad, Fleming.
LEMMER, Arthur H., Shakopee.
LESNAU, John N., Sauk Rapids.
LEWIS, William T., Long Prairie.
LIEN, Louis A., Rothsay.
LILGREEN, Alfred, Cushing.
LILJEDAHL, Petrus H., St. Cloud.
LIND, Clarence O., New Brighton.
LINDAHL, Walter S., Minneapolis.
LINDGREN, Per E., Askelin.
LINNELL, Harold, Minneapolis.
LLOYD, Roy Melrium, Dover.
LOCKEN, Olaf, Hallack.
LODIN, Alfred, Calloway.
LOGAN, William, Fisher.
LORENTZ, Leo J., Mankato.
LOVELESS, John P., Calebonia.
LUKKONEN, John A., Menahga.
LUND, Frank, Oakleigh.
LUND, Otto, J., Blooming Prairie.
LUNDBERG, Hans M., Hartland.
LUNDHOLM, Chester E., Winthrop.
LUIMA, Sam, Two Harbors.
LYNGEN, George H., Milan.
LYONS, Isaac H., Veradale.
MADSON, Freemond O., Albert Lea.
MAGEE, Lloyd O., Little Falls.
MAINE, Howard E., Winnebago.
MAJOR, George F., Monticello.
MALINSKI, Aloysius K., Orleans.
MANTHE, Clarence S., St. Paul.
MANTHEY, Albert M. S., Gaylord.
MANUALA, Alex T., Kettle River.
MARTIN, Joe, Franklin.
MARTIN, Miles H., Fergus Falls.
MASUCCI, Henry E., Eveleth.
MATEJCEK, Hugo W., Owatonna.
MATTSON, Alvin L., Louisburg.
MATTSON, William, Nevis.
McARTHUR, C. Lloyd, Minneapolis.
McCARTY, Howard T., Cambridge.
McCLAY, Everett R., South Minneapolis.
McCORMICK, Martin, Benson.
MECKLENBURG, Alfred A., Essig.
MELCHER, Alphonse, Minneapolis.
MELLIN, Arthur A., Duluth.
MENZEL, Edward, Hopkins.
MEYER, Bennie A., Chaska.
MIENNERT, Frank A., Dakota.
MILLAM, Cresswell, L., Minneapolis.
MILLER, Clarence, Erhard.
MILLER, Joseph, Virginia.
MILLER, Rancy, Rushmore.
MILLER, Samuel W., Viborg.
MINNICK, Carl C., Lamberton.
MINNICK, Harold C., Lamberton.
MOE, Carl N., Starbuck.
MOEN, Alfred, Appleton.
MOEN, Neil M., South Stillwater.
MOHR, William J., Worthington.
MOLESTAD, Harold L., St. Louis Park.
MOORE, George W., Minneapolis.
MORBERG, Erick A., Alvarado.
MOREAU, Lewis E., Faribault.
MORRISON, William H., Duluth.
MUHVICH, Joseph, Ley.
MULIER, Eco H., St. Paul.
MUSSACK, Walter E., Rapidan.
MYHRE, Paul E., Trail.
MYHRE, Peter, Fosston.
MYHRE, Melvin, Fosston.
MYHRE, Willie, Bronson.
NELSEN, Christian, Jackson.
NELSON, Axel E., Little Falls.
NELSON, Axel L., Ronneby.
NELSON, Charles G., Soudan.
NELSON, Fred N., Minneapolis.
NELSON, Ira S., Clarks Grove.
NELSON, Walter C., Marshall.
NELSON, William A., St. Paul.
NESSETH, George, Twin Valley.
NEUMAN, Emil F., North St. Paul.
NEWTON, Floyd P., Waedort.
NICHOLSON, Hans E., Minneapolis.
NICHOLSON, Oscar E., Carlton.
NIEMCZYK, Peter, St. Paul.
NILSSON, Johan, St. Paul.
NOMELAND, Jim J., Grygla.
NORDIN, Edward C., Minneapolis.
NORDMAN, Gilbert W., Duluth.
NORMANN, Philip, Georgetown.
NOWACK, Fred C., Big Lake.
NUESSMIER, William, La Sueur.
NYKREIM, Sophus M., Moorhead.
NYLAND, Fred, Menahga.
NYS, Leon J., Rush City.
OBERG, Olof J., Deer.
OCHSNER, Otto P., Young America.
O'CONNELL, Cyril J., Fairbault.
O'DAY, Charles H., Adrian.
OEFSTEDAHL, Carl A., Spring Grove.
OHM, Albert, Albert Lea.
OISETH, Gusrav A., Kasson.
OLIN, Russell, W., Ada.
OLMIEM, Edward J., Starbuck.
OLSEN, Axel William, Duluth.
OLSON, Alfred C., Holt.
OLSON, Annes, Amboy.
OLSON, Carl K., Elbow Lake.
OLSON, Charles A., Glencoe.
OLSON, Eric, Williams.
OLSON, George H., Williams.
OLSON, Harry E., La Fayette.
OLSON, Herbert F., St. Croix.
OLSON, John E., Little Falls.
OLSON, Nels S., Triumph.
OMUNDSON, Oscar T., Detroit.
ONGSTAD, Henry T., Pelican Rapids.
OPSAHL, Selmar T., Spring Grove.
OSELIUS, Hjalmar, Dunnell.
OSSOWSKI, John Leo, Duluth.
OSTTUM, Conrad N., Kenyon.
OSWALD, William M., Fertile.
PANUSKA, George J., St. Paul.
PARKS, Clayton A., Sauk Center.
PATTERSON, Noah B., Wilmar.
PATTERSON, Robert L., Jordan.
PAUL, Joseph D., Puposky.
PEARSON, Elmer W., Minneapolis.
PEDERSEN, Wallace V., Moose Lake.
PEDERSON, Arne, Shilling.
PEDERSON, Bennie O., Harmony.
PEDERSON, Nels S., Wilmer.
PEDERSON, Thom H., Pelican Rapids.
PELO, Arthur F., Norcross.
PERONE, John, Tecanite.
PERRIZO, Frank D., Blue Earth.
PERSONS, Edgbert H., Rochester.
PETERSEN, William F., St. Peter.
PETERSON, Albert C., Stacy.
PETERSON, Albert E., St. Paul.
PETERSON, Arthur L., Minneapolis.
PETERSON, August, Benson.
PETERSON, Axil Julius, St. Paul.
PETERSON, Carl W., Duluth.
PETERSON, Carl Victor, Minneapolis.
PETERSON, Carl W., Minneapolis.
PETERSON, Clarence W., South Minneapolis.
PETERSON, Ernest W., Chicago City.
PETERSON, Gust A., Duluth.
PETERSON, Lawrence, Cokato.
PETERSON, Leo C., Red Wing.
PETERSON, Oscar E., Park Rapids.
PICKETT, Leonard, North Faribault.
PIRKLE, Joseph, Owatonna.
PLOYHART, Martin A., Waubung.
PODGERSKI, Frank, St. Paul.
POHL, Ralph L., Minneapolis.
POHLKER, John A., Wayzata.
POPPE, James I., Marble.
POPPEL, Henry C., Wolverton.
POSTON, George S., Thief River Falls.
PROCHASKA, Edward, Silver Lake.
QUAL, Robert, Mahnomen.
QUARNSTROM, Roy T., Strandquist.
QUICKLEY, Howard C., Duluth.
RAABE, Theodore E., Spring Valley.
RACHOW, Harrison F., Round Lake.
RADL, Andy, Ulm.
RANTEN, Carl R., Brooten.
RASMUSSEN, Svend P., Hutchinson.
RASMUSSON, Clarence H., Ada.
RAU, William, St. Cloud.
READER, George E., Truman.
REED, Allen Gee, Owatonna.
REHMANN, Albert, West St. Paul.
REINHART, Jesse H., Appleton.
RENEHAN, Michael George, Madison Lake.
RESSEMINN, P. M., Richmond.
RHEINGANS, Louis C., Millville.
RICHTER, Fred, Henderson.
RIDENOUR, Warren H., Browerville.
RIKHUS, Samuel, Ulen.
RINGHAND, Herman, Deerwood.
ROZAIRE D., Rivard Nort, St. Paul.
ROBEY, Hartley M., Sandstone.
ROBIDEAU, William L., International Falls.
ROBINSON, Charles A., Cottonwood.
ROBINSON, Conford O., Paton.
RODDEWIG, John, St. Paul.
ROLL, Carroll C., Glenwood.
ROOT, George E., St. Paul.
ROPER, Frederick B., Lake City.
ROSENBERG, Arthur C., Farwell.
ROSENFIELD, Harry, Minneapolis.
ROSS, Wendel A., Appleton.
ROTHEL, William, Hayfield.
RUBIN, Alfred, Douglas.
RUNDQUIST, Lawrence R., Cokato.
RUNNIE, Clarence Richard, Morris.
RYDELL, Axel T., Isanit.
SAARI, Yalmer, Duluth.
SABOE, Thomas A., Belgrade.
SAGER, Frank, St. Paul.
SAMSTAD, Bennel G., Atwater.
SANGREN, Ray H., Minneapolis.
SARFF, Ivan V., Browersville.
SASSE, Harry E., Blue Earth.
SATHER, Carl, Erskino.
SAXTON, Thomas, Sherburn.
SCHAFFMAN, Walter W., Newbrighton.
SCHAUST, Leonard, Delano.
SCHERER, Walter J., Shakopee.
SCHILLING, Otto, Maple Plain.
SCHMIDT, Lawrence O., St. Paul.
SCHMITZ, Thomas, Eden Valley.
SCHNEIDER, Robert J., Minneapolis.
SCHUE, Daniel I., Hayward.
SCHUETZ, Paul R., Buffalo Lake.
SCHULTZ, Charley E., Minneapolis.
SCHULTZ, Fred J., Winona.
SCHULTZ, Albert E., Wood Lake.
SCHWIEGER, Arnold, Fairmont.
SCRABECK, Ole S., Preston.
SEELAND, Albert, St. Hilaire.
SEIKORN, Robert J., Clements.
SELLGREN, Ferdinand A., Carlton.
SELLNER, Frank, Sleepy Eye.
SENKYR, Frank G., Hopkins.
SENSTAD, George K., Lakeville.
SEVERSON, Brick, Erie.
SHAFFNER, Basil J., South Minneapolis.
SHELDON, Frank H., Houston.
SHELLEY, Howard C., Crosby.
SHOLZ, Gerhard H., Minneapolis.
SHUFELT, Lee H., South Little Falls.
SIMON, Carl, Wabasso.
SKJERSETH, Herman W., Marietta.
SKOGEN, Edwin B., Frost.
SKRIDEN, Oscar, Rothsay.
SKWERES, Charles S., St. Paul.
SMITH, George, Ponsford.
SMITH, Leon N., Nevis.
SMITH, Max, Prairie.
SMITH, William, Slayton.
SNAPP, Luther I., Marshall.
SOLIE, Arthur T., Moorehead.
SOLLIE, Henry L., South Minneapolis.
SOLLOM, Gustav A., Holt.
SOLSTAD, Lars J., Minneapolis.
SONNENBERG, Carl J., Rochester.
SORENSON, Stefanus, Madison.
SPAINER, Henry G., Minneapolis.
SPENCER, William C., Walker.
SPIKE, William A., Detriot.
SPINK, Ralph M., Ortonville.
SPLETTSTOSZER, Ferdinand A., Waconia.
STALBOERGER, George H., Belgrade.
STANLEY, Arthur R., Nebish.
ST. ANTHONY, Frank, Browerville.
STARK, Peter, McKinley.
STAXRUD, Ole, Minneapolis.
STEINER, Albert C., Duluth.
STEINER, Frank L., St. Paul.
STENDER, John H., Sabin.
STERBUCK, Michael L., Minneapolis.
STINAR, James W., New York Mills.
STOCKDILL, George H., Montevideo.
STOCKTON, Lyle W., Kasota.
STOWERS, Walter C., Felton.
STRAND, Ola H., Brunswick.
STRINGER, Ivan, Stewartville.
STROM, Clarence B., Cannon Falls.
STROMMEN, Nicolai M., Minneapolis.
STUDLIEN, Eugene, Moorhead.
STURGLESKI, Albert Tony, Sturgeon Lake.
SUNDSTROM, John A., Minneapolis.
SWANSEN, Carl E., Grove City.
SWANSON, Earl R., Hancock.
SWANSON, Edward B., Saginaw.
SWEATT, Melvin, Long Prairie.
SWEET, Raymond C., Waseca.
SWENSON, Oscar A., Stacy.
SWENSON, Richard A., Holt.
SWENSRUD, Elmer, Gordonsville.
SYNHORST, Marion M., Woodstock.
TANGEN, Andy O., Moorhead.
TANGEN, Ole A., Fosten.
TANNEY, Albin, Menhaga.
TDVTEN, Ole, Trail.
TERNES, John, Adrian.
TERRILL, John M., Hancock.
THIEMANN, Walter H., Fairmont.
THOMAS, Helmuth A., Bird Island.
THOMPSON, Joseph M., Elmore.
THOMPSON, Thoger, Comfrey.
THOMPSON, Thomas R., Montevideo.
THORDSON, John Guttorn, Hanska.
THORSON, William R y, Clinton.
TOMBERLAIN, Sylvester, Brainerd.
TORGESON, Orphaus, Radium.
TORKKALA, Frank O., Menahga.
TRENDA, John M., Webster.
TROSKA, Edward, Wells.
TREDTEN, O., Trail.
TVEITE, Louis, Emmons.
TWEITE, Alfred L., Byron.
VALENTIEN, Behrend, Comfrey.
Van de PUTTE, Josef, Hibbing.
VANDERWAAL, Albert T., Erskine.
VEDELIUS, Arthur H., Minneapolis.
VEITH, Henry F., Red Wing.
VERDI, Peter P., Eveleth.
VIZENOR, Ignatius D., Richmond.
VOLTZ, Herman, Kilbourn.
VON BEHREN, Frederick, Brewster.
WACHOLZ, Herman Carl, Lewiston.
WAGNER, Denzal, Mankato.
WAIBEL, Bernard J., St. Cloud.
WAITE, Francis, Owatonna.
WALLNER, Albert W., New Ulm.
WALLRAF, Albert R., Mankato.
WARNER, Benjamin H., St. Paul.
WASHBURN, Alvin E., Redwood Falls.
WEAKLAND, John P., Waseca.
WEEK, Alfred, Brooten.
WEINER, Louis, St. Paul.
WENE, Aino N., Buyck.
WESTPHAL, Gottlieb L., Robbinsdale.
WHALEN, Edward J., Waubun.
WHALEN, Ray T., Minneapolis.
WILCOX, Elmer, Bemidji.
WILKE, Edwin, Parkers Prairie.
WILSON, Eugene N., Remer.
WILSON, Leigh E., Janesville.
WISTED, David G., Duluth.
WISTROM, Clarence A., Kasota.
WOLBECK, Frank, Melrose.
WOLD, Melvin, Fosston.
WOLD, Nels, McIntosh.
YOUNG, Chauncey, South Minneapolis.
YOUNGS, Howard Jay, Renville.
ZABEL, Walter, Buffalo Lake.
ZAJICEK, Joseph H., Glencoe.
ZEAMAN, Eddie, Faribault.
ZENGEL, George W., East Grand Forks.
ZENK, Leo L., Winona.
ZIMMER, Ernest William, White Bear Bear Lake.
ZIMMERMAN, Edward G., Winona.
ZOBOROSKI, Tony, Fairmont.
ZOK, Joe E., Osakis.

PRUDDEN, Clyde E., Duluth.

HONEYMAN, Bruce R., White Bear.

ALEXANDER, Edward Porter, Duluth.
BROOBERG, Francis C., Minneapolis.
COWPER, William L., St. Paul.
FORBES, Guy Raymond, Minneapolis.
HEIM, Harry R., Minneapolis.
LARSON, Albert M., Jasper.

ANDERSON, Alfred E., Fiarmont.
BRAIN, George D., Owatonnasteele.
CARLSON, Gilbert L., Minneapolis.
CHATTERTON, Charles H., St. Paul.
DOUGLAS, Charles, Minneapolis.
EDMONDS, Clayton E., Minneapolis.
FRANKEL, Eugene, St. Paul.
GILES, Bert M., Elmore.
GOLDEN, Charles, East Chain.
HEIGHSTEDT, Rodney H., Minneapolis.
HELLER, Perry, Minneapolis.
JOHNSON, Frank H., Northland.
KEISER, Andrew, Loretto.
LARSON, Joseph C., South Minneapolis.
LUND, Joseph B., Mabel.
McDONALD, Clarence, Virginia.
MAHLUM, John M., Brainard.
PAGE, David L., Duluth.
ROBINSON, Paul W., St. Paul.
SVEJKOVSKY, Adolf, Austin.
WARWICK, Fred H., St. Paul.
WEGMANN, John W., Park Rapids.
WELCH, Albert C., Westport.
WHITE, Philip T., Ely.
WILSON, George W., Racine.

AAMODT, Alfred, Halstad.
AMUNDSON, Leonard, Minneota.
ANDERSON, William H., Minneapolis.
CAMPBELL, John William, Virginia.
CARPENTER, Francis D., Staples.
COWDEN, Samuel C., Dundas.
GILMAN, Gordon E., Medford.
GLASGOW, Edward L., Minneapolis.
GOLDEN, Gale S., Chokio.
GRUBE, Fred M., Minneapolis.
HANLEY, James R., Rochester.
HAROLDSON, Harry, Albert Lea.
HURSCH, Victor J., Wabasso.
JOST, Peter, Eden Valley.
LINDBLOM, Lawrence E., North Minneapolis.
LUDOLPH, Martin H., Nevis.
LUNDAHL, William F., Alpha.
McCAHILL, Louis, Lake City.
McCOY, William T., Rochester.
MARTINSON, Ole, Duluth.
MEYER, William J., Winona.
OLSON, Ernest R., West Duluth.
O'NEILL, John Joseph, South Minneapolis.
PETERSON, Harold, Duluth.
RITCHEL, Gus J., Montrose.
ROESSLER, Elmer A., St. Paul.
RUNBERG, Maurice Oscar, Minneapolis.
SIGMUND, Glen C., Crookston.
STORTROEN, Andrew L., Clearbrook.
SUNDQUIST, Clarence B., Biwabik.
TIDEN, Frank W., Minneapolis.
WENZEL, Joseph, West Concord.
ZALESKY, Charles George, Willow River.

ELLISON, Clarence E., Saginaw.
HOLST, William H., Plainview.
JONAS, Adolph P., Goodhue.
WELLS, Zelora B., Dodge Center.

JOHNSON, Alfred Elie, Blue Earth.
MILLER, John, Jr., Minneapolis.
NEW, Anthony J., Hammond.
NEWBURGH, Roy, Hamline.
OLSON, Edward A., Brainard.
RICHARDSON, Ralph, South Minneapolis.
ROEPKE, August E., Chaska.
WEITZEL, Louis F., Melrose.

CLAMBEY, Andrew, Erhard.
SCHROEDER, Alois T., Richmond.

DIRCKX, Theodore, Ghent.
MESSNER, William C., Hibbing.
RUD, Edward, Middle River.
RUPPELIUS, Oscar A., Rockford.
SOLIE, Henry, Winger.

MEHL, Howard Olaf, Frost.

AMUNDSON, Ester, South Montevideo.
ANDERSON, Nora E., St. Hilaire.
WHITESIDE, Lydia V., Duluth.

BROWN, Wilber E., Fairmont.
CARLSON, Oscar C., Duluth.
FULLER, Harry H., Kellogg.
KELLEY, William R., Duluth.
KUKA, Thomas J., Montrose.
MICHAUD, Frank D., Bena.
OLSON, John T., Ulen.
RADKE, Peter E., Lakefield.

ADAMS, Joseph, Waubun.
AHERN, Alfred W., Dennison.
AHNEMAN, George F., Mazeppa.
ALDRICH, Victor L., Farmington.
ALLEN, Ira, South Minneapolis.
ALLEN, John A., Alvarado.
ANDERSON, Adolph, Otisco.
ANDERSON, Alvin Gustaf, Dassel.
ANDERSON, Axel G., Minneapolis.
ANDERSON, Carl, Peterson.
ANDERSON, Carl A., Minneapolis.
ANDERSON, Charles E., Stephen.
ANDERSON, Fredolph O., Monterey.
ANDERSON, Gust, Cambridge.
ANDERSON, Hilmer E., Denham.
ANDERSON, John E., Virginia.
ANDERSON, Nels, McClellan.
ANDERSON, Oscar E., Mankato.
ANDERSON, William A., Milaca.
ANNALA, Henry A., Annandale.
ARNASON, Olafur, Minneota.
ARONSON, Hillard A., Tower.
ASCHER, Herman T., Fulda.
AUEL, Matthias N., Wadena.
AUSSANT, Charles, St. Paul.
BAGLEY, Milo F., Duluth.
BARG, Orville L., Minneapolis.
BARNETT, George A., Bain.
BAST, Henry A., Sherburn.
BAUM, John W., Ponturia.
BEARDSLEY, Ray O., Minneapolis.
BECK, Charles P., Lake City.
BECKER, Richard C., Cohasset.
BENGSTON, Ben E. W., Linstrom.
BERG, Edwin, Brandon.
BERG, John G., Fosston.
BERGESON, Arthur J., Minneapolis.
BERGLUND, Isak P., Clear Lake.
BERGREN, Leonard, St. Paul.
BERLAND, Peder P., Hanley Falls.
BESNER, Samuel, Minneapolis.
BJORKSTRAND, Martin, Minneapolis.
BLANCHETT, Lawrence J., Elk River.
BOECK, Henry A., Wells.
BOOKS, James, Mazeppa.
BOOM, Axel T., Wheaton.
BOORMAN, Frank D., Buffalo.
BORNEMANN, Alfred H., St. Paul.
BORSCHEID, John C., Buffalo.
BOSTAD, Lawrence S., Fosston.
BOTZ, Leopold H., Sauk Center.
BOULT, Victor S., Minneapolis.
BRADFORD, August, Verndale.
BRANSTROM, Reuben, Minneapolis.
BREIHOLZ, Walter E., Holland.
BRINKMAN, Carl E., Fairmont.
BRISLANCE, Albert Joseph, Palisade.
BRITT, Virgil D., Pipestone.
BRODA, Andrew, Ronneby.
BRODERICK, Arthur Lindsay, St. Paul.
BROWN, Bernard A., Swanville.
BROWN, George L., Le Roy.
BROWN, Wallace O., Princeton.
BUCHHOLZ, August F., Elysian.
BUCHNER, Warren J., Mora.
BUCKLIN, George L., Minneapolis.
BURKE, Simon N., Braham.
BURMIESTER, August W., Jeffers.
BURNS, Thomas C., Watertown.
BUSCHKOWSKY, Arthur G., Chaska.
BUSHEY, Ederene L., Malmo.
BUSKRUD, Hjalmar, Ashby.
BUTLER, David W., Nevis.
BUTLER, Leon C., Wilmont.
BYHOLT, Sam T., Montevideo.
CAMPBELL, Harold L., Randall.
CAPRON, Maurice I., Naswauk.
CARLSON, Albert F., Clarrissa.
CARLSON, Alex, Crookston.
CARLSON, Arthur F., McGregor.
CARLSON, Calmer Melcher, Fairfax.
CARLSON, Elvin G., Granada.
CARLSON, Frank, Grove City.
CARLSON, Fred, Mankato.
CARNES, Frank E., North Minneapolis.
CARROLL, Emmett, Routhsay.
CASS, Harold H., Minneapolis.
CEDARHOLM, Louis M., Cedar.
CHRISTIANSEN, Christ, Benson.
CHRISTENSEN, Lars J., Grove City.
CHRISTENSON, Arnold F., St. Paul.
CHRISTENSEN, Lars J., Grove City.
CHRISTIANSON, Martin, Spring Grove.
CHUTE, Wallace S., St. Cloud.
CLAESSENS, Charles, Waverley.
CLARK, Charles A., Marshall.
CLEMETSON, Elmer R., Hartland.
CLIFF, Arthur, Rich Valley.
CLOCK, Victor I., Minneapolis.
CLOVER, George M., Harris.
COCHRANE, Frank W., St. Paul.
COLBENSON, Francis M., Rushford.
COLLIN, Arthur, Elk River.
CONNOR, Lawrence J., Waseca.
CONNORS, Edward W., Brooks.
CORRIGAN, John Henry, Pennington.
COSSENTINE, Frederick E., Eagle Bend.
COWDEN, Charles W., Pine Island.
CRABTREE, John W., Eureka.
CRANDELL, Edward H., North Minneapolis.
CROCKER, Wilbert W., St. Paul.
CRONEN, John, Markville.
CULLEN, Frank M., Duluth.
CURRY, Claude H., St. Paul.
CURTIN, John J., Minneapolis.
CZARNETZKI, August, Frazee.
DAHL, Thomas, Poncer.
DAHLEN, Julian T., Mayfield.
DAHLGREN, Theodore Erick, Cokato.
DAHLIN, Clarence C., Minneapolis.
DAHUKE, Carl F., Fairmont.
DALEY, John, St. Paul.
DALINE, Malvin, St. Cloud.
DALY, Arthur J., Arco.
DAVIS, Paul C., Elk River.
DEANER, Clarence E., Stillwater.
DECKERT, Frank J., Winona.
DEIGNAU, Arthur, Mankato.
DENGEL, Ferdinand X., Pierz.
DIEDERICHS, Carl, St. Cloud.
DIERKS, Ernest A. J., Fulda.
DIETERICH, Arthur H., Grand Meadow.
DIETERICH, Henry A., Grand Meadow.
DILL, Charles, Anoka.
DITTMAN, Bernard, St. Paul.
DOLL, Bernard, Perham.
DONNER, Herman, Glencoe.
DORF, Harvey M., Detriot.
DORIAN, Dan, Minneapolis.
DRAXTEN, Beatrum, Little Falls.
DUBRY, William M., Alexandria.
EARSLEY, Archie C., Herman.
EASTER, George R., Jr., Humboldt.
ECKEL, Jasper M., Grey Eagle.
ECKHART, Walter, Chokio.
EHMCKE, Otto G., Winona.
ENGBLOOM, Oscar V. N., Elk River.
ENGERBRETSON, Ole E., Audubon.
ERICKSON, Erick O., Badger.
ERICKSON, Ewald N., Constante.
ERICKSON, Gunnard, Brainerd.
ERICKSON, John E., Gassell.
ERICKSON, Victor Emanuel, Grove City.
EVENRUD, Ole, Canton.
FACTOR, Joseph, Montgomery.
FALLON, Bernard, Brainerd.
FEENEY, Patrick J., St. Paul.
FEHLANDT, Erwin, Jordan.
FEILZER, Fred, North Minneapolis.
FEYMA, John, Sandstone.
FIEBELKORN, Paul A., Chaska.
FIETSAM, Carl E., St. Cloud.
FINCH, Harrison P., Sunrise.
FISCHER, Henry, St. Cloud.
FISHER, Herman C., Germantown.
FITZGERALD, Clarence E., Blakely.
FLADHAMMER, Alfred, Zumbrota.
FLAKNE, George, Flaming.
FORD, Michael J., St. Paul.
FRAZER, Arthur B., Osakis.
FREDRICKSON, Arthur A., Lamberton.
FREDRICKSON, Holder, Harris.
FRIAUF, George John, Hutchinson.
FRISBEE, Earl J., Leroy.
FOREMMING, Albert O., Garfield.
GANRUD, Gilbert, Spring Grove.
GAPPA, John P., Parkers Prairie.
GARRISON, Job A., Clearwater.
GEGNER, Frederick W., Confrey.
GELEN, Frederick S., Aure.
GEORGE, Albert, Park Rapids.
GIESON, Alfred Edward, St. Paul.
GIFFORD, George M., Madison Lake.
GILBERT, Howard F., Minneapolis.
GILBERTSON, Arthur S., Owatonna.
GILBERTSON, Julius A., Preston.
GILES, Delainey S., Hillman.
GILROY, Francis R., Minneapolis.
GINKEL, Christian J., Nicolet.
GITTLEMAN, Jake, Minneapolis.
GLUNZ, Anthony T., Maple Lake.
GODLESKY, Konstanty, Minneapolis.
GOLNICK, Willie F., Myrtle.
GORMAN, John K., Kellogg.
GOUDY, Francis B., Cannon Falls.
GRADEN, John, Duluth.
GRANLUND, Frederick, Nelson.
GRAVELL, Louis J., Fort Ripley.
GRAY, Gideon, Eyota.
GRIFFIN, Elmer L., Duluth.
GROSSE, Edmund P., South Minneapolis.
GROTHE, Martin, Pine City.
GRUNDAHL, William J, East Grand Forks.
GUIMONT, Lawrence L., Minneapolis.
GUSTAFSON, Carl E., Forest Lake.
GUSTAFSON, John E., Tofte.
GUSTOFSON, Robert H., Duluth.
HALL, Theodore G., Elmar.
HALSTENSON, Henry B., Blooming Prairie.
HALVERSON, Andrew M., Clarksfield.
HALVERSON, Henry, Lamberton.
HANGAARD, George, Wanke.
HANSEN, George A., Minneapolis.
HANSEN, William, Fridley.
HANSON, Arthur, Faribault.
HANSON, Fritz A., Correll.
HANSON, Lester R., Frazee.
HANSON, Ludvig, Red Top.
HARE, Fred L., Spring Valley.
HATLESTAD, Joseph, Fertile.
HAUGEN, Oscar O., Badger.
HAVN, Hans, Odin.
HAWKINSON, Carl W., Chicago City.
HAZELQUIST, William A., South Minneapolis.
HEATH, William H., Solway.
HEEGARD, Herman, Osage.
HELLICKSON, Haaval N., Brooten.
HENRY, Abraham, Downer.
HERRMAN, Emil, Renville.
HEXUM, Gustav, Hendricks.
HIGGINS, Robert, Zumbro Falls.
HIGHAM, James, Le Roy.
HILDERBRAND, William, Detriot.
HILL, Arvid I., Embarrass.
HODGDON, George A., Brainerd.
HODGE, Llewellyn A., Minnesota Lake.
HOFDAHL, Martin D., Kenyon.
HOILAND, Henry J., Rushford.
HOLBROCK, Henry S., Virgin.
HOLIAN, Hagen H. M., Maynard.
HOLLAND, Stener T., Luverne.
HOLLENBECK, Theodore, Rutledge.
HOLMGREN, Edmund E., Chisago City.
HOOD, Arthur M., Staples.
HOUDE, Joseph, Pine City.
HOURT, Michael, Roscoe.
HOYLE, Charles E., Heron Lake.
HUGHES, John W., Starbuck.
HUMLICEK, Joseph, Silver Lake.
HUNT, William A., Turtle River.
HURVITCH, Joseph, Duluth.
HUSBY, John, South Minneapolis.
HUWE, Herman R., Perham.
ICHELN, William, Lockhart.
JACOBSON, Fredolph, Minneapolis.
JACOBSON, Harry, Fergus Falls.
JACOBSON, Jacob C., Mankato.
JANSON, Clarence J., Fergus Falls.
JELM, John Arvid, St. Paul.
JENSEN, Elmer L., Minneapolis.
JENSEN, Jens H., Askov.
JENSEN, Julius, Franklin.
JENSEN, Selmer G., Shelly.
JENSON, Jens C., Foley.
JOHANSSON, Carl G., Leonard.
JOHNSON, Axel, Anoka.
JOHNSON, Bennie E., Hendricks.
JOHNSON, Ferdie Mild, St. Paul.
JOHNSON, Frank, Byron.
JOHNSON, Fred C., Minneapolis.
JOHNSON, Fritz, Duluth.
JOHNSON, George C., Russell.
JOHNSON, George E., Jackson.
JOHNSON, George H., St. Paul.
JOHNSON, George M., Montevideo.
JOHNSON, George W., Cannon Falls.
JOHNSON, Gillman, Brooten.
JOHNSON, Harry E., Duluth.
JOHNSON, Helmer, Houston.
JOHNSON, Henry, Mahtown.
JOHNSON, Herman, St. Paul.
JOHNSON, Isaac M., Emmons.
JOHNSON, John A., Canby.
JOHNSON, Julius, Bagley.
JOHNSON, Mark, Battle Lake.
JOHNSON, Peter, Montevideo.
JOHNSON, Victor F., Evansville.
JOHNSON, William, Minneapolis.
JOHNSRUD, Edward Simon, Montevideo.
JONAS, John P., Albany.
JORGENSON, Carl L., Bixby.
JORGENSON, Emil, Caledonia.
KADING, Clarence W., Owatonna.
KALIS, Frank J., Walters.
KANIEWSKI, Stanley Edward, Minneapolis.
KANTHAK, Martin, Nassau.
KARLGAARD, Ole S., Minneapolis.
KEANE, James F., Tintah.
KILLER, Roy H., Northfield.
KILMER, Grant, Milaca.
KINGSLEY, Kenneth F., Edgerton.
KITTLESON, Charles, Frazee.
KLATT, Herman, Stillwater.
KLAUDINGER, John L., Walnut Grove.
KLEPP, Nels, Bagley.
KLIMISHIN, Alexander P., Minneapolis.
KNAUS, Joseph, Cold Spring.
KNAUS, Ludwig G., Clarissa.
KNODER, Ward L., St. Paul.
KNOX, George H., Caledonia.
KOELMEL, Arthur H., Wabasha.
KOEPKE, Emil A., Gray Eagle.
KOHLS, Herman J., Norwood.
KOLSHORN, William, Red Wing.
KOPPING, Emil, Kinbrae.
KOXVOLD, Edwin, Evansville.
KRAEMER, Michael Joseph, Greenwald.
KRAFT, Emil F., St. Paul.
KRATZKE, Edward Carl, Bergas.
KRAYENHAGEN, Emil H., Woodstock.
KRAWFCYK, Peter, Jr., Long Prairie.
KRIESEL, Robert E., Zimmerman.
KRUEGER, Martin, Winsted.
KRUSE, Paul W., Brook Park.
KUNZ, Edward J., St. Paul.
KUNZ, William P., Lake Elmo.
LACAS, Ovila, Chicopee.
LA FEX, Walter P., Duluth.
LAGERBLOOM, Arthur A., Chisholm.
LAHTI, William H., Cook.
LARSEN, John T., Tyler.
LARSON, Eddie, Germantown.
LARSON, Frank C., Sacred Heart.
LARSON, Fred J., Fairbault.
LARSON, Gilbert J., Ellsworth.
LARSON, Guy A., Minneapolis.
LARSON, John F. L., Fort Ripley.
LARSON, Lauris, Erskine.
LARSON, Lewis, New London.
LARSON, Louis L., Kennedy.
LARSON, Oliver G., Fleming.
LAWRENCE, Leslie, St. Paul.
LEAHY, George M., Northfield.
LEE, Adrian I., Dexter.
LEE, Carl J., Kenyon.
LEE, Helmer, Brookpark.
LEESBERG, Richard, Nevis.
LEIF, Joseph J., Norwood.
LEIGH, Osmer J., Royalton.
LEMBCKE, Charles W., Burtrum.
LESETMO, Gilbert O., Erskine.
LEWANDOWSKI, Joseph, Silver Lake.
LIEN, John A., Twin Valley.
LILLYBLAD, Russel G., Red Wing.
LINDBERG, Arthur, St. Cloud.
LINDBERG, Hilding, Alvarado.
LINDBERG, Warner A., Princeton.
LINDGREN, August V., Sandstone.
LINDQUIST, Elmer G. T., Viking.
LINDQUIST, Rudolph, Duluth.
LINMAN, George E., North Minneapolis.
LOFGREN, Ralph, Anoka.
LOFTNESS, Joseph C., Hector.
LOFTNESS, Oscar, Gibbon.
LOHRKE, Herman R., New Germany.
LOOFT, Walter W., Vernon Center.
LOWE, Edwin D., Minneapolis.
LUBRECHT, William A., Pine City.
LUND, Edward, Anstad.
McCAFFREY, John F., Verdi.
MCCANN, James F., St. Paul.
McDUNN, Giles B., Barnesville.
McIVER, Earl, Bemidji.
McKEAN, Roy, Lakeland.
McLAUGHLIN, Charles W., Hutchinson.
MACHOVEC, Leo R., St. Paul.
MADSEN, Jesse, Minneapolis.
MAGGS, Walter L., Markville.
MAHLUM, Arthur L., Sacred Heart.
MAINS, Joseph R., Butler.
MAJXNER, Adolph, Olivia.
MALIA, James E., Fountain.
MALMER, William E., Lafayette.
MAROSE, Paul C., South Minneapolis.
MARSH, William H., Princeton.
MARTINSON, Gust W., Detriot.
MATHIASON, Frank A., Murdock.
MATSON, Arvid, Sebeka.
MAUER, Walter P., Slayton.
MAURSTAD, Peder M., Kennedy.
MAXFIELD, Calvin I., St. Paul.
MAYOTT, Emil J., Minneapolis.
MELLOWS, Otto., Delano.
MELUM, Albert O., Spring Valley.
MENKE, Clemens L., Finlayson.
MENTH, Alphons, Monticello.
MEYER, Henry F., Walters.
MICKA, Albin, Hutchinson.
MILLER, Eddie B., Braham.
MILLER, Henry A., Wadena.
MINNERS, John J., Johnson.
MITCHELL, Charles F., Burtram.
MITCHELL, Harold T., Madelia.
MOBERG, Carl E., Minneapolis.
MOE, Alex L., Moorhead.
MOE, Emil, Fosston.
MOLINE, Oscar M., St. Paul.
MOMYR, Alfred, Oslo.
MOOD, Eric B., Grand Rapids.
MORRIS, Guy, Hill City.
MORRISON, Harry G., Heron Lake.
MORTENSON, Howard W., Parkers Prarie.
MUSTY, Peter W., Goodhue.
MYHRE, Albert N., Caledonia.
MYQUIST, Peter E., Nickerson.
MYROM, Martin, Watson.
NAYLOR, William H., Dodge Center.
NEILSON, Carl E., St. Paul.
NELSON, Adolph, McIntosh.
NELSON, Alfred, North Minneapolis.
NELSON, August W., Minneapolis.
NELSON, Axel, Ronneby.
NELSON, Carl W., Adrian.
NELSON, Clarence J., Lawndale.
NELSON, Ephraim, Cannon Falls.
NELSON, Fred G., Little Falls.
NELSON, Hans, South Stillwater.
NELSON, Henry J., Clements.
NELSON, Herbert E., Gordonsville.
NELSON, Isaac T., Copas.
NELSON, John, Little Falls.
NELSON, Lester N., Mankato.
NELSON, Lloyd O., Clitherall.
NESENSON, William A., Ronneby.
NESTUM, John M., Audubon.
NEU, Anthony, Caledonia.
NEWMAN, Gustaf A., St. Paul.
NICHOLS, Ernest, Spring Valley.
NICHOLS, Louis B., Minneapolis.
NIEMINEN, Michael, Automba.
NILSSON, Fritz S., Underwood.
NISSEN, John A., Hutchinson.
NORRS, Marius, Fertile.
NYGREEN, Peter, Warren.
O'CONNELL, Peter F., Goodhue.
ODLAND, Alfred A., Belgrade.
O'LEARY, Thomas Collins, St. Paul.
OLSEN, Louis, Verdi.
OLSEN, Raymond C., Minneapolis.
OLSON, Carl F., Cambridge.
OLSON, Emil J., Cokato.
OLSON, Frank W., Minneapolis.
OLSON, John A., Minneapolis.
OLSON, Jonas, Zumbrota.
OLSON, Otto L., Montevideo.
OPHEIM, Carl J., Cyrus.
OTTO, William E., Morgan.
OWEN, Harvey L., Township.
PAICURICH, George T., Minneapolis.
PAULSON, Helmar, Dalton.
PAVLIK, William M., Buffalo.
PEARSON, Erick C., South Minneapolis.
PEDERSON, Johnn, Malcolm.
PEEHA, Gust, Chanhassen.
PETERS, David, Butterfield.
PETERSEN, Elmer Fred, Lafayette.
PETERSON, Arthur T., Dodge Center.
PETERSON, August, Biwabik.
PETERSON, August P., Sherburn.
PETERSON, Carl E., Cambridge.
PETERSON, Elmer S., Cannon Falls.
PETERSON, Ernest O., Duluth.
PETERSON, Frank A., Minneapolis.
PETERSON, Oscar E., Becker.
PETERSON, Peter, Waubun.
PETERSON, Severine K. H., Center City.
PETERSON, William J., Blooming Prairie
PETERSON, Willie, Cloquet.
PINNEY, Erwin L., Le Sueur.
PITICH, John, Buell.
PIQUETTE, George T., Bertha.
POMPONIO, Giambbattista, Marble.
POLIDORI, Neno, Auora.
POLUBITZ, Wyllem F., Minneapolis.
PRESLICK, Edward L., New Prague.
PRIEBE, Rudolph, Osseo.
PRONDZINSKI, Teofil J., Winona.
QUAYLE, Thomas, Keewatin.
RAMBERG, Oscar, Battle Lake.
RANCED, Robert T., Baudette.
RANGE, John G., Mora.
REDLAND, Alfred A., Ada.
REGER, Alfred C., Fairfax.
RETHWISCH, William F., Frazee.
RHODA, Frank, Ramsey.
RICHARDSON, John, De Soto.
RILEY, Edgar H., Remer.
RINKEL, Carl A., South Raven.
RITTER, Romwald John, Winona.
ROBERTS, Norman, Minneapolis.
ROBIDEAU, Real F., Princeton.
ROCHEFORD, Walter E., Minneapolis.
ROEN, Gilbert, Audubon.
ROERING, Ben, Melrose.
ROGERS, Joseph W., Mahnomen.
ROSENAU, Ruben S., Waterville.
ROSING, Maurice O., Minneapolis.
ROSS, Holljer E., Cedar.
ROTH, John W., Lake Crystal.
RUDE, Abner, South St. Paul.
RYAN, Joseph J., Benson.
RYAN, Timothy F., Minneapolis.
SAFER, Frank, Montgomery.
SAMS, Bert G., Bertha.
SAMUELSON, Walter A., Rosecreek.
SANDBERG, Ernest L., Barrett.
SANDERS, Mathew Warren, Palisade.
SANDMAN, Oscar F., Dale.
SATHER, Berhard, Erskine.
SAUER, Art N., Cold Springs.
SCHEPPERS, Bernard F., St. Cloud.
SCHILLO, John R., St. Paul.
SCHLOSSER, Nicholas, Nelson.
SCHMITZ, Estel L., Lawrence.
SCHNOBRICK, Arthur J., Mankato.
SCHRIEBER, Bennie, Sauk Rapids.
SCHULDT, Frank C., Burns.
SCHULDT, Louie, Clayton.
SCHULTZ, Alfred Herman, St. Bonifacius.
SCHULTZ, William A., Lakefield.
SCHULZ, Theodore F., Goodhue.
SCHRANK, William L., Le Sueur.
SCOTT, Lloyd H., Eden Valley.
SCRIVER, Stanleigh E., Minneapolis.
SEARL, Percy T, Becida.
SEDERBURG, John A. G., North Branch.
SEIVERSON, Peter, Lakeville.
SENGBUSCH, George H., Triumph.
SERENSON, Peter, Hutchinson.
SHAIR, Clarence F., Benson.
SHAUGHNESSY, Thomas B., Duluth.
SHEA, Patrick, Minneapolis.
SHEPATS, Joseph, Virginia.
SHERIN, Andrew J., Osakis.
SHERMAN, Lloyd J., Morgan.
SHERWIN, Louis, Norstrand.
SITZ, August G., Park Rapids.
SJOQUIST, Henry R., Dassel.
SKEEN, Harrison, Nevis.
SKOIEN, Samuel M., Minneapolis.
SLOTSVE, Henry, Ashby.
SMITH, Charles T., St. Paul.
SMITH, Harold J., Amerette.
SMITH, Robert R., Winnebago.
SODERLING, Albert H., Willmar.
SOLVSKAR, Toryus, Karlstad.
SOMMERS, William F., Waseca.
SONDROLL, Andrew, Emmons.
SOUTHWICK, Jerial I., Warroad.
SPIKE, Werner C., South Minneapolis.
STAHL, George J., Wykoff.
STALEMO, Theodore, Fisher.
STANLAS, Joe, Homer.
STEBER, Louis F., St. Paul.
STEEN, Ole, Big Falls.
STEEN, Philip, Duluth.
STEFFEN, John O., St. Cloud.
STELLMACHER, Edwin, Marshall.
STEWART, George, St. Paul.
STEWART, William E., Two Harbors.
STICKS, John W., New Prague.
STOCKING, George W., St. Paul.
STOLE, Alfred, Good Hope.
STOLZ, Theodore W., New York Mills.
STRADCUTTER, Frank, Belle Plain.
STRAUCH, George L., St. Peter.
STROMGREN, Axel E., Constance.
STROMME, Tellef, Oklee.
STRUTZ, Clarence V., White Water.
SUESS, William, Sleepy Eye.
SVARE, Henry, Erie.
SVERDAL, Henry L., Hendricks.
SWANSON, Paul E., St. Paul.
SWANSON, Walter R., Stacy.
SWEEN, Luddy, Preston.
TANGEN, Edward, Butler.
TAYLOR, Walter J., Virginia.
THOMAS, Alan C., Loman.
THEOBALD, Anthony J., Sherburn.
THOMPSON, John L., Hector.
THOMPSON, Oscar L., Glyndon.
THUNE, Steffen D., Zumbrota.
TIEDEMANN, Victor E., Winthrop.
TIMM, Louis L., Sanborn.
TOLLEFSON, Herman P., Hendricks.
TONER, Luke, St. Paul.
TONGEN, Chester A., Zumbrota.
TORBORG, Nicholas, Richmond.
TRUHLER, Emil, St. Paul.
TRUWE, Clarence, W., Waconia.
VAKE, Carl G., Erie.
VAN DE PERRE, Florent, Hibbing.
VAN DYKE, Henry W., Garfield.
RISSEGHEM, Prudent R. Van, Onamia.
VIET, Willie J., Kirkhoven.
VERDOES, Mat, Edgerton.
VERSCHELDE, Maurice, Minneota.
VOAK, Jay P., Worthington.
VOIGHT, Edward A., Long Prairie.
VOSS, Charles L., Kokah.
VROBLOVSKY, Joseph J., Le Sueur Center.
WALDRON, John B., Craigville.
WARD, John H., Bemidji.
WATTS, Earl F., Vern.
WEAVER, Valentine J., Winona.
WEDLOCK, Alma R., Henning.
WELCH, David G., Thief River Falls.
WELD, Earl J., North Minneapolis.
WESA, Arthur J., Menahga.
WEST, Blanchard B., Tona Bay.
WESTRUM, Alvin C., Albert Lea.
WHIPPLE, Elmer E., Lake City.
WHITING, Robert, Clitherall.
WHITTIER, Walter F., Stillwater.
WIENS, Cornelius, Bingham Lake.
WILCOX, Ralph O., Harris.
WILKINS, Thomas J., St. Paul.
WILLIAMS, Arthur C., Kinney.
WILLIAMS, Herman A., Taylors Falls.
WILLING, Theodore, Faribault.
WITKOUSKI, John, Cloquet.
WITTY, William R., St. Peter.
WOCHNICK, Frank X., Burtrum.
WOLLUM, Edward L., Porter.
WOODFORD, Louis C., Hinckley.
WOYTCKE, Robert Michael, Doran.
WYATT, Carl, Hammond.
YDITIE, Jhlmaar, Red Lake Falls.
ZAPF, Frank X., St. Cloud.
ZECHES, Edward J., Winona.
ZIMMERMAN, George, Grey Eagle.

DONOHUE, John Nealis, St. Paul.
PETERSON, Andrew P., Lamberton.
GLOTFELTER, George R., Waterville.
KLINGEN, Oscar M., South Minneapolis.
ROSENWALD, John P., Minneapolis.

Second Lieutenants
JOHNSTON, Scott M., St. Paul.
STRAND, Walter E., Mankato.

CHRISTIE, John S., St. Paul.
HOWALT, Axel N., Duluth.
PROUD, Earl, South Minenapolis.

ANDERSON, Arthur N., South Minneapolis.
BERG, Gustave, Harmony.
BERGLUND, Walter R., St. Croix.
BRANDT, Louis, Grandy.
BRATSCH, Paul E., Lesueur.
BROWN, A. L., St. Paul.
DUNCAN, Frank, Foxholm.
EARL, Charles H., Austin.
EICHORN, Sanford C., Elmore.
FRANKLIN, Walter H., Minneapolis.
GIBNEY, Frank E., Faribault.
GOURD, Char ie C., Randall.
HACH, George D., Minneapolis.
HEFLAND, Elmer A., Lyle.
HESS, Robert B., St. Paul.
KEWBELBECK, John D., St. Joseph.
KNOWLTON, Edward L., Minneapolis.
KORFIATIS, John T., Osseo.
KUEHN, George H., Benson.
LAYTON, Arthur, Crookston.
PETERKA, John, Sauk Center.
PETERSON, Martin, Minneapolis.
ROCK, Arthur W., St. Paul.
SHADDUCK, Harold, McIntosh.
SHODALL, Enoch, Anoka.
SUND, Bernt, Wendell.
SWENSON, Harold T., Fergus Falls.
TIERNEY, Thomas J., St. Paul.
WENDELSCHAFER, Henry W., Waterville.
WOLFF, George R., Hopkins.
WORRALL, Harold J., Minneapolis.

LUECK, Clarence W., Danube.

BRADSHAW, Benjamin Joseph, Erskine.
BRANDELL, Edwin T., Braham.
CHLOUPEK, Rudolph, Gary.
PAYNE, Frank E., Sherburn.

JACKSON, Jacob E., Anoka.
SCROGGIN, Floyd E., Frazee.
STATON, George L., Wells.

ADAMSON, Robert LeRoy, Fergus Falls.
AHERN, Daniel W., Minneapolis.
ALBERS, Walter J., Northfield.
ALLIE, Francis, West Duluth.
ALTO, Hjalmar, Cromwell.
AMBUCHL, John P., Borup.
ANDERSON, Albert C., Clarissa.
ANDERSON, Frank K., Lafayette.
ANDERSON, Godfrey W., Proctor.
ANDERSON, Harry T., Grand Meadow.
ANDERSON, Nels, Nelson.
ANDERSON, Olgar, Butterfield.
ANDERSON, Olaf A., Albert Lea.
BAKKEN, John S., Ulen.
BALDUS, Alfred J., Delano.
BARTHLE, Albert L., Bluffton.
BAUER, Joseph A., Mankato.
BAUMAN, Albert B., Le Suer.
BECK, Conrad R., Waltham.
BEMUSDAFFER, Claude C., St. Louis.
BENDER, Henry J., Chaska.
BENTON, Philip H., South Minneapolis.
BERGSTROM, Einar John, Minneapolis.
BESSERUD, Lewis E., Fox.
BJUGSON, Halvor, Trail.
BOMSTA, Max P., Atwater.
BORAK, Charles, New Prague.
BOWERS, Fred, South Minneapolis.
BRIGHAM, Joel E., Kellogg.
BROOKS, Leo A., Duluth.
BROVOLD, Philip L., Minneapolis.
BROWN, Jimmie L., Princeton.
BRUGGEMAN, William H., Fairfax.
BUCKINGHAM, Frank, Princeton.
BULTMAN, Walter, Kenyon.
BURD, Vern V., Mantorville.
BUSETH, Axel, Henning.
BUTLER, Edmund Arthur, North Minneapolis.
CAFFEY, Frank P., Easton.
CAMPBELL, William George, West St. Paul.
CARLSON, Albert R., Cokato.
CARLSON, Hilmer T., South Minneapolis.
CARLSON, Thure U. M., Kennedy.
CATANESH, Dominec, Northland.
CHAMBERLAIN, Alphonse A., Minneapolis.
CHARTIER, Jon, St. Paul.
CHIRHART, Edward J., Holdingsford.
CLARK, Charles A., Marshall.
COLLINS, Roy E., Faribault.
CONNELL, Albert D., Claremont.
CROSS, Charles Oscar, Faribault.
CROWN, Casper, Wylie.
DALEN, Arnold E., Starbuck.
DANIELSON, Melvin C., Minneapolis.
DEBOLT, Chester O., Clarissa.
DEFOE, John, Cloquet.
DEFOE, Peter, Beaulieu.
DEGREE, Wilford, Stewart.
DE LOY, Henry, St. Paul.
DILLON, Mark V., Eden Valley.
DIRCKS, Frank J., Laketown.
DOLVEN, Albert J., Little Falls.
DONNER, August, Belview.
DONOHU, William A., Cokato.
DUSCHA, John F., Foley.
DVORAK, Frank J., Philbrook.
DWORSKY, Edward J., St. Louis Park.
EICKSTADT, Herman A., Bemidki.
EIFFERT, Howard, St. Claude.
ELKANICH, John H., Holdingford.
ELLINGSON, Knut, Rothsay.
ERICKSON, Arthur, Nelson.
ERICKSON, Elof A., Red Wing.
ERWIN, Joseph A., St. Paul.
EUE, Charles J., St. Paul.
FAIRBANKS, George F., Hewitt.
FISH, Ira J., Clear River.
FLAHERTY, Edward, St. Paul.
FLASKRUD, Edwin S., Spring Grove.
FLOAT, Thomas, Evergreen.
FOHL, Frank, Stockton.
FOLEY, Henry, Twin Lakes.
FOSNES, Bernt A., Clearbrook.
FRAHMAN, John, Waseca.
FRUTH, Norbert L., St. Joseph.
GALANTE, Joseph, Minneapolis.
GAMBLE, John P., Mankato.
GARVEY, Claude R., Minneapolis.
GATRELL, Clarence R., St. Paul.
GAUGHN, Thoms J., St. Paul.
GILBERTSON, Clarence M., Benson.
GILLUND, George W., Minneota.
GOEKE, Roymond A., St. Paul.
GORDON, Raymond H., Shevlin.
GRAVELL, William J., Little Falls.
GRAVES, Irving L., Rice.
GREEDER, Russell, Stillwater.
GREENWOLDT, Frank, Bertha.
GREVE, Ernest P., Jr., Pequet.
GRODZICKI, Andrew B., Ivanhoe.
GROVUM, Louis T., Kent.
GULBRANSEN, Albert, Hutchinson.
HABERLE, Henry J., Barnesville.
HADTRATH, Byron J., Ortonville.
HAGEN, George C., Waseca.
HAIR, Summer R., Byron.
HALL, Andrew O., Spring Grove.
HALVERSON, Harold, Grand Forks.
HALVERSON, Henry N., Minneapolis.
HAMMER, Oscar S., Roseau.
HANGEN, Hjalmer, Uarba.
HANSEN, Alfred F., Milaca.
HANSEN, Andrew C., Tyler.
HANSON, Alfred B., Mountain Lake.
HANSON, Alfred M., Carlstad.
HANSON, John, St. Paul.
HANSON, Roy A., Litchfield.
HANSON, Roy L., Canby.
HAUG, Adolph, Dalton.
HAUGSTEN, Nils Olaf, Harbors.
HEARL, Melvin E., Moorhead.
HEGLAND, Bernard, McIntosh.
HEINZ, Nick, Holding Ford.
HENDRICKSON, Alfred J., Hancock.
HENDRICKSON, Jacob, Big Fork.
HENDRIKSON, Otto, Park Rapids.
HILL, Louis, Brainerd.
HILLSTEAD, Oscar, Norcross.
HOLDEN, Gust F., Lowry.
HOLT, John, Clitheral.
HOOPES, Harold E., Minneapolis.
HOUGARD, Sam R., Strandquist.
JACBOSON, John A., Virginia.
JACKSON, William G., Savage.
JAMES, Isaac F., Ironton.
JARECZEK, Michael, Homer.
JARVIS, David, Henderson.
JENSEN, Chris, Minneapolis.
JENSEN, Conrad G., St. Paul.
JENSEN, Emil A., Erskine.
JESS, Marx, Frazee.
JOHNSON, Arthur Bernard, Little Falls.
JOHNSON, Carl B., Evansville.
JOHNSON, Frank F., Duluth.
JOHNSON, George A., Glencoe.
JOHNSON, H. E., Sturgeon Lake.
JOHNSON, Olaf M., Maynard.
JOHNSON, Peter, Rosen.
JOHNSON, Richard, Cyrus.
JOHNSON, Walter E., Harmony.
JONES, George W., Pine River.
KAHN, Leon L., Eagle Lake.
KATH, Louis F. T., Tenney.
KENNEY, Harold M., Faribault.
KETCHEM, Arthur, Paynesville.
KIPP, Joseph H., St. Paul.
KLEGSTAD, Siver A., Osle.
KLEIN, Herman, Bemidji.
KNUTSON, Otto, Newfolden.
KOELIN, Gustav W., Dent.
KOMINEK, Frank, Cushing.
KRAMER, George L., St. Bonifacius.
KRAMER, Julius J., Willernie.
KRUGER, Walter H., Princeton.
LA MAACK, Peter J., Dundee.
LAMPE, Chris H., Collis.
LANDERDORF, Charles W., St. Paul.
LANSVERK, Elmer, Murdock.
LARSON, Edward J., Mabel.
LEA, Martin, Brooten.
LEADER, Roy H. Morristown.
LE BUDA, Emil, Sauk Rapids.
LEE, Harold J., North Minneapolis.
LEE, William W., Fleming.
LEYENDECKER, Thomas, Roscoe.
LIAN, Hans E., Rollis.
LINDBLOOM, Gustave, Bethel.
LINDQUIST, Caleb Emanuel, Roseau.
LOKEN, John, Gary.
LORENTZ, Wendell A., Mankato.
LORENZ, Grant W., Excelsior.
LOSS, John J., Minneapolis.
LOZAR, Frank, Ely.
LUCKING, George J., Hastings.
LUND, Soren, Osakis.
LUNDBERG, Edward G., Mantato.
LUNDHOLM, Edward F., St. Paul.
McBRIDE, Lee A., Elk River.
McCARTY, Eugene H., Minneapolis.
McCONNELL, Victor J., St. Cloud.
MALLAK, Joseph S., Cokato.
MALESKI, Anton, Duluth.
MALLINEN, Abraham, Thomson.
MANTEL, Raymond A., Fairfax.
MARKHAM, Burt A., Janesville.
MASSON, William C., Forest Lake.
MATCHIES, Wilfred A., Bellingham.
MATHER, Harry, Shakopee.
MELHEI, Lars, Larson Hanska.
MERRILL, Clarence M., St. Paul.
METZ, Walter, St. Paul.
MIGANOVICH, Blaze M., South St. Paul.
MILLER, Harry L., Hopkins.
MILLER, John, Minneapolis.
MILLI, Lorenz, St. Paul.
MITCHELL, Earl, Minneapolis.
MITCHELL, William, Naytahwaush.
MITTET, Alex, Minneapolis.
MOEN, Sever, Stephen.
MORGANTHALER, Anton, Lesueur.
MORTENSON, Guy P., Litchfield.
MURNANE, John D., Litchfield.
MURPHY, Charles H., Rushford.
MURPHY, Thomas, Duluth.
MUSGJERD, Carl N., Kenyon.
MYRIN, Harry, Ironton.
NASSEN, Ernest G., Ceylon.
NELSON, Magnus, Pelican Rapids.
NELSON, Oscar, South Haven.
NELSON, Victor H., South Minneapolis.
NESLAND, Bennie O., McIntosh.
NOVAK, Frank, Pine City.
O'BRIEN, James, Minneapolis.
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OLSON, Arthur, Parker Prairie.
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OLSON, Olof, Clearbrook.
O'MEARA, Sylvester C., Utica.
OPPEGAARD, Alfred, McIntosh.
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O'SHEA, John Bartholomew, Maple Lake.
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PADDOCK, Bernard J., St. Paul.
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PEIPER, William, Luverne.
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PUSARI, Oto, Ely.
QUAMME, Albert Ol, Zumbrota.
RAMSTAD, Wallace R., Crookston.
RANNOW, Theodore F., Fiscay.
RASMUSSEN, Swen Lakefield.
RAY, Earle W., Tracy.
REHLING, George C., Arlington.
RICHARDSON, John W., St. Paul.
ROBERTSON, Albert C., Duluth.
ROCHAU, Henry, Beaver Creek.
ROMOCKY, John, St. Paul.
ROSEMOEN, Theodore, Watson.
ROSS, Samuel, Moorehead.
ROTH, Math, Cold Springs.
SALMONSON, Alfred B., Red Wing.
SCHARFBILLIG, Frank J., St. Paul.
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BALLENTINE, James J., Minneapolis.
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BENNETT, Phillip C., Taconite.
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URSELLA, Harry J., South Minneapolis.
WELLENS, Paul, Chaska.
WESTBOE, Melvin, Elbow Lake.
WHITTEY, William J., Taconite.

Roy Edward Larsen - History

Dr. Karen A. Wrobbel is the Dean of Trinity College and Graduate School and brings many years of experience to the dean’s role. She serves at Trinity both as a teaching faculty member and as a recognized leader through her responsibilities as director of the Division of Education, associate dean, and chair of faculty councils, committees and task forces. Before joining Trinity’s faculty, Karen taught missionary kids (MKs) and other international students at Christian schools in Spain and Venezuela where she spoke Spanish fluently. Karen continues to be actively involved internationally with Christian education through conference speaking, accreditation work, and as a volunteer with two educationally-focused international groups. Her expertise and research interests include the education of MKs and other global nomads, languages and education, and intercultural communication.

Full-Time Faculty

Part-Time Teaching Faculty


Dr. Graham Cole is Professor of Biblical and Systematic Theology and Dean of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School where he taught from 2002–2011, and returned in 2015 to accept the position of Dean.

Cole is an ordained Anglican minister, who served in two parishes. He was formerly the principal of Ridley College and Anglican Professor of Divinity at Beeson Divinity School. Graham currently lives in Libertyville, Illinois, with his wife, Jules. He is the author of Engaging with the Holy Spirit: Real Questions, Practical Answers , He Who Gives Life: The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit , and God the Peacemaker: How Atonement Brings Shalom .

Cole champions the idea of “hospitable evangelicalism” as a descriptor of the personality of TEDS. While there are more than 40 denominations represented in the student body and faculty, what binds TEDS together is the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is the key to its unity. The hospitable nature of TEDS means that we hold to the essential truth of what God has done in Christ for the sake of a lost world, combined with the liberty of pursuing academic rigor and pastoral training from many different perspectives, while extending the necessary charity to do so in a diverse Christian community.

Biblical and Systematic Theology

The Biblical and Systematic Theology Department is designed to provide a thorough grasp of the major doctrines of Christianity and to integrate these, as far as possible, into a harmonious system. The Bible is held as the source of all doctrine and the ultimate criterion for all theological formulation. Attention is given to the organic growth of Christian doctrine in the Old and New Testaments, as well as in the church through the ages since Pentecost. Students are also introduced to biblical perspectives on contemporary theological and ethical issues.

[Criminal Intelligence Report by M. H. Brumley, concerning statements by Roy Edward Lewis]

Criminal Intelligence Report by M. H. Brumley to Captain W. P. Gannaway, through Lieutenant Jack Revill. The report is regarding statements by Roy Edward Lewis concerning Lee Harvey Oswald. Lewis stated that he worked with Oswald and recognized him but did not associate with him.

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Dallas Municipal Archives

Since 1985, the Archives have kept more than 2,000 cubic feet of materials open to the public by appointment. These materials include departmental documents, manuscripts, maps, photographs, and much more they document historical events like the Kennedy assassination and Clyde Barrow gang's activities.

More Comments:

Nigel Anthony Sellars - 11/8/2006

Prof. Larson is quite wrong when he says no historian has ever written on the Scopes' case. Perhaps he is unaware of the late Ray Ginger's "Six Days or Forever?" which remains on the best narratives of the events.

The author of the article also does Pepperdine no service. Replete with grammatical and factual errors, the article suggests that even "Christian" universities are not teaching the basics very well.

6) Role of SS Panzer Divisions

Allied Sherman tanks crossing the newly-captured bridge at Nijmegen in the Netherlands during their advance as part of Operation Market Garden.

Before Operation Market Garden even started, Allied intelligence got reports that two well-equipped German SS Panzer (tank) divisions were in the area around Arnhem. But commanders of the operation, including Lt. Gen. Frederick 𠇋oy” Browning, decided the operation should go ahead anyway𠅊 risk that turned into a disaster for Allied troops at Arnhem.

The slow advance of the XXX Corps gave Germany time to strengthen its defenses, confront the advancing ground troops at Nijmegen, and subject the lone British battalion at Arnhem to a crippling onslaught, which they resisted fiercely before submitting on the fifth day of the battle. With the main objective of the operation lost, more than 3,000 British troops dug in at Oosterbeek until September 25, when they were forced to begin evacuating across the Rhine.

Evolution : The Remarkable History of a Scientific Theory

Edward J. Larson

Published by Random House Publishing Group, 2004

Used - Hardcover
Condition: As New

Hardcover. Condition: As New. No Jacket. Pages are clean and are not marred by notes or folds of any kind.

ThriftBooks: Read More, Spend Less.

Cindy James

Details: In June 1989, the quiet city of Richmond near Vancouver, British Columbia was shocked when a body was found lying in the yard of an abandoned house. It was of forty-four-year-old Cindy James. She had been drugged and strangled, and her hands and feet had been tied behind her back. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police believed that her death was either an accident or suicide.
Cindy had graduated from nursing school in 1966. She later became the administrator for a preschool for children with behavioral and emotional issues. She was married but did not have any children of her own. In July 1982, she and her husband separated. Four months later, she began receiving mysterious and sometimes threatening phone calls. During the next seven years, she reported nearly a hundred incidents of harassment. Five were violent physical attacks while others were whispering to silent phone calls. This got worse after she involved the police. At night, she heard prowlers. Her porch lights were smashed and her phone lines severed. According to her friend, Agnes Woodcock, she said bizarre notes began to appear on her doorstep. Someone was trying to scare her to death. She became reluctant and frightened to give details. Over time, the police began to doubt her stories.
One night in January 1983, Agnes dropped by Cindy's house for a visit and knocked on the door. There was no answer, so she assumed she was taking her bath. As she investigated, she came across her outside, crouched down with a nylon stocking tied tightly around her neck. She'd gone out to the garage to get a box and someone had grabbed her from behind. All she saw were white sneakers. She moved to a new house, painted her car, and changed her last name. She also hired a private investigator named Ozzie Kaban.
The police continued their investigation and questioned Cindy several times. Ozzie later reported that she wouldn't tell them the entire story. She would be evasive, would withhold information, and simply would not act as a normal victim would act. When the police gave her a polygraph test, the examiner claimed that she was withholding information. Her mother, Tillie Hack, thinks the reason for her reluctance was that her attacker had threatened her family. By naming him, they would be killed.

Threatening note left by assailant

On the night of January 30, 1984, Ozzie heard strange sounds coming over a two-way radio he had given Cindy and went straight to her house. He went around it and found it was locked. Looking through a window, he found her lying on the floor with a paring knife through her hand. She was taken to the hospital where she later recalled being attacked and a needle going into her arm. Police never took fingerprints from a suspect, and there was no independent corroboration. Cindy saw this person sometimes accompanied by one or two others, or sometimes she said there were two or three people, but police could never find a suspect. The threatening phone calls continued, but they were too short to trace. There were never ones when the police had 24-hour surveillance on her house for days on end with up to fourteen officers, but when surveillance was off her house, another incident would happen.
As police became skeptical of the harassment, Cindy's parents believed her attacker was staying away to make them suspicious of her. On December 11, 1985, she was found dazed and semiconscious lying in a ditch six miles from her house. She was wearing a man's work boot and glove, and suffering from hypothermia. Cuts and bruises covered her body. A black nylon stocking had been tied tightly around her neck. She had no memory of what happened.
Agnes Woodcock and her husband, Tom, stayed with Cindy, and one night heard noises and awoke to the basement in flames and the phone dead. Tom went to alert the neighbors. He saw a man at the curb and asked him to call the fire department. Instead, he simply ran off down the street. The police suspected that Cindy had staged the incident. They found no dust or fingerprints disturbed on the outside of the windowsill. The fire was set inside the house. In order to set it, it was thought, the perpetrator would've needed to climb through a specific window. It was also considered odd that Cindy still freely walked her dog during the attacks.
Cindy's doctor committed her to a local psychiatric ward, believing she was becoming suicidal. Ten weeks later, she left the hospital. Her father, Otto Hack, said that she finally admitted to her family and friends that she knew more than she was saying and would go after her perpetrator herself.
On May 25, 1989, six years and seven months after the first threatening phone call, Cindy disappeared. On the same day, her car was found in a neighborhood parking lot. Inside were groceries and a wrapped gift. There was blood on the driver's side door and items from her wallet were under the car. Two weeks later, her body was found at the abandoned house. It looked like she had been brutally murdered. Her hands and feet were bound together behind her back. A black nylon stocking was tied tightly around her neck. Yet, an autopsy revealed that she died from an overdose of morphine and other drugs. Police concluded that she had committed suicide.
Ozzie didn't believe Cindy would have been able to stage the scene, but others believed it was possible. In Vancouver, the coroner ruled that her death was not suicide, an accident, or a murder. They determined that she died of an "unknown event". Otto and Tillie never doubted that she was murdered. Otto believed the police did not investigate the possibility of homicide or of somebody murdering her, instead zeroing in on trying to prove that she committed suicide. They believe someone in Vancouver is getting away with murder.
Suspects: During the investigation Cindy's ex-husband, Roy Makepeace, was a suspect along with Pat McBride, a lover of hers who was a policeman. The man seen at the curb running away during the fire also is a suspect.
Extra Notes: This case first aired on the February 13, 1991 episode. It was also profiled on A Current Affair and various other media publications.
Results: Unsolved

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