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(DE706: dp. 1450, 1. 306', b. 36'10", dr. 9'8", s. 24 k.
cpl. 186; a. 2 5", 3 21" tt., 2 dct., 8 dcp., 1 dcp. (h.h.),
cl. Rudderow)

Holt ( DE-706), a destroyer escort, was launched by Defoe Shipbuilding Co. of Bay City, Mich., 15 February 1944, sponsored by Mrs. Robert Holt, mother of the namesake, and commissioned at New Orleans, La., 9 June 1944, Lt. Comdr. Victor Blue commanding.

Holt conducted her shakedown cruise off Bermuda and after a short stay in Boston reported to Norl'olk, Va., 8 August 1944. Until 19 August she helped carry out shallow water tests in the Patuxent River, Md. and then joined Escort Division 74 at Norfolk. Holt screened escort carriers Wake I~la'rd and Mission Bay from Norfolk to Newport, R.I., and departed 5 September 1944 on antisubmarine operations along the Eastern seaboard. She came upon the torpedoed SS aeoroe Ade 12 September and Joined in the search for the U-boat which had attacked her. The search had to be called off, however, as a hurricane approached the next day. Holt returned to Norfolk, and after escorting coastal convoys to Boston and New York sailed from Norfolk for the Pacific

The escort and her division transited the Panama Canal 23 October and arrived Hollandia, New Guinea via the Galapagos and Society Islands 21 November. The ship then became a unit of the 7th Fleet and departed 28 November to join carrier forces in Leyte Gulf providing protection for the vital military operations ashore. She completed this duty 11 December, and steamed with a convoy toward Mindoro for the establishment of a motor torpedo base on that island. During this invasion, an important step in the retaking of the Phillippines, Holt's gunfire protected her supply convoy and shot down several planes attempting to attack the invasion forces during the landings 15 December. The destroyer returned to Leyte with a convoy 17 December and remained in San Pedro Bay until 22 December 1944.

Holt's next duty was guarding supply ships on the voyage to Hollandia, and after a stop at Manus Island she got underway once more from Hollandia 8 January with the resupply convoy for Lingayen Gulf. Steaming by way of San Pedro Bay, the task group reached Lingayen 21 January 1945, and Holt began antisubmarine patrol in support of troop movements ashore. She remained in the gulf until 27 January, downing a suicide plaq,e which nearly crashed her 23 January and provided pr'otection for the convoys off the beaches.

Departing Lingayen 27 January, Holt arrived San Pedro Bay 1 February, and after escorting another convoy to Lingayen Gulf entered recently-liberated Subic Bay 12

February 1945. Holt served as an escort to and from the harbor entrance until she steamed from Subic Bay 27 March to aid in one of the final operations for the securing of Luzon. Arriving off Legaspi 1 April, Holt provided fire support during the landing that day and then returned to Subic Bay to convoy supporting forces back to Legaspi for the landings 7-8 April. Possession of this area allowed American forces to control the shores Or San Hernadino Strait, thus shortening the supply routes from Leyte Gulf to the assault areas on the western shores of the Philippines.

Returning to San Pedro Bay, Holt next steamed to Morotai to join a convoy in support of the assault on Taraken Island, Borneo. The first target in the series of Borneo landings, Taraken was taken by Australian forces under Marine and Navy air support 1 May, and Holt arrived with supply ships 5 days later. The ship was forced to remain constantly on the alert for suicide swimmers and limpet mines while in the roads, but departed Borneo safely 9 May for San Pedro Bay.

After repairs in floating drydock, Holt was assigned to weather patrol, and cruised the eastern South China Sea sending reports to help guide movements of the vast fleets then operating in the Pacific. On this duty until 18 December 1945, she departed that date with 75 persons on board for San Francisco via the Marshalls and Pearl Harbor, arriving 9 January 1946.

Decommissioned 2 July 1946, Holt was assigned to San Diego Group, Pacific Reserve Fleet, until December 1962, when she began preparations for transfer to a foreign country. Loaned to the Republic of Korea 19 June 1963 under the Military Assistance Program, she serves as Chung Nam ( D=73) .

Holt received two battle stars for World War II service.

Holt struggles to deal with getting demoted to a patrol officer. He eventually returns to his captain position after the unexpected death of his rival, Madeline Wuntch. Jake and Amy decide to start trying to have a baby and eventually find out that they're expecting a baby boy after struggling to conceive for six months. Charles is accepted into one of Holt's new task forces. For the first time in the precinct's history, the Halloween Heist produces a three-time winner after Rosa wins the Halloween, Valentine's Day, and Easter Heists.

Brooklyn experiences a blackout on the night Amy's water breaks. Amy manages to successfully lead blackout protocols while Jake and Charles stop a group of bank robbers that caused the city-wide chaos. With help from their colleagues, Jake manages to make it to Amy just as she gives birth to their son, McClane "Mac" Peralta.

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    as Julie Kim as Adrian Pimento as Dr. Jones
  • Paul Welsh as Brad Portenburg as Margaret Fogle as Larry Britches as Anna Rubov as Madeline Wuntch as Nikolaj Boyle as Adam Jarver as Doug Judy as Trudy Judy as himself as Frank Dillman as Roger Peralta as Walter Peralta
  • Will Hines as Carl Kurm
  • Winston Story as Bill Hummertrout as Teddy Ramos as Kevin Cozner
  • Matthew Bellows as Frank Kingston as Curt as Kayla
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TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProd.
U.S. viewers
1311"Manhunter"Cortney CarrilloDavid PhillipsFebruary 6, 2020 ( 2020-02-06 ) 7012.66 [1]
After an assassination attempt on the city councilor, Jake leads a manhunt to find the shooter. He decides to let Holt join the case out of pity for his former captain getting demoted to a patrol officer, but quickly grows frustrated when Holt attempts to upstage him. Amy seeks Rosa's help when she believes she might be pregnant.
1322"Captain Kim"Luke Del TrediciCarol KolbFebruary 6, 2020 ( 2020-02-06 ) 7021.99 [1]
Captain Julie Kim arrives as the new captain of the precinct and invites the detectives to her house for a dinner party. While she appears kind and selfless, Jake and Holt don't trust her based on their previous history with captain replacements and try to find out if she's connected to Wuntch. Charles uses Rosa's jacket to reinvent himself as a rebel. Terry becomes uneasy when he finds out one of the caterers at the party is a former convict he arrested.
1333"Pimemento"Michael McDonaldJustin NobleFebruary 13, 2020 ( 2020-02-13 ) 7031.79 [2]
Adrian Pimento seeks Jake and Charles's assistance in finding out who is trying to kill him as he suffers from short-term memory loss. During the investigation, Jake struggles to keep a secret about him and Amy from Charles. Meanwhile, the rest of the team tries to find an easy way out of a workplace conflict seminar, only to discover their own personal conflicts with each other.
1344"The Jimmy Jab Games II"Neil CampbellVanessa RamosFebruary 20, 2020 ( 2020-02-20 ) 7041.85 [3]
In order to prove he is still fun, Jake brings back the Jimmy Jab Games. Boyle oversees proceedings, and uses his position to encourage Debbie out of her shell, with unexpected consequences. Jake and Hitchcock have a bet on who will win, with Jake and Amy's new sedan on the line. Holt deduces that Rosa has a secret agenda for winning and is determined to find out what it is.
1355"Debbie"Claire ScanlonMarcy JarreauFebruary 27, 2020 ( 2020-02-27 ) 7051.74 [4]
The detectives arrest Debbie after discovering that she has stolen cocaine and machine guns from the evidence room to give to a notorious crime boss Silvio Nucci. Believing Debbie's in over her head, Jake convinces Rosa to help him stage an escape so Debbie can lead them to her boss, but the plan quickly turns south when Debbie becomes addicted to the cocaine. Amy and Holt have a speed reading competition while looking through Debbie's old journals.
1366"Trying"Kim NguyenEvan Susser & Van RobichauxMarch 5, 2020 ( 2020-03-05 ) 7061.82 [5]
In an episode that takes place over the course of six months, Jake and Amy struggle to conceive a child and try experimenting with their sex lives. Holt tries to convince Terry to put him on a different beat. Charles and Rosa secretly raise a continuously growing family of guinea pigs in the precinct. Hitchcock quickly finds love after his last divorce.
1377"Ding Dong"Claire ScanlonJess DweckMarch 12, 2020 ( 2020-03-12 ) 7072.12 [6]
After Madeline Wuntch dies, Holt learns that one of her final requests was for him to host her memorial. Amy and Rosa try to help Holt avoid speaking negatively about his nemesis so he doesn't put his career at risk, but it proves difficult when they discover Wuntch had another rival. When Jake tells Charles and Terry he has tickets to the premiere of Kwazy Kupcakes: The Movie, the latter two compete to bring their kids to the film. Amy seemingly experiences some side effects from hormones her doctor gave her and eventually finds out that she's pregnant.
1388"The Takeback"Michael McDonaldDewayne PerkinsMarch 19, 2020 ( 2020-03-19 ) 7082.32 [7]
Doug Judy invites Jake to attend his bachelor party in Miami after Jake complained about not being invited to the wedding. At the hotel, Doug's friends steal $10,000,000 worth of diamonds, forcing Jake and Doug to pull off a "reverse heist" to avoid serious criminal charges. During Holt's first day back as captain, Terry panics after learning that he threw away one of Holt's most valuable possessions. Amy, Charles, Hitchcock, and Scully explore their options for a third vending machine.
1399"Dillman"Kyra SedgwickPaul Welsh & Madeline WalterMarch 26, 2020 ( 2020-03-26 ) 7092.14 [8]
A glitter bomb goes off on Jake's desk and destroys a crucial piece of evidence for an important case. To find out who brought in the bomb, Holt brings in Frank Dillman, one of the best detectives he knows. Jake attempts to find the culprit before Dillman in hopes of convincing Holt to put him on a new task force.
14010"Admiral Peralta"Linda MendozaNeil CampbellApril 2, 2020 ( 2020-04-02 ) 7102.06 [9]
While preparing for his child's sex reveal party, Jake attempts to mend his father's relationship with his grandfather and break the "father-son curse" his family appears to have. Amy and Rosa try to track down a witness in an important case that Hitchock and Scully were working on. Holt helps Terry prepare for his audition to the NYPD marching band.
14111"Valloweaster"Matthew NodellaLuke Del Tredici & Jeff TopolskiApril 9, 2020 ( 2020-04-09 ) 7112.04 [10]
For the seventh annual Halloween Heist, each of the participants are handcuffed to one partner and try to steal the gems of "The Infinitude Gobbler." The three teams consist of Jake and Holt, Amy and Charles, and Rosa and Scully. However, they are forced to delay it to Valentine's Day and later Easter due to Cheddar and Scully swallowing the gems for the first two attempts. Rosa proves who the "Ultimate Human/Genius" is and reveals she won on all three holidays.
14212"Ransom"Rebecca AsherNick Perdue & Beau RawlinsApril 16, 2020 ( 2020-04-16 ) 7122.05 [11]
After Cheddar is kidnapped, Jake agrees to help Holt and Kevin rescue their dog. When the kidnapper requests Kevin to come in person, Jake disguises himself as Kevin to avoid putting Holt's husband in danger. Rosa competes against Teddy to win a stroller that Amy has her eyes set on. Charles and Terry attempt to start a side business with Charles's "bone broth".
14313"Lights Out"Dan GoorDan Goor & Luke Del TrediciApril 23, 2020 ( 2020-04-23 ) 7132.24 [12]
Brooklyn is hit with a borough-wide blackout. With Terry and Holt stuck in the precinct's elevator, Amy takes charge of blackout emergency protocols just as her water breaks. After receiving the news from Rosa, Jake and Charles attempt to make it to the hospital while minimizing the chaos on the streets. Terry tries to alleviate Holt's fear of elevators by teaching him some hip-hop dance moves. Amy is forced to give birth in the precinct with help from Rosa, Hitchcock, and Scully. Jake manages to make it in time thanks to Charles reluctantly getting help from Lieutenant Peanut Butter. After getting transferred to a hospital, Jake and Amy introduce their colleagues to their son, McClane "Mac" Peralta.

On February 27, 2019, NBC renewed the series for a seventh season. [13] The season consists of 13 episodes. [14]

The season premiered as a mid-season replacement in the middle of the 2019–20 television season from February 6, 2020. [15]

The History

The Home

Built in 1834 by Dr. William Rainey Holt as a wedding gift for his bride, Louisa Allen Hogan Holt. The home is known for its Greek Revival architecture, Palladian windows, and center-hall plan. The house was remodeled around 1892 and 1900, and the rear addition was added in 1949. The Holt House, also known as The Homestead, was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1983.

The survival of the Civil War is one of the most interesting parts of the home’s history. In May 1865, Union General H. Judson Kilpatrick and the 9th Pennsylvania Calvary were sent to Lexington to establish order as Reconstruction began in the South. Leaving the home to secure his farm named Linwood, Mrs. Holt was left at the home with her three daughters. Afraid that the house may be destroyed, Mrs. Holt offered the home to be used by the army as a headquarters. Kilpatrick and his officers spent two months in the home. The black iron brackets that Mrs. Holt had installed to secure two of the upstairs bedrooms still remain, along with the signatures of two of the girls, Claudia and Frances, have been preserved on the wall. Story has it that Mrs. Holt and her children were treated considerately and that upon his departure General Kilpatrick gave the family gold and sugar, and daughter Amelia a pony she named Kilpatrick.

The People

Dr. Holt was born in Alamance County and settled in Lexington after completing his medical degree in Philadelphia. Two years after the death of his first wife, Dr. Holt remarried to Louisa Allen Hogan for whom he built the Holt House. It was here that they had nine children in addition to the five with his first wife, Mary Gizeal Allen. Dr. Holt was a respected physician and one of the largest slaveholders in Davidson County. He has been recognized for his contributions to agriculture, educational efforts, and the building of the railroad through Thomasville and Lexington.

The Holt’s Linwood farm and Lexington home were cultivated and maintained by enslaved people. Detailed records kept by Dr. Holt reveal there were up to 100 enslaved laborers between the farm and city house. A small dwelling still on the Lexington property was the original kitchen for the home and is also where the enslaved cook lived. It is our hope that over time, we can learn more about the enslaved people that are as much a part of the home’s history as the Holt family, and to share their stories and the stories of their descendants with the public through our site.

For more information on the history of the Holt House and slavery in Davidson County, we invite you to visit the website of the Davidson County Historical Museum .

U.S.S. HOLT (DE-706) Destroyer Escort

This book is about the World War II destroyer escort named the United States Ship (USS) HOLT whose military hull number was 706. The ship served in World War II from 1944 to 1946 with the majority of the time spent in the Pacific Ocean around the Philippines area. The HOLT had some challenging assignments, including anti-submarine screen for the smaller escort type carriers. It did not have the speed to escort the big fleet carriers, thus the operations were always with the Seventh Fleet, mostly on amphibious operations, ASW (Anti-Submarine Warfare), and convoy escort work.

Much of the information in this book was obtained from the ship’s War Diary, Action Reports, Deck Logs, HOLT reunion newsletters, and from the actual crew members who passed on their stories from their naval days.

Hopefully everyone will enjoy reading about the history of the USS HOLT and what these young men actually went through in World War II to help protect our country.

Book Details

About the Book

This is the true story of the men aboard the destroyer escort U.S.S. HOLT (DE-706) during World War II. The HOLT story begins with the ship's construction in 1943, launching in 1944, continues through its missions in the Pacific, and concludes with its decommissioning after the war in 1946. Major missions included Leyte Gulf Landings, a slow-tow convoy to Mindoro , the Lingayen Gulf Campaign, and the Legaspi Operation.

The HOLT was one of twenty-two Rudderow class destroyer escorts built during WWII. The HOLT and five other destroyer escorts became part of Escort Division 74 and participated in various task groups and units in the Philippine area. Enjoy learning about the ship’s missions and the crew with their many stories as they served their country with valor.

DE - USS Holt (DE-706)

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loděnice: Defoe Shipbuilding
stavba zahájena: 28.11.1943
spuštěna na vodu: 15.2.1944
převzata do služby: 9.6.1944

vyřazena: 19.6.1963 prodána Jižní Korei - Chung Nam

délka: 93,27 m
šířka: 11,26 m
ponor: 3,42 m

standartní: 1 450 tun
maximální: 1 780 tun

kotle: 2 Babcock & Wilcox
turbíny: 2 General Electric
výkon: 12 000 shp
dosah: 5 500 n.mil / 15 uzlů
rychlost: 24 uzlů

2 x 127 mm 5"/38 Mk.12 ( 2 x I )
protiletadlová výzbroj
4 x 40 mm /56 ( 2 x II )
10 x 20 mm /70 ( 10 x I )

3 x 533 mm 21" ( 1 x III )

důstojníci: 12
námořníci: 192

Hrbek Ivan, Hrbek Jaroslav: Loďstva států účastnících se druhé světové války, Naše Vojsko, Praha, 1994. ISBN 80-206-0245-3

Cozy Cats

Cartoon cats were popular in the 1950s: remember Felix and Tom & Jerry? Holt-Howard introduced its almond- and doe-eyed Cozy Cats line in 1958. Collectible Cozy Cats and Kittens include salt and peppers, string holders, ashtrays, bud vases, cottage cheese crocks (yes, you read that correctly), butter dishes, sugars and creamers, condiment jars (the same molds as Pixieware), spice sets, match holders, cookie jars, and a “Keeper of the Grease” crock. Remember when people used to keep jars of grease and bacon fat under the kitchen sink? Imagine cleaning 50-plus years of collected pan drippings out of one of these crocks—not a job for the queasy ones.

1970s and 1980s [ edit | edit source ]

ROKS Gyeongbuk (FF 956)

In the 70s, the ROK Navy, through the Park Chung-hee Administration's "Yulgok Plan" (an 8-year national defense plan "to build up self-reliant, national defense capability" ⎣] ), began to build naval forces with indigenous technologies this initiated the ROK Navy to build fleets with locally built ships.

In 1972, the ROK Navy launched its first domestically built patrol craft. The first 2,000-ton frigate ROKS Ulsan (FF 951) was launched in 1980 and the first 1,000-ton corvette ROKS Pohang (PCC 756) was launched in 1982 with indigenous technologies. In the following year, the lead ship of, secretly developed, the Dolgorae class midget submarine was launched. ⎤] The ROK Navy continued to carry out other new shipbuilding projects such as mine sweepers, logistic support ships and amphibious landing ships.

Fleet Aviation Unit became a fleet aviation group in 1977. The ROK Navy strengthened its naval aviation force by acquiring Grumman S-2 Tracker anti-submarine warfare aircraft and Aérospatiale Alouette III helicopters. In 1986, the fleet aviation group became Air Wing SIX.

In 1973 and 1974, the ROK Navy reorganized its fleets into five Naval Sectors. In 1986, the ROK Navy reorganized its fleets: First Fleet, Second Fleet, and Third Fleet. ⎛]

In 1973, once a separate branch of the ROK Armed Forces, the ROKMC became a part of the ROK Navy. Headquarters Republic of Korea Marine Corps was established in 1987.

What did your Holt ancestors do for a living?

In 1940, Farmer and Housekeeper were the top reported jobs for men and women in the US named Holt. 17% of Holt men worked as a Farmer and 7% of Holt women worked as a Housekeeper. Some less common occupations for Americans named Holt were Truck Driver and Housewife .

*We display top occupations by gender to maintain their historical accuracy during times when men and women often performed different jobs.

Top Male Occupations in 1940

Top Female Occupations in 1940

The history of Helen and the surrounding areas offers a fascinating variety of stories that include some of the earliest native hunters and gatherers in North America as well as some of the most advanced native chiefdoms with monumental architecture and intensive agriculture. Included are Colonial stories of the interaction of traders and militia units with Cherokee towns. Helen and its environs have seen the passage of early pioneers traveling by wagon to settle in the fertile valleys, followed by gold miners seeking their fortunes and later lumber barons seeking theirs.

In January 1969, three Helen businessmen were meeting at a local restaurant. They were wondering if there wasn't some way to spruce up the old main street and encourage the tourists to stop on their way north into the mountains. One suggested he would speak with an artist that he knew from church in Clarkesville. That artist was John Kollock, whose family had deep roots in the area. John agreed to take some photos and draw up some sketches. He was inspired by seeing the town nestled in a small mountain valley and recalled his time in service in Germany and his visits to Bavarian towns in similar mountain valleys. The resulting sketches were well received by the citizens and the merchants.

By the fall of 1969, Helen had reinvented itself and many of the old buildings had new facades. The fall leaf season brought new visitors and later new merchants as well. Over the last 40 years the town has grown dramatically adding new ventures, shops, and venues with varying amounts of success. The story of Helen's reinvention is one of local entrepreneurship and civic cooperation that changed a dying lumber town into Georgia's third most visited city.

Courtesy: Chris Brooks & David Grear, Co-Authors "Images of America — Helen" , 2012

More History about Helen can be found at,

Helen Arts and Heritage Council http://www.helenarts.org

Sautee Nacoochee Community Center http://snca.org

Holt History, Family Crest & Coats of Arms

Holt is a name whose history is connected to the ancient Anglo-Saxon tribes of Britain. The name is derived from when the Holt family once lived near a grove or woods. The surname Holt originally derived from the Old English word holt which meant a "wood" or "grove." [1]

Set of 4 Coffee Mugs and Keychains

$69.95 $48.95

Early Origins of the Holt family

The surname Holt was first found in Lancashire at Ashworth, a parochial chapelry in the parish of Middleton, union of Bury, hundred of Salford. "A family named Ashworth was seated here as early as the 13th century, and appears to have been succeeded by the Holts: Richard Holt, an active supporter of the royal cause in the civil war, had his estate sequestrated in 1643, but it was afterwards restored." [2]

Hugo de Holte was a Knights Templar in Kent in 1185 and later Simon del Holt was listed in the Pipe Rolls for Warwickshire in 1230. Walter in the Holte was found in Somerset in 1260 and Hugh atte Holte was in Surrey in 1268. [3]

The Hundredorum Rolls of 1273 included: Henry de la Holte, Worcestershire, and William del Holt, Yorkshire. [4]

In Somerset, William atte Holte and Walter atte Holte were both listed 1 Edward III (during the first year of King Edward III's reign.) [5]

"The Holts, of [Buckinghamshire], are, for the most part, gathered together in and around Aylesbury. The name occurred as Le Holt in the county six centuries ago, and also in the eastern counties of Norfolk, Essex, and Kent. Lancashire is also another great home of the name of Holt, which also extends into Cheshire." [6]

An important branch of the family was found at Aston in Warwickshire. "The manor was purchased in 1366 from the heiress of de Maidenhach by John atte Holt, of Birmingham, and remained for many generations in the possession of his lineal descendants, of whom several were distinguished for their talents and for the important stations they occupied in society. Edward Holt, sheriff of the county in 1574, resided in the adjoining manor of Duddeston, there being at that time in Aston only an ancient house, probably of timber, situated on the bank of the River Tame near the church, and the site of which, now overgrown with trees, is discoverable only by part of the moat by which it was surrounded. On the demise of Edward Holt in 1593, the estate descended to his son Thomas, the most distinguished member of the family, who is represented by Dugdale as eminent for his literary acquirements. He was sheriff in 1600: on the arrival of James VI of Scotland to assume the crown of England, he attended that monarch in his route from Yorkshire, where he received the honour of knighthood and in 1612 he was created one of the order of baronets, then recently instituted. Sir Thomas Holt enclosed the park, and erected the present stately Hall of Aston, unrivalled in these parts for beauty and magnificence, which he commenced in 1618, and completed in 1635." [2]

Watch the video: History of Holt. Brooklyn Nine-Nine (July 2022).


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