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Morane-Saulnier M.S.435 P.2

Morane-Saulnier M.S.435 P.2

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Morane-Saulnier M.S.435 P.2

The Morane-Saulnier M.S.435 P.2 was a two-man advanced trainer based on the M.S.405 single seat fighter that was ordered into production in 1939 but that wasn't delivered before the fall of France.

The M.S.435 began life as the M.S.430 in 1937. This was a two-man trainer produced by expanding the fuselage of the M.S.405 and giving it a 390hp Salmson 9Ag radial engine. The M.S.430 made its maiden flight on 3 March 1937 and its performance was encouraging enough to allow development to continue. A single-seat version was evaluated as the M.S.408. At the same time work began on the M.S.433, a two-seater that would have been powered by the Gnome-Rhône 7Kfs radial engine.

The M.S.433 was cancelled in favour of the M.S.435. This was also to use a Gnome-Rhône engine, this time the 550hp 9Kdrs radial engine. The M.S.435 also had a redesigned fuselage with a bigger cross section, but it was otherwise similar to the M.S.430. It was a low-wing single-engined monoplane, with a crew of two carried under a continuous glazed canopy and with inward retracting landing gear.

In the summer of 1939 the French Air Ministry placed an order for sixty series aircraft as the M.S.435 P.2 (advanced trainer, two man). The prototype M.S.435.01 made its maiden flight on 6 December 1939, but the M.S.435 had a lower production priority than the M.S.406 fighter, which was seen as essential equipment. As a result none of the production aircraft had been delivered before the fall of France in June 1940.

Engine: Gnome-Rhône 9Kdrs
Power: 550hp
Wing Span: 35ft 1 3/4in
Top Speed: 245mph

* The Morane-Saulnier company of France was a player in aviation from before the First World War. In 1962 Morane-Saulnier was bought out by Potez, which was bought out in turn in 1966 by Sud Aviation, later Aerospatiale -- the Morane-Saulnier unit being renamed "SOCATA", for "Societe de Construction d'Avions de Tourisme et d'Affaires (Company for the Construction of Aircraft for Tourism & Business)". SOCATA focused primarily on development and production of tidy light single-engine civil aircraft, such as the "TB" series -- named after the French city of Tarbes, where the SOCATA plant was located.

In the early 1980s, the US Mooney civil aircraft firm developed a six-seat piston single, the "Mooney 301". The 301 would never go beyond a single flight prototype, which performed its initial flight in 1983, but Mooney was bought out by French investors in 1985, leading to discussions between Mooney and SOCATA for development of a turboprop derivative. A joint venture was set up in 1987 to build the "TBM (Tarbes-Mooney)" turboprop, with initial flight of the first of three prototypes on 14 July 1988, certification following in 1990. Financial problems forced Mooney to withdraw from the program, but the aircraft retained the "TBM" designation.

* The initial production variant, the "TBM 700", provides a baseline for the series. The TBM 700 was an elegant aircraft, built mostly of aircraft aluminum alloy and steel, with some use of plastic and composites. It featured straight wings and tailplane, along with a swept tailfin featuring a forward fillet. Flight surfaces were conventional, with ailerons, elevators, rudder, trim tabs, and one-piece flaps there was a spoiler forward of the outboard half of each flap. Flight controls were manual, except for electrically actuated trim tabs and flaps. There were twin fixed ventral fins under the tail. The TBM 700 had tricycle landing gear, all gear with single wheels, the nose gear retracting backward and the main gearing hinging in the wings towards the fuselage.

The TBM 700 was powered by a Pratt & Whitney Canada (PWC) PT6A-64 turboprop, with 522 kW (700 SHP), driving a four-bladed, fully reversible Hartzell propeller. There was a fuel tank in each wing, each tank with its own refueling point, the two tanks providing a total capacity of 1,080 liters (285 US gallons). The TBM 700 had pressurized and climate-conditioned accommodations, with seating for two pilots -- dual controls were standard -- and four passengers, the passengers facing each other front to back. Sources show diagrams of a high-density layout with five passenger seats, with three rows of seats and the middle row with one seat, but it doesn't seem to have been popular. Baggage storage was in the rear of the passenger cabin, and in an unpressurized baggage hold in the nose of the aircraft forward of the cockpit sources seem to hint that the unpressurized hold was added in later production. There was a passenger-crew door on the left rear fuselage, the door being split up and down, with the lower segment featuring an "airstair".

The prop was electrically de-iced the windscreen was de-iced both electrically and by bleed air while all flight surfaces had pneumatic de-icing boots. Avionics were conventional, including radio, identification transponder, autopilot, and navigation system. The navigation system had a global positioning system (GPS) option. Weather radar was also available as an option, the radar being mounted in a fairing outboard on the leading edge of the left wing.

The split rear door was replaced in 1998 by a large upward-opening door with tilt-down steps. A quick-change configuration was available as an option, allowing the seats to be yanked for carrying cargo, the reinforced floor featuring tie-downs. Maximum cargo load was 825 kilograms (1,820 pounds). There was also a configuration with two instead of four passenger seats to permit more cargo carriage -- though it is unclear if this was a special option or, more likely, if it was just the standard configuration with the two rear seats removed. TBMs configured for cargo operations also featured an optional cockpit door on the left.

The TBM 700 was sold in a number of subvariants. Sources are notably confused and confusing in their descriptions, but it appears that the sequence was as follows:

    TBM 700B: Large rear door and optional cockpit door, though some sources say this was a dedicated cargo variant.

The French Air Force and Army bought a total of 26 TBM 700s for liaison duties. Work on a stretched variant, the "TBM 700S", was abandoned in the mid-1990s. There was also a concept for a high-altitude surveillance / research derivative, the "SOCATA 60000", with greatly extended flight surfaces, but it never went beyond the paper stage.

* SOCATA has of course refined the TBM:

    In 2004, SOCATA began work on a next-generation TBM, originally designated the "TBM 700N". The second TBM 700 prototype was updated as the 700N prototype, performing its initial flight in February 2005, and then entering production in 2006 as the "TBM 850". It replaced the TBM 700 in production it was much the same in configuration, the major improvement being a PWC PT6A-66D engine with 635 kW (850 SHP) for higher cruise speed -- oddly, there was no increase in takeoff power -- and enlarged fuel tanks. From 2008, the TBM 850 was sold with the Garmin G1000 "glass cockpit".

SOCATA has offered the TBM series in special mission configurations -- for air ambulance, photo survey, target tug, maritime patrol, surveillance, and electronic warfare (EW) missions. The company demonstrated a machine for photo survey, with a belly camera pack has also demonstrated an air ambulance configuration and has sold at least one "multimission" TBM, with a retractable imager turret under the rear fuselage, to Argentine security police. A total of over 800 TBMs has been sold to date. SOCATA became part of the European Aerospace & Defense Systems (EADS) group -- later the Airbus Group -- in 2000 when Aerospatiale was absorbed into the conglomerate, but the SOCATA operation was sold off to Daher in 2008, and so the operation is now "Daher SOCATA".

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Movie (1982)
English title : Ace of Aces

Jean-Paul Belmondo (Jo Cavalier)
Marie-France Pisier (Gaby Delcourt)
Rachid Ferrache (Simon Rosenblum)
Frank Hoffmann (Gunther von Beckman)
Günter Meisner (Adolf Hitler / Angela Hitler)

In this action comedy the French boxer Jo Cavalier is charmed on the train to Berlin for the Olympics.


Eduard Spelterini aloitti Sveitsissä kuumailmapallolennot ja ensimmäinen ilmavoimiin liittyvä tapahtuma olikin kuumailmapallokuljetusyksikkö. Ensimmäisen maailmansodan alettua 1914 toiminta oli edelleen hyvin vaatimatonta. Sodan puhjettua mielipide muuttui nopeasti ja ratsuväenupseeri Theodor Real sai käskyn perustaa ilmayhtymän. Hän pakko-otti kolme Bernin lentokentällä toiminutta siviililentokonetta, joilla aloitettiin yhdeksän lentäjän koulutus tilapäistukikohdassa lähellä Wankdorf Stadiumia. Koulutus siirrettiin myöhemmin vakinaiseen lentotukikohtaan Dübendorfiin. Sveitsi oli sodan ajan puolueeton ja siten ilmavoimat keskittyivät koulutukseen ja harjoituksiin sekä tiedusteluun ja partiointiin. Poliittisen tilanteen heikkeneminen 1930-luvulla aiheutti kalliin ilma-aseen hankkimisen. Sveitsi tilasi Saksasta Messerschmitt Bf 109 -koneita, Italiasta Macchi MC.202 -lentokoneita ja Ranskasta Morane-Saulnier D03800 -hävittäjiä. Morane-Saulnierin koneet valmistettiin lisenssillä Sveitsissä. Ilmavoimista tehtiin oma aselajinsa lokakuussa 1936.

Tukikohdat Muokkaa

Sveitsin ilmavoimien tukikohdat sijaitsevat eri puolilla maata seuraavilla paikkakunnilla:

5 The Blackburn TB Threw Darts

The Blackburn TB was designed as an anti-zeppelin fighter and touted as "one of the most specialized aircraft ever built," presumably because it was the first one developed to combat a vehicle that would totally explode on its own if you just sat around and waited.

The Blackburn TB was considered a fighter in the same way that Taco Bell can be considered Mexican food -- it only looked like it from a distance. Then you realize it had huge, fuel-filled pontoons on it for no apparent reason, which by the way had a habit of leaking fuel and liked to catch on fire during startup. Then, if the overweight, gasoline-dripping Blackburn TB actually managed to make it into the sky, it would rain terror on its unsuspecting targets with . a basket of darts.

See, the plan was to fly above enemy zeppelins and drop the darts on them, thereby puncturing the zeppelin's gas envelopes and causing a fatal explosion, which as we pointed out above could be accomplished with nothing more than patience. But the Blackburn TB's tiny engines meant its maximum altitude was 8,000 feet, whereas zeppelins at the time could go as high as 21,000 feet. So we're picturing sad pilots buzzing around 10,000 feet below the target, ineffectually flipping darts up at it until it was time to go home.

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Nasazení [ editovat | editovat zdroj ]

U Aviation Militaire Type P sloužil u stíhacích escadrille N 12, N 124 a N 314 a průzkumných nebo smíšených MS 140, MS 215, N 67, N 79, F 203, F 206, C 207, F 215 a F 218. ΐ] Výhradní výzbroj tvořil u letek MS 410 a MS 215, zatímco u dalších jednotek ve výzbroji doplňoval jiné typy letounů. Α] Na podzim 1916 přestával jako zastarávající vyhovovat bojovým operacím, v létě následujícího roku již ve stavu francouzského letectva bylo jen cca 100 operačních kusů. Další exempláře Type P sloužily k výcviku, nebo tvořily zálohy. U escadrill MS 140 a MS 215 vydržely v operační službě do začátku roku 1918, než u nich byly nahrazeny typem SPAD S.XVI. Α]

Několik kusů bylo dodáno carskému Rusku, kde však pro neoblíbenost záhy přešly od bojových útvarů k leteckým školám.

Většího exportního úspěchu dosáhly ve Spojeném království, jehož RFC převzalo postupně 116 strojů Morane-Saulnier Type P. Dodávky byly zahájeny již v roce 1916 a sloužily například u perutí č. 1 a č. 3, převážně jako fotoprůzkumné. U 3. peruti RFC je doložena instalace kulometu Lewis na křídle za pomoci lafety Foster. Β] Od roku 1917 přecházely k výcviku, zejména u 1. záložní výcvikové peruti (1. Reserve Training Squadron) v Gosportu a 1. etapní pilotní škole (No. 1 Aircraft Depot Pilot School) ve francouzském Saint-Omer.

V roce 1919 byly obě varianty Typ P po jednom kusu vyvezeny do Japonska a Brazílie.


Letoun Morane Saulnier MS.406 začal vznikat v roce 1934, první prototyp MS.405-01 vzlétl 8. srpna 1935 ve Villacoublay s šéfpilotem společnosti Aéroplanes Morane-Saulnier Michelem Détroyatem. Byl poháněn motorem Hispano Suiza HS 12Ygrs s výkonem 641 kW, který roztáčel vrtuli Chauviére. Druhý prototyp MS.405-02 zalétaný 20. ledna 1937 měl motor Hispano Suiza HS 12Ycrs. Oba prototypy byly v průběhu roku 1937 zničeny při havárii.

První z šestnácti objednaných strojů ověřovací série vzlétl 3. února 1938, rozestavěný čtvrtý předsériový MS.405-C1 byl dokončen jako prototyp následné MS.406, který poprvé vzlétl 20. května 1938. Do draku byl zabudován motor Hispano-Suiza 12Y-31 o výkonu 632 kW s vrtulí Chauviére 351M o průměru 3 m. Stroje číslo 13 a 15 byly odeslány do Švýcarska jako MS.406H. Letoun číslo 12 obdržel pohonnou jednotku HS 12Y-45, byl vybaven pevným nezatažitelným chladičem a odlehčeným křídlem. Stal se z něj MS.411, který posloužil jako vzor pro později vyvíjený MS.412 s motorem HS 12Y-51, určený také pro Švýcarsko. Poslední šestnáctý MS.405 z ověřovací série poprvé vzlétl v červnu 1938 a stal se stavebním vzorem pro sériovou výrobu MS.406.

První sériově vyráběné kusy MS.406-C1 vznikly až na konci roku 1938 v produkci koncernu SNCAO s centrem v Nantes-Bouguenais. Výroba běžela celkem rychle také v mateřském závodě Morane-Saulnier, která svůj první sériový stroj číslo 971 zalétala 29. ledna 1939. K 1. září 1939 měla francouzská armáda 572 kusů tohoto typu letadla. Vzhledem k nedostatku motorů Hispano Suiza HS 12Ycrs francouzské výroby byly odebírány i licenční motory vyráběné ve Švýcarsku a v Československu (Avia). Ώ] U letadla se v průběhu služby začaly projevovat některé nedostatky, zejména malá zásoba střeliva a problémy s chlazením motoru. Bylo proto přistoupeno k jejich modernizaci, stroje dostaly název MS.410. Prototyp přebudovaný z MS.406 číslo 1028 vzlétl v lednu 1940 s novým křídlem a výsuvným chladičem. Do kapitulace Francie však vzniklo pouze pět letounů v kompletní konfiguraci MS.410.

Francouzské ministerstvo letectví zadalo v již v roce 1937 podnikům znárodněného leteckého průmyslu a soukromým firmám zakázky na výkonnější typ letounu, než zastarávající MS.406. Propozice se opíraly o použití nové kapalinou chlazené pohonné jednotky do V Hispano-Suiza HS-12Y-51, výškové verze s výkonem 808 kW. Soutěž vyhrál MS.450, který byl postaven v počtu tří prototypů ve vývojovém středisku Morane-Saulnier v Puteaux. Vnitřní konstrukce křídla byla značně zjednodušena, kapoty motoru a sestava krytů chladiče byly aerodynamicky jemnější. Ten již nebyl vysouvatelný, ale tunelový, s průtokem vzduchu regulovaným klapkami na výstupní štěrbině pod motorem. K celkovému zlepšení přispěla také samonosná vodorovná ocasní plocha. První z prototypů byl zalétán 14. dubna 1939 ve Villacoublay. V červnu 1939 byl předán zkušebnímu středisku vojenského letectva CEMA. Prototyp byl vyzbrojen kanónem Hispano Suiza HS 404 ráže 20 mm instalovaným mezi válci motoru a střílejícím dutou hřídelí reduktoru vrtule. V každé vnější části křídla byl u podvozkového závěsu montován jeden kulomet MAC vz. 1934 ráže 7,5 mm.

V roce 1939 došlo k dohodě mezi Švýcarskem a Francií o nákupu licence na výrobu MS.406C-1. Dva dodané vzorové kusy nosily švýcarská evidenční označení 601 a 602, od roku 1940 změněná na J-1 a J-2. Od září 1939 započala švýcarská společnost Eidgenössisches Konstruktions-Werkstätte v Thunu se sériovou výrobou licenčních strojů MS.406H označených D-3800. Zanedlouho se k výrobě připojily také společnosti EFW, SWS Schlieren, Doflug Altenrhei a Saurer z Arbonu. Francouzskému vzoru odpovídající D-3800 vznikly ve dvou sériích. Produkce nulté série čítala 8 letounů (J-3 až J-10), hlavní pak 74 kusy (J-11 až J-84). Produkce běžela do srpna 1940, dva kusy byly zkompletovány z dílů v roce 1942. Motory HS 12Y-31 o výkonu 641 kW dodávala firma Adolph Saurer AG.

V říjnu roku 1940 vzlétl ve Švýcarsku prototyp D-3801 s výkonnějším motorem HS 12Y-51 o výkonu 790 kW, pozměněnými výfuky a pevným nevysunovatelným chladičem pod přídí. Sériová výroba 207 letounů započala na přelomu let 1940-1941 u společností Eidgenössisches Flugzeugwerke, Dornier-Werke AG (Doflug) a SWS a skončila dodávkou posledních 17 kusů, sestavených z náhradních dílů v období 1947-48 (J-91 až J-297). D-3800 byly v roce 1943 modernizovány na standard D-3801. Poslední D-3801 dolétal ve Švýcarsku až v květnu roku 1959. Dne 29. září 1944 poprvé vzlétl první prototyp D-3802 (J-401), vycházející z francouzské dokumentace typu MS.450, který vývojem dospěl až k variantě MS.540. Pohon zajišťoval kapalinou chlazený vidlicový reduktorový dvanáctiválec Saurer YS-2 o maximálním vzletovém výkonu 928 kW, roztáčející čtyřlistou, automaticky stavitelnou kovovou vrtuli Escher-Wyss EW-V8. Hlavňovou výzbroj tvořil 20 mm kanón FFK/Hispano HS-404, uložený mezi bloky válců motoru a střílející dutou hřídelí vrtule. Dva kulomety FFK ráže 7,65 mm byly uloženy v každé polovině křídla. 21. září 1945 pak následoval D-3802A (J-403) představující sériovou variantu. Původní stokusová zakázka však byla zredukovaná na 12 strojů nulté série, včetně prototypu J-403. Druhý vyrobený D-3802A (J-404) byl ještě v roce 1945 modifikován do jediného prototypu D-3803 se zkrácenými konci křídel a celokanónovou výzbrojí. Stroj poháněl motor Saurer YS-3 s novým kompresorem o vzletovém maximálním výkonu 1066 kW a zalétán byl 18. května 1946. Série Doflug D-3082A i s oběma prototypy D-3802 a D-3803 byly zařazeny do jednotky Fliegerstaffel 17, kde je v létě roku 1956 nahradily stroje de Havilland Vampire FB Mk.6.


  • Fi 156 - prototypes with Versuchs numbers. The V1 first prototype flew in the spring of 1936. It was powered by an air-cooled 180 kW (240 hp) inverted-vee Argus As 10C V8 engine, which gave the plane a top speed of only 175 km/h (109 mph), enabling the Storch to fly as slow as 50 km/h (32 mph), take off into a light wind in less than 45 m (150 ft), and land in 18 m (60 ft). It was followed up by the second V2 prototype and third V3 prototypes, the ski-equipped V4, plus one V5
  • Fi 156A-0 - ten pre-production aircraft.
  • Fi156A-1 - first production models for service, ordered into production by the Luftwaffe with an order for 16 planes, the first production aircraft entered service in mid-1937.
  • Fi156B - Allowed for the retraction of the leading edge slats and had a number of minor aerodynamic cleanups, boosting the speed to 208 km/h (130 mph). The Luftwaffe didn't consider such a small difference to be important
  • Fi 156C - Essentially a "flexible" version of the A model. A small run of C-0s were followed by the C-1 three-seater liaison version, and the C-2 two-seat observation type (which had a rear-mounted MG 15 machine gun for defense). Both models entered service in 1939. In 1941, both were replaced by the "universal cockpit" C-3, suited to any role. Last of the Cs was the C-5, a C-3 with a belly hardpoint a camera pod or drop tank. Some were fitted with skis, rather than wheels, for operation on snow. Other versions of the Fi 156 were the C-3/Trop, which was a tropicalised version of the Fi 156C-5.
  • Fi 156D - which was an air ambulance version of the Fi 156C. The first two Fi 156D models were the D-0 pre-production aircraft, and the D-1 production aircraft, powered by an Argus AsP engine.
  • Fi 156E - Ten pre-production aircraft were fitted with tracked landing gear
  • Fi 256 - A five seat civil version two were built at the Morane-Saulnier factory at Puteaux in France.
  • Morane-Saulnier MS-500 Criquet - French production post WWII with 240 hp French built Argus engine
  • Morane-Saulnier MS-501 Criquet - with a 233 hp Renault 6Q
  • Morane-Saulnier MS-502 Criquet - MS-500 with the Argus engine replaced by a 230 hp Salmson 9ab radial engine.
  • Morane-Saulnier MS-504 Criquet - with a 304 hp Jacobs R-755-A2.
  • Morane-Saulnier MS-505 Criquet - MS-500 with the Argus engine replaced by a 304 hp Jacobs R-755-A2 radial engine.
  • Morane-Saulnier MS-506 Criquet - with a 235 hp Lycoming engine.
  • Mráz K-65 Čáp - production in Czechoslovakia after WWII.
  • Antonov OKA-38 - An unlicenced copy of the Fi 156, powered by a copy of a Renault MV-6 engine, was starting production as the factory was overrun by German forces in 1941

Morane-Saulnier M.S.435 P.2 - History

Constructions Aéronautiques Émile Dewoitine was a French aircraft manufacturer established by Émile Dewoitine at Toulouse in October 1920.
The company was liquidated in January 1927, with the only remaining active programme (the D.27) being transferred to EKW in Switzerland.
The company was re-established in Paris in March the following year as Société Aéronautique Française (Avions Dewoitine) or SAF. After briefly continuing D.27 production, the reconstituted firm produced a range of fighters that became a mainstay of the French airforce during the 1930s, the D.500 family.
The firm was nationalised in March 1937 into the short-lived SNCA du Midi or SNCAM, and produced the D.520 as France's best-performing fighter at the outbreak of war, albeit in too small numbers to pose any serious opposition to the Luftwaffe in the Battle of France.
The final end of Dewoitine as a recognisable entity was its absorption into SNCASE in December 1940.

The Hanriot HD.1 was a French World War I single seat fighter. Rejected for service with French squadrons in favour of the SPAD S.7,[1] the type was supplied to the Belgians and the Italians with whom it proved highly successful. 831 of a total production of about 1200 were in fact produced by Italian companies under licence.
On the power of its 110 hp Le Rhone rotary it was not outstandingly fast, but it was very manoeverable and proved popular with pilots as a safe and pleasant aircraft to fly.
The type was also produced by the Nieuport-Macchi company of Varese, Italy, which built almost 900 HD.1s between 1917 and 1919, more than the parent firm. [Wikipedia]

Fieseler Fi-156C-3 Storch, A-100

SO 1221S Djinn, 23, equipped for ambulance & rescue services

Nord 1203 Norecrin, HB-HOI

Beech G18S "Twin Beech" HB-GAC c/n 8434.
(For existing 'Twin Beeches' in Europe, see census at OldProps)

Bob Parmerter, aviation historian with specialty interest in the Beech 18, has serious doubts about the identity as given above he wrote me the following:
"In reviewing the history of HB-GAC at the Swiss Transportation Museum
I found several incorrect c/n's quoted. Your picture in the page for 'Dubendorf Air Force Center museum' quotes it as a G18S c/n 8434 (as does Old Props) while several other references note it as c/n 8343. I believe that neither is correct.
> C/n 8434 became N8039H and was for many years was at Duffy Aircraft> Parts in Denver.
> C/n 8343 went to the Italian AF in 1949 as MM61644 & displayed at> Ditellandia Aqua Park in '97.

I believe that it is C18S c/n 8362:

This Beech C-45F has the following previous identities & history: USAAF 44-87103 Compl 10Apr45 & delivered to New York. Crated &> departed 09Jun45 for AAF in Karachi.
On the 30Apr47 USAAF in Europe census (probably stored). To Foreign Liquidation Commission (FLC), to Aland Braithwaite, Hotel Plaza-Athenee, Paris on 15Jul48 registered as NC79848.
Modified to C18S, with a Beech civil conversion kit, on 06Aug48 by Airwork General Trading Co. Ltd., Heston, UK. Completely overhauled by them on 19Aug49. Rene S. McCall, Charlotte, NC on 19Mar51 as N79848 for $15,000.
Bought by Swedish national 17May51, it was cancelled by CAA on 18May51 as exported to Sweden. Reg’d SE-BTS 29Jun51 to AB Kvallstidningen Expressen, Stockholm for newspaper distribution & executive flights. Registration canx 29Jan52.
Swiss Air Force as B-8 ‘52 to ‘57. Swiss Federal Air Office for National Topography as HB-GAC May57 and jointly operated with the Swiss Air Force.
Sold as scrap to Berner AG, St. Gall in 1969 for use in a playground (didn’t happen).
Sold in Jul72 to Honcoop Trading Co, Veen, Holland who sold it to O. Trottman, Zurich. Was rebuilt in 1972 and based in Berne in ‘74.
Donated to the the Swiss Transportation Museum in ‘80. Still there in 2010.

Source(s): FAA file for NC79848, AAF aircraft record card and several other sources.
I'm not sure what the Museum quotes for a c/n but can't seem to find a contact for the Museum. "

Taigh Ramey wrote in response 21Mar2011:
"I just visited the museum and the Beech in Dubendorf, Switzerland yesterday! I was told that this Beech has significant history in Swiss Aviation, as the photos taken from it were instrumental in the aerial mapping of the Alps.
It is a great looking stock 'C'-model Beech and is complete with 2D30 counterweight non feathering props, spinners and even desert air filters.
The airframe has interesting modifications, including a large camera and view port mounted in the aft cabin that shoots straight downward.
There is a set of windows in the belly just aft of the pitot tubes that look like the pilot and copilot can sight through. They must have corresponding ports in the cockpit floorboards. I can even see the fuel lines through these windows.
The right side escape hatch looks to have been converted to a full window. There is a rectangular opening in the main cabin door presumably for oblique shots similar to the SNB-5P/RC-45J."

De Havilland DH.112 Venom FB.4, J-1753

The de Havilland DH.112 Venom was a British postwar single-engined jet aircraft developed from the de Havilland Vampire.[2] It served with the Royal Air Force as a single-seat fighter-bomber and two-seat night fighter.
The Venom was an interim between the first generation of British jet fighters – straight-wing aircraft powered by centrifugal flow engines such as the Gloster Meteor and the Vampire – and later swept wing, axial flow-engined designs such as the Hawker Hunter and de Havilland Sea Vixen. [Wikipedia]

Flug- und Fahrzeugwerke (FFA) P.16 Mk.III (Prototype), X-HB-VAD

EFE N-20 (Prototype, STOL capabilities) 'Aiguillon'

I was pleasantly surprised to see Ju.52/3mg3e HB-HOP, of Ju-Air, arrive from a scenic flight!
It made 2 more flights (at least) that beautiful sunny day and I was allowed on the ramp to photograph its second arrival (all I had time for on this occasion).

The Junkers Ju 52 (nicknamed 'Tante Ju' - 'Auntie Ju' - and 'Iron Annie') was a German transport aircraft manufactured from 1932 to 1945. It saw both civilian and military service during the 1930s and 1940s.
In a civilian role, it flew with over 12 air carriers including Swissair and Lufthansa as an airliner and freight hauler.
In a military role, it flew with the Luftwaffe as a troop and cargo transport and briefly as a medium bomber.
The Ju 52 continued in postwar service with military and civilian air fleets well into the 1980s. [Wikipedia]

HB-HOP taxies past while in the background sit CASA 352L HB-HOY (top right) and Junkers 52 3mg/3e HB-HOS
HB-HOY is due for retirement in 2012, so it seems they cannot be made to fly indefinitely: let us enjoy while we can!
Alas, a (temporary?) ban was put on JU-Airs'Ju-52 flying in 2019: JU-Air suspends Ju-52 ops through 2021
This has to do with the Ju-52 crash on 04Aug18, when a Junkers Ju 52 passenger aircraft operated by Ju-Air
crashed near Piz Segnas, Switzerland, while en route from Locarno to Dübendorf. All on board were killed.
It was the first fatal crash of a Ju-Air aircraft since the company began operations in 1982 [Wikipedia]

Morane-Saulnier M.S.406

Die Morane-Saulnier M.S.406 was 'n Franse monovlerk, enkelsitplek vegvliegtuig was deur die Franse Lugmag gebruik is tydens die Tweede Wêreldoorlog. Die vliegtuig was ontwikkel na aanleiding van 'n versoek deur die Franse Lugvaart Kantoor. Die prototipe het sy nooiensvlug op 8 Augustus 1935 voltooi.

Die vliegtuig was gebou met laaghout en bedek met plaat metaal. Die romp tussen die stert en kajuit was bedek met materiaal. Alhoewel die vliegtuig oor 'n intrekbare onderstel beskik het, het dit nie oor 'n stertwiel beskik nie maar 'n gly ski later is dit verander.

Die ontwerp was deeglik getoets met die voorproduksie M.S.405 series vliegtuie. In Maart 1938 het Morane-Saulnier 'n bestelling van 1000 vliegtuie vir die M.S.406C-1 model ontvang. Die eerste M.S.406C-1 het in Januarie 1939 gevlieg.

Bestellings is daarna ontvang vanaf China, Finland, Turkye, Lithuania, Pole en Joego-Slawië. Switserland het ook twee vroeë modelle gekoop wat hulle later onder lisensie vervaardig het.

Surplus Model KITS

Aero C-3A 72 KP KKK-43 @ 15
Aero 145 Czech ltpln 72 Amodel KKB-23
Aero 45 1/50 VEB Plasti KKE-26 @ 20
Aero C,104 (Bucker Bu-131) 72 MPM KK-3
Aero Commander 680 Comet KNH-5
Aer Com Jet Commander 72 KKK-39
Aerma MB-326 72 – Supermodel KKK-17 @ 15
Aerma MB-325K 72 Supermodel KKK-23 @ 15
Aerospatiale-Westland SA330 Puma 32 Matchbox KLK-4
Aichi B7A2 Grace folding wing 48 Has KC-2
Aichi B7A2 Grace wings out 48 Has KC-3
Aichi B7A1 Grace 72 Fujimi KLB-2
Aichi D3A Val Has KC-8A _________
Aichi D3A Val – Tamiya KKC-14
Airbus A300B 144 Airfix KKA-3
Airbus A340 Revell MiniKit ____
Airco DH-2 48 Eduard Profipack KKC-14
Airco (DeHavilland) DH-4 72 Airfix KKB-16 @ 9
Airco (DeHavil) DH-4 72 Airfix KKB-16 @ 9
Airport Administration Building – Plasticville, USA KKK-42
Airspeed Oxford 72 Tasman KKK-21 @ 15
Albatros C.III 48 K&B (Aurora) KKE-12
Alb D.III 48 Glencoe KKK-16 @ 15
Albatros D.III 72 Revell KNB-5 @7
Albatros D.3 48 Aurora KKK-30
Albatros D.V 72 Renwal Aero-Skin KKE-11
Albatros D.V 48 _____ KKK-35 _____
Albatros D.V 48 Eduard KKK-15
Allison Prop-Jet engine kit _____ motorized – Revell KKH-41

Amiot 143 – 72 Heller KKK-9 @ 10
Anatra Anasal DS 72 BAG RedStar KKK-32
Ansaldo SVA5 50 SMER KK-3
Antoinette 1908 monoplane 48 Brifaut KKK-8
Antoinette 1908 monoplane 72 Entex KKK-17 @ 7
Antonov An-2 “Colt” 72 KKB-7 ______
Ant An-2W floatplane 48 Hobby Boss ZZZ @ 40
Ant An-10A ____ Soviet mfd kit KKK-5
Ant An-12 airliner 1/100 VEB Plasti KKE-26 @ 20
Ant An-12 military transport 1/100 VEB Plasti KKE-26
Ant An-14 72 Master Modell KKK-44 @ 10
Ant An-124 “Ruslan” 144 Revell KKK-46
Apollo Lunar Module 72 – Airfix KKB-16
Arado Ar-65 72 RS Models KKK-23 @ 10
Ara Ar-68 72 Huma KC- 17 _____
Arado Ar-234 48 Hobby Craft KKK-29 @ 20
Arado Ar-234B-2 bomber 48 Has KC-5
Arado Ar-234C w V-1 Huckepack 72 DML KB-24
Arado Ar-234C w Ar-E381 Julia 72 DML KB-24
Arado Ar-234V-2N night fighter 48 Hasegawa KKC-19
Arado E-377A guided by Heinkel 162A 72 DML KB-15
Area S4 UFO Revealed 48 Testors KKK-47
Armstrong Whitoworth Albemarle 72 Valom KKE-25
Armstrong Whitoworth Siskin IIIA 72 Matchbox KKK-45 @6
Armstrog Whitworth Whitley V – . KB – 14
Armstrong Whitworth Whitley V 72 Fly
Arsenal VG-33/39 72 Azur KKB-18
A-Star AS-350 Ecueil 48 –Heller KKK-9 @10
A-Wing Fighter Return of the Jedi 72 MPC SNAP KK-3
AT-3 Tsu-Chang trainer 72 Lo Model KKK – 5
Avia B-158 – RESIN RS KB-13 @ 15
Avia B-534 IV serie 48 – Eduard KKC-16
Aviatik (Berg) D.I – Toko KB-19
Avia (Berg) D.I – Toko KB-19 @ 9
Avro 504K 50 SMER KK-3 @ 10
Avro 504K 48 SMER KK-3
Avro 504K 72 Airfix KL-1 @ 8
Avro 504K 72 Airfix KL -1
Avro Anson I 72 – Airfix KKB-16
Avro Canada CF-105 Arrow ____ – Aurora KKE-12
Avro Lancaster B.1 72 – Airfix KKE-23
Avro Lancaster Grand Slam Special 72 – Airfix KKE-23
Avro Lancaster Dambuster 72 Revell KKE-7
Avro Lancaster Dambuster 48 Tamiya KNC-3
Avro Shackelton 72 Modelcraft KKK-44
Avro Triplane 48 Life-Like KKK-25
Avro Vulcan ____ – Lindberg KKE-18

Baade 152 ____ – VEB Plastikart KKK-25
Bachem Ba-349 Natter with Launch Tower 48 – Dragon
BAe Harruer GR,3 72 Hasegawa KNB-5
BAE Hawk Mk.100 72 Italeri KKB-11
BAe Hawk Red Arrow 72 Fujimi KLB-2 @ 10
BAE Hawk 200 72 Matchbox KKK-45
Bae Nimrod 72 Airfix KNH-2
Bae Sea Harrier 72 Matchbox KKB-6 #7
BAe Sea Harrier FRS1 72 Airfix KG-3
BAe Sea Harrier 48 – Tamiya KKC-18
BATPLANE fiction 48 – Aurora KKE-12
BATWING fiction ___ Revell KKE- K______
Beech Bonanza 48 Entex KC-6
Beech Bonanza 48 Lindberg KC-70
Beechcraft D17 Staggerwing metal kit – Spec Cast KKC-17
Beech Super 18 Comet KNH-5
Beech AT-11 72 PM Model KKK-23
Beech C-45 72 Pioneer 2 KKK-23
Beech T-34 Mentor 72 Has KK-1
Beech T-34C Turbo Mentor 72 Sky-High KKB-14
Beech T-34C Turbo Mentor 72 Sword KG-1 @ 8
BAe Sea Harrier 72 Has KB-1
Bell XFL-1 Airbonita 72 Planet KKK-23
Bell XFM-1 Airacuda 72 RAREplane KKK-17 @ 9

Bell YFM-1A Aircuda 72 Valom KKB-24
Bell 206B Jet Ranger 48 Fujimi KKC-15
Bell Jet Ranger 48 Testors KL-1
Bell Cobra II (P-39 racer) 1/45.6 Revell KKE-15
Bell Huey Police Helicopter 1/32 Revell KKE-3
Bell Huey Cobra (AH-1) 1/32 Revell KKE-3
Bell AH-1G 1/72 – Matchbox KKK-18 @ 7
Bell AH-1Z “Viper”– KittyHawk KKC-17
Bell AH-58D Warrior 72 – Italaeri KKK-29
Bell H-13H M.A.S.H. 1/35 Revell KKE-4
Bell XFL-1 Airbonita 72 Planet KKK-23
Bell XFM-1 Airacuda 72 RAREplane KKK-17 #7
Bell OH-13D 48 – Italeri KKB-15
Bell OH-13/AB-47 48 Italeri KKK-34 @ 10
Bell OH-58D 72 Matchbox KB-23
Bell P-39 – Revell orignal KKK-3
Bell P-39 144 AHM KKK-42
Bell P-39 144 AHM KKK-42
Bell P-39 Air Racer 84 _____ Revell KKB-4
Bell P-39 72 Revell KKB-17
Bell P-39Q 144 AHM KA-1
Bell P-39 _______ Revell Whip Fly
Bell P-39L 48 Mono KC-12
Bell P-39Q 48 ProMod KC-4

Bell P-39Q/M 72 Academy KNB-5
Bell P-39Q 144 Revell KKK-1 VERIFY THIS
Bell P-59 48 Hobby Craft KKC – 10
Bell P-59 Airacomet 72 Amodel KKB-23
Bell P-63 Kingcobra 72 Aoshima KKB-18
Bell P-63 Kingcobra 48 MPM
Bell P-63 144 Crown KKK-42
Bell P-63 144 Crown KKK-42
Bell XP-77 48 Czech Model KLC-2
Bell UH-1D – Has KB-3 ____
Bell fire department UH-1D 48 ESCI/Sclecraft @ 10
Bell UH-1 Iroquois 48 Mono KE-1
Bell UH-1D 48 Mono KL-1
Bell Supersonic Rocket (X-1B) 48 – Strombecker KKE-16
Bell X-1 48 – Eduard KKK – 15
Bell X-1B _____ Strombecker KKE-16
Bell X-5 72 Mach 2 KKB-15
Bell X-5 1/40 Revell KKE-13
Bell X-14 72 MAI KKB-18
Bell XV-3 ______ Has KNB-4
Bell XV-15 72 RESIN – mfr unk KKE-25
Bell-Boeing PV-22A Osprey 72 ESCI KKB-11

Bendix Talos guimissle _____ Revell KKK-3
Beta-1 Atomic Powered Bomber ______ Hawk KKE-17
Blackburn Shark 72 Frog KKE-11 @ 8
Bleriot XI 1909 48 Brifaut KKK-8

Bloch, Marcel M.B.-155 Classic Airframes KKC-3 @ 15
Blohm & Voss Bv-141 72 Airfix KNB-5
Blo & Vos Bv-155 72 AKT Model KKK-23
Blo & Vos BV-155 72 Pegasus KKB-23 @ 18
Blue Thunder helicopter 32 Monogram KKK-45 @ 40
Blue Thunder helicopter 32 Monogram KKK-45
Boeing 247 72 Wms Bros KB-8
Boeing 314 Clipper 144 KKA-2
Boei 2707 SST 1/600 Entex Pocket Pak KKK-1
Boe 707 British Aw 144 Airfix KKA-2
Boeing 707-420 British Airways 144 Minicraft KA-1
Boe 707 American AL ______ Lindberg KKE-15
Boe 707 Lufthansa _____ Lindberg KKE-15
Boe 707 (prototype) Stratotanker Comet KNH-5
Boe 727 Lufthansa 144 KKE-1
Boe 727-200 Pan Am 144 KKA-2
Boe 727 Stretch American Al 144 KKA-2
Boe 737 Lufthansa 144 Airfix KKK-17
Boe 737-400 144 Minicraft KG-3
Boe 747 Shuttle carrier & Rockwell Sp Shuttle 144 Revell KKK-1
Boe 757-200 TWA 144 Minicraft KA-1
Boe 767 LTU al – Revell MiniKit KKK-42
Boe SST Mono ____ @ KE-1 _____
Boe B-17B 72 Academy KLB-3
Boe B-17C 72 Academy Minicraft KLK-3
Boe B-17F nose art kit Has 72 KNB-4
Boe B-17F “Lady Luck” 72 Revell KB-26
Boe B-17F 72 Has KB-16
Boe B-17G 72 Matchbox KKB-6
Boe B-17G 72 Academy Minicraft KLK-3
Boe B-17G 72 Has KB-16
Boe B-17G 72 Has KB-16
Boe B-17G 72 Has KNB-4
Boe B-17G 72 Has KNB-4
Boe B-17G _______ Lindberg KNH-6
Boe SB-17 72 Academy KLB – 3
Boe B-29 72 Academy KNB-3
Boe B-29 _____ – Hobby-Time KK-2
Boe B-29 Enola Gay 72 Academy KNB-3
Boe B-29 “Air Power” 1/103 Revell KKE-3
Boe KB-29P tanker 72 Academy KNB-3 @ 30
Boe KB-29P tanker 72 Academy KKK-37
Boe B-47 “Air Power” 1/113.6 Revell KKE-3
Boe B-50 72 Academy KKK-37
Boe B-52 w X-15 1/174 Revell KKE-1
Boe B-52H 144 Academy _____
Boe E-3A Sentry AWACS 144 Minicraft KA-1
Boe F4B-4 72 Mono KB-4 @ 9
Boe F4B-4 72 Mono KB-6 @ 9
Boe F4B-4 72 Mono KG-3
Boe F4B-4 48 Classic Airframes KKK-27 @ 20
Boe F4B-4 48 K&B KKK-11
Boe F4B-4 48 Fuji KKK-39
Boe F4B-4 48 Entex KKC-18
Boe XF8B-1 72 Valom KKB-24
Boe IM-99 BOMARC 48 Aurora KKE-12
Boe P-12E 32 Has KKK-10
Boe P-12E 48 Classic Airframes _____ @ 2O
Boe P-26A 48 Hobby Craft KKC-4
Boe P-26A 72 Revell KKE-9
Boe P-26A 48 K&B (Aurora) KKE-12
Boe VC-25A Air Force One 1/300 Zhdengdefu KG-2 @ 9
Boulton Paul Defiant 48 Airfix KC-7
Breguet 14 48 K&B (Aurora) KKE-12
Breitling Orbiter 144 Heller KLK-3
Brewster Buffalo 72 Matchbox KKK-18 @ 6
Brew F2A Buffalo 48 Tamiya KC-9
Bristol 138A 72 Frog KKE-11
Bris Beaufighter Mk.21 72 Frog KKE-11 @ 11
Bris Beaufighter Mk. X 72 Matchbox KKB-6 @ 11
Bris Beaufort 72 Frog KKE-11
Bris F.2B Fighter 48 Roden KKK-28
Bris F.2B Fighter 48 Aurora KKK-30
Bris F.2B (Brisfit) 72 Airfix KL-1
Bris Beaufighter 72 Frog KKE-11
Bris Beaufort 72 Frog KKE-11
Bris Blenheim IF 72 Frog KB-17
Bris Blenheim Mk.I/IF 72 Cooperativa KKK-23
Bris Blenheim IF 48 Classic Airframes KKC-13
Bris Blenheim IV 72 Airfix KKB-16
Bris Blenheim IV 72 Airfix KKB-16
Bris Boxkite 48 Life-Like KKK-25
Bris Brigand B.Mk.1 72 Valom KKB-24
Bris Britannia 1/96 Frog KKK-21 @ 40
British Ac Corp BAC-111 British Caledonian 144 Airfix KG-3
Britten Norman Defender 72 Airfix KKE-23 @ 10
Brit Norm Islander 72 Airfix KKE-23 @ 10
Bucker Bu-133 Jungmeister 72 Heller KKK-6
Bucker Bu-133 Jungmeister 72 BAG Heller KKK-31
CAC Avon Sabre conversion 48 High Planes KC-15
Campini Caproni 72 Delta 2 KKK-17 @ 15
Campini Caproni 72 Delta 2 KKK-20
Canadair CL-415 72 Heller KNB-5
Canadair Sabre (F-86-10) 72 Hobby Craft KKK-29
C.A.N.T. Z.501 72 Italeri KKK-31
C.A.N.T. Z.506 Airone 72 Supermodel KKB-21
C.A.N.T. Z.506B Arone 72 Supermodel KKB-6
C.A.N.T. 1007B Biderva 72 Matchbox KKB-6
Caproni Ca-313 / Ca-314 72 Italeri KKB-7 @ 14
Captain Scarlet Angel Interceptor 72 Airfix KKB-16
Caudron 714 72 Heller KKK-19
Caudron Renault C.635 Simoun 72 Heller KKB-14 @ 10
Cessna T-50 Bobcat 72 Pavla KKB-18
Cess 150 1/48 Bandai KKK-5
Cess 180 on floats Mono KE-1
Cess 172 Skyhawk 48 Nichimo KKK-8
Cess 172 Skyhawk on floats 72 KB-23
Cess 172 Skyhawk seaplane 48 KKK-8 @ 19
Cess Super Skymaster 48 Hawk KKE-17
Cess 337 Super Skymaster 72 Grip KB-19
Cess 337 Skymaster 72 Aurora KKK-35
Cess A-37B 72 Has KNB-5
|Cess A-37B 72 Academy KKE-10
Cess L-19 O-1 Models USA KKC- 14
Cess O-2A / O2B 48 Hawk KKK-13
Cess A-37B/OA-37B 48 Encore KKK-2
Cess T-37A 48 Strombecker KKE-16
Cess T-37 48 Aurora KKK-30
Cess T-37 USAF Has KB-3
Cess T-37 Asas de Portugal Has KB-5
Chester Swee’ Pea 48 Pegaso KC-11
Chester Swee’ Pea 48 Pegaso KKE-22
Chester Swee’ Pea 48 Lindberg KKK-30
(Chinese) J-7B (MiG-21) Trump KC-5
(Chinese) J-20 Mighty Dragon KKB-5 Trumpeter
Cierva C.30A Autogiro 48 METAL KIT L.D.M. KKK-37
Corben Super Ace 48 Wms Bros KC-11 @ 10
Corben Super Ace 48 Wms Bro KC-1
Consolidated B-24D “Blue Streak” 72 Revell KB-26
Cons B-32 Dominator 72 Aviation USK KKK-47
Cons PBY-5 48 Monogram KNC-3
Cons (PBY) Catalina of Cousteau 72 Revell KB-10
Cons PBY-2 72 Academy KLB-3
Cons PBY-5A misc sc Toho KKC-13
Cons PBY-5A Air-Sea Rescue 144 Minicraft KNH-7
Cons PB4Y-1 72 Revell KB-26
Convair B-58 ____ Comet KKE-6
Convair 880 ____ Aurora KKE-14
Convair B-36 Air Power 1/181 KE-15
Convair B-58 1/93 Revell KNH-5
Convair B-58 ____ Comet KNH-5
Convair C-131 Hawk KKE-5
Convair XF-92A Hawk KKE-5
Convair XF-92 72 Hawk KKK-27
Convair F-102 48 Mono KNG-9
Convair F-102 72 Revell Air Cadet srs – KKE-9
Convair F-102 _____ Revell “S” KKK-3
Convair F-106 Revell 1/72 KKE-4
Convair XFY-1 “Pogo” 48 Aurora KKK-30
Convair XFY-1 “Pogo” 48 Lindberg KKE-18
Convaur XF2T SeaDart 72 Mach 2 KKK-35
Convair R3Y-2 Tradewind 1/166 Revell Brazil KKE-3
Convair Terrier MISSILE _____ Revell KKE – 9
Corben Super Ace 48 WmsBro KC-1
Corben Super Ace 48 Wms Bros KC-11
Culver PQ-14A 72 Pavla KKB-18
Curtiss 1910 Pusher 48 Hillcrest KKK-43
Curtiss Condor 1/81 Glencoe KB-21
Curtiss Condor 1/81 Glencoe KKK – 20
Curtiss Condor on floats – Ideal Model Craft KKK-16
Curtiss Hawk II (F11C) 48 – Classic Airframes KKC-12
Curtiss A-8 Shrike 48 KKK-15
Curtiss A-12 Shrike 72 Beechnut Models ____________
Curtiss AT-9 Jeep 72 Pavla KKB-18
Curtiss BF2C-1 32 Has KKK-1 .
Curtiss JN-4D Jenny 48 Lindberg KKE-18
Curtiss Hawk III China AF 72 MPM KG-1
Curtiss Hawk 75M/N/Q 1/48 Hobby Craft KKC -10
Curtiss Hawk 75M,N, O Special Hobby KKB𔃁
Curtiss BF2C 48 Classic Airframes KKC – 11
Curtiss F9C Sparrowhawk 32 Williams Bros. KKK-35
Curt F11C-2 Monogram KB-9
Curt F11C Goshawk 48 Lindberg KKK-39
Cur XF-87 Black Hawk 72 – Pro Resin KKB-21
Curt H-16 flyboat 72 Roden KLB-2
Curt P-6E 72 Monogram KB-9
Curt P-6E 72 Monogram KB-9
Curt P-36A 72 Monogram KB-9
Curt P-36A 72 Monogram KB-9
Curt P-40B AVG 48 Academy KKK-20
Curt P-40B Tomahawk 72 Frog KKB-16
Curt P-40E Warhawk 48 Otaki KKC-16
Curt Kittyhawk (P-40E) 72 Haseg KNB-2
Curt P-40 Flying Tiger 48 Aurora KKK-35
Curt P-40E 72 Has KB-13
Curt P-40E 72 Has KNB-1
Curt Kittyhawk Australia AF 72 Heller KLB-2
Curt P-40E 72 Revell KKB—17
Curt P-40E 32 Revell KKE-25
Curt P-40E movie 1941 32 Revell KKE-25
Curt P-40E Flying Tiger 72 Revell KB-23
Curt P-40E movie 1941 48 Revell KKE-13
Curt P-40E 48 ProModeler KH – 2
Curt P-40N 72 Matchbox KKB-6
Curt P-40M/N 72 Academy KNB-5
Curt P-40N HO scale UPC ________
Curt SBC-3 Helldiver 48 Aurora KKE-12
Curt SBC-4 Helldiver, Cleveland I 72 Heller KKB-14
Curt SBC-4 Helldiver 72 Matchbox KKK-45
Curt SBC-4 Helldiver 48 Classic AirFrames
Curt SB2C-1 Helldiver Matchbox KKB-6
Curt SB2C-4 48 Academy KKE-10
Curtiss SB2C-4 48 ProModeler KNG-10
Curt SC-1 Seahawk 72 Antares KKC-3
Curt SOC-3 wheels Has KB-3
Curt SOC-3 floats Has KB-13
Curtiss-Wright CW-21 Demon 72 MAI KKB-18
Dassault Etendard 72 Heller KKK-9
Dassault Etendard IV 48 Airfix KKK-42
Dassault Super Etendard 72 Heller KKK-9
Dassault Super Etendard 48 Heller KLC-1
Dassault Falcon 10 Has KC-12
Dassault Meercure jet al 1/100 VEB Plasti KKE-26
Dassault Mirage IVA 72 Heller KKK-9
Dassault Mirage IVA Heller KKC-5
Dassault Mirage 2000B 48 Airfix KLC-1
Dassault Mirage F.1 48 Italeri KKK-7
Dassault MD-450 Ouragan 72 Heller KKB-14
Dassault Rafale M 48 Revell KKK-6
Dassault Super Etendard 48 Airfix KLC-1
Dassault Super Mystere 72 Airfix KKB-16
DeHav 1910 biplane 72 Entex KKK-17
DeHav DH-2 50 Artiplast KK-3
DeHav DH-2 72 Revell KKE-9
DeHav DH-2 72 Revell KL-1
DeHav DH-2 72 Revell KKK-31
DeHav DH-4 48 AMT KNC-2
DeHav DH-4 72 Airfix KL-1
DeHav Comet airliner 1/100 VEB Plas KKK-2
DeHav Comet IV airliner _____ Hawk KKE-17
DeHav Comet racer 72 Frog KB-6
DeHav DH-4 48 Aurora KKK-11
DeHav DH-89 Dragon Rapide 72 Heller KKK-9
DeHav Gipsy Moth Frog KB-17
Dehav Gipsy Moth 72 early Frog KKE-11
DeHav Gipsy Moth 72 Frog KKE-11
DeHav Heron 72 Airfix KKB-16
DeHav DH-103 Hornet F.Mk.1 72 Special Hobby KKB-23
DeHav Hornet 48 Classic Airframes KKC-12
DeHav Sea Hornet F.Mk.20 PR Mk.22 72 Special Hobby KKB-23
DeHav Mosquito NF Mk.XIII / Mk. XVII 48 Tamiya KKK-27
DeHav Mosquito NtFtr 72 MatchBox KKK-1
DeHav Mosquito 48 Mono KC-2
DeHav Mosquito 48 Mono KC-11
DeHav Mosquito Australia 72 Has KB-7
DeHav Mosquito & Messer Me-262 Dogfight Double 72 Airfix KKK-25
DeHav Sea Vixen 48 Airfix KNC-3
DeHav Tiger Moth 48 Artiplast KNC-2
DeHav Canada D.H.20 Beaver ____ – Frog KKK-5
DeHav Canada Beaver floatplane 48 Hobby Craft KKK-29
DeHav Canada Beaver 72 Airfix KKB-16
DeHav Canada Chipmunk 72 BAG Airfix KKK-31
DeHav Canada Dash 8 400 72 Hobby Craft KLB – 3
DeHav Canada Otter on wheels 72 Hobby Craft __________
DeHav Canada Otter on wheels 72 Hobby Craft KB-23
DeHav Canada Otter on floats 48 Hobby Craft KNC – 3
DeHav Canada U-1 Otter on floats 72 Hobby Craf KB-23
DeHav Canada Otter on wheels 48 Hobby Craft KKK-4
Dehav Canada Twin Otter 1/72 Matchbox KKK-18
DeHav Canada Twin Otter 144 Sasquatch KL-1
Dewoitine D.520 72 Heller KB-23
Dewoitine D.520 48 Tamiya KKK-40
D.F.S.-346 72 Huma KKB-2
Dornier D.I 72 Meikraft KKE-11
Dornier Do-X 144 Otaki KKA-3
Dornier Do-28 Skyservant 72 Matchbox KKK-45
Dornier Do-217K-1 72 KKK-34
Dornier Do-217K-1 72 KKK-34
Dornier Do-217N-1 night fighter ____ KKK-34
Dornier Do-335 48 ProModeler KH-2
Dornier Do-335B-6 72 DML KB-24
Douglas DC-2 72 MPC KKK-47
Douglas DC-3 Eastern 72 Italeri/Testors KB-20
Douglas DC-3 Eastern Al Italeri/Testors KB-20
Douglas DC-3 Eastern Al 48 Monogram KLK-4
Douglas DC-3 Dakota Swiss Air Lines Italeri KKB-7
Douglas DC-4 American Al 1/144 Minicraft KG-3

Douglas DC-6B 72 Securite Civil (fire bomber) Heller KLB-1
Douglas DC-6B Pan American 1/144 Minicraft KG-3
Douglas DC-7C Swissair Revell KKE-3
Douglas DC-7C Swissair _____ Revell KA-1
Douglas DC-7C 1/96 Frog ____
Douglas DC-7 American Al ___ Revell KKE-9
Douglas DC-7C Swissair ____ Revell KKE-13
Douglas DC-8 United AL ____ – Revell KKE-9
Douglas DC-8 1/150 – Aero8 KKA-2
Douglas DC-9-30 KLM 144 – KKA-2
Douglas DC-9 demmonstrator ____ – KKE – 9
Douglas DC-9 KLM 1/144 – Airfix KKK – 17
Douglas DC-9 Bonanza AL 1/120 – KKE-E
Douglas DC-10 AeroMexico 1/144 – Revell Lodela KKK-1
Douglas World Cruiser 72 Williams Bros. KKE-2
Douglas World Cruiser 72 Williams Bros KKK-30
Douglas World Cruiser 72 Williams Bros KKK-30
Douglas AC-47 72 ESCI KB-12
Douglas AD-6/A-1 48 Mono KC-11
Douglas A-1H battle damaged 1/72 IMC KKK-18
Douglas A3D-2 Skywarrior 48 Trumpeter KLK-3
Douglas A-4D Skyhawk ______– Revell original KKK-3
Douglas A-4B 72 Fujimi KB-7
Douglas A-4B 72 Fujimi KLB-1
Douglas A-4E 72 Italeri KKK-31
Douglas TA-4F/J 72 Fujimi KLB-2
Douglas A-4E battle damaged 72 IMC KKK-18
Douglas A-20G 72 Matchbox KKB-6
Douglas A-24 72 Hawk KKE-5
Douglas A-26B 48 Revell KKB-4
Douglas B-66 ___ Frog KKK – 5
Douglas EB-66E 72 Italeri KKB-17
Douglas C-47 72 Airfix KKB-21
Douglas C-54 Thunderbirds Support 144 Minicraft KG-3
Douglas C-118 72 Heller KLB-1
Douglas C-118 72 Heller KLB-1
Douglas D.558I Skystreak 72 – Mach 2 KKB-15
Douglas D.558-II Skyrocket ____ – Allyn KKK-43
Douglas F4D-1 72 Hawk KKE-5
Douglas F4D-1 Skyray 48 Lindberg KKE-22
Douglas F4D-1 72 Tamiya KKK-38
Douglas F4D-1 Skyray 48 Tamiya KKC-15
Douglas F4D-1 48 Tamiya KKK-36
Douglas R4D “US Navy DC-3” Mono KG-1
Douglas KA-3B 72 Has KB-4
Douglas P-70 72 Rev KB-3
Douglas R4D-5 Operation High Jump 144 Minicraft KA-1
Douglas R5D-5 Blue Angels Support 144 Minicraft KA-1
Douglas SBD-5 Dauntless 32 Matchbox KLK-4
Douglas TBD-1 Devastator 48 Monogram KKC-19
Douglas Nike-Hercules MISSLE _____ – KKE-9
Duperdussin 1910 racer 48 – Inpact KK-2
E.E. Canberra P.R.7 72 Frog KKK-21
E.E. Canberra B.8 B.12 72 Frog KKE-11
E,E. Canberra B.8 144 WIMCO KKK-25
E.E. Electra small scale Lincoln International – KKK-5
E.E. Lightning 72 Has KB-1
E.E. Lightning 72 Has KB-13
E.E. Lightning 72 Airfix KKB-16
E.E. Lightning 72 Matchbox KK-1
E.E. Lightning F.2A 72 Has KB-14
E.E. P.1 Interceptor 72 Frog KKK-21
Ercoupe 48 Lindberg KC-7
Eurocopter HH-65A Dauphin 48 Trumpeter KNC-2
Eurofighter 2000 72 Revell KNB-1
Eurofighter Typhoon 72 Revell KB-7
Eurofighter Typhoon 72 Revell KNB-5
Eurofighter Typhoon 48 Italeri KKK-25
F-19 Stealth Fighter fiction 72 Testors / Italeri KKK-29
Fairchild F-27 ____ Revell KE-1
Fairchild F-27 ____ Revell KKE-9
Fairchild A-10 “Jaws” 48 Italeri KKK-46
Fairchild A-10A 48 Italeri KNG-8
Faurchild A-10 48 Monogram KNG-9
Fairchild A-10 & Action Scene 48 AMT/ERTL KLK-4
Fairchild C-119 ____ Frog KB-17
Fairey Barracuda 72 Airlines KKK-21
Fairey Barracuda 48 Special Hobby KLC-1
Fairey Delta 72 Novo KB-17
Fairey F.D.2 (Delta) 72 Frog KKK-21
Fairey Firefly Mk.I 48 Grand Phoenix KKK-22
Fairey Firefly Korean War 48 Special Hobby KKK-4
Fairey Rotodyne 72 Revell KKE-1
Fairey Rotodyne 72 Revell KKE-23
Fairey Swordfish 48 Tamiya KKK-27
Fairey Swordfish 72 Airfix KKE-24
Felixstowe F.2A 72 Roden KKK-2
Fiat CR-32 ____ Artiplast KKK-17
Fiat CR-42 72 Revell KKB-11
Fiat CR. 32 72 Supermodel KKK-23
Fiat G55S torpedo fighter 72 Supermodel
Fieseler Fi-156 Storch 72 Heller KKK-19
Fieseler V-1 Buzz Bomb 72 SMDC KNB-5
Fieseler V-1 Buzz Bomb 72 BAG SMDC KKK-31
Fighter Group 5 small ac ____ Mono KG-1
Fisher XP-75 Eagle 72 Valom KKB-24
Flettner Fl-282 heli 72 BAG Huma KKK-32
Focke-Achgelis Fa-223 “Drache” 72 Huma KKB-2
Focke-Wulf Fw-56 Stosser 72 SMER KKE-11
Focke Wulf Fw-189A night fighter 72 MPM KKK-47
Focke Wulf Fw-190 48 Aurora KC-7
Focke Wulf Fw-190 72 Frog KB-17
Focke-Wulf Fw-190D-9 “Fall of the Reich” 72 Haseg KNB-2
Focke-Wulf Fw-190D-11 48 Monogram ProModeler KNC-2
Focke-Wulf Fw-190 F-8 48 Tamiya KKK-40
Focke-Wulf Fw-190F w BT-400 bomb 72 Haseg KNB-2
Focke-Wulf Fw-190 V18 72 MPM
Focke-Wulf Fw-190A D-Day 72 Has KB-1
Focke-Wulf Fw-190A Rammjagger 72 Has KB-2
Focke-Wulf Fw-190A-6 72 Easy Assembly Hobby Boss KG-3
Focke-Wulf Fw-190A-8 48 Tamiya KKC-14
Focke-Wulf Fw-190D-9 48 Tamiya KKC-14
Focke-Wulf Fw-190D-9 48 Tamiya KC-6
Focke-Wulf Fw-190D-9 72 Italeri KKB-15
Focke-Wulf Fw-190D 72 Hasegawa KNB-5
Focke-Wulf Fw-190D base defense 72 Has KB-10
Focke-Wulf Fw-190D-9 Rudel 72 Has KB-16
Focke-Wulf Fw-190F 72 Heller KKB-14
Focke-Wulf Fw-190 G 144 AHM KKK-42
Focke-Wulf Fw-200 airliner Lufthansa 72 Revell KB-26
Focke-Wulf Fw-200C Condor bomber 72 Revell KB-26
Focke-Wulf TA-152 72 BAG 72 Frog KKK-31
Focke Wulf Ta-283 72 Huma KKB-2
Fokker 100 “Demonstrator” 144 Revell KKK-17
Fokker E.V. 48 Eduard KKK-15
Fokker D.VII 48 Mono KC-6
Fokker D.VII 48 Aurora KKK-35
Fokker D.VII 72 Revell KKE-9
Fokker D.VII 72 Toko KB-19
Fokker D.VII 48 Hasegawa /Dragon KKC-15
Fokker D.VII 72 KKE-9
Fokker D.VIII & 1/12 Hans Goerth bust 48 Dragon KKC-16
Fokker D.XXI w skis 72 Special Hobby KKfB-3
Fokker D.XXI 48 – Classic Airframes KKK-19
Fokker Dr.1 48 DML KKC-16
Fokker Dr.I 48 Aurora KKK-39
Fokker Dr.1 of von Richtofen 1/28 Revell KKK-46
Fokker E.III Eindecker 72 Revell KB-20
Fokker E.III Eindecker 72 Revell KB-20
Fokker E.III Eindecker 72 Revell KL-1
Fokker E.V 48 Eduard KKC-10
Fokker E.V 48 – K&B KKK-11
Fokker E.V, D.VIII – Toko KB-19
Fokker F.VIIB/3m “Southern Cross” 72 – Zvezda KB-24
Fokker F-27 Friendship _____ – KKA-2
Fokker F-27 Friendship 72 – ESCI KKK-33
Fokker F-27 Friendship 72 – ESCI KKK-33
Fokker G.1 72 Aeromodell KKK-6
Ford Flivver 48 Williams Bros. KKK-35
Ford Flivver 48 Williams Bros KNC-2
Ford Trimotor ___ Revell ex Mono KE-1
Ford Trimotor Adm. Byrd ____ Mono KE-1
Ford Trimotor TWA ____ Mono KE-1
Fouga Magister 72 Airfix KKE-23
Freddie Flameout comic figure – Hawk KKE-17
Fuji T-1 72 Has KB-13
Fuji FA-200 Aero Subaru 48 Edai KKK-23
Future Super Sonic Airliner fiction (XB-70) ____ Lindberg KKK-39
Gates Learjet 35 48 Has KC-12
Gee Bee Air Racer 32 Lindberg KKKI-45
Gee Bee Sportster 32 Pyro KKK-26|
Gee Bee Sportster, electric motor included 32 Pyro KKK-26
GenDyn F-16 COCKPIT 1/12 ESCI KG -3
GenDyn F-16D Block 52 Poland AF 48 Has KC-5
GenDyn F-16A 72 Maquette KNB-1
GenDyn F-16CD/CJ 72 Academy KNB-1
GenDyn F-16C “Thunderbirds” 48 Academy KNG-8
GenDyn F-16C “Flying Razorbacks” 48 Academy KNG-8
GenDyn F-16 SUFA (Israel) 72 Kinetic KB-3
GenDyn YF-16/CCV 72 Has KB-13
GenDyn F-111C/G Australia AF 72 Has KB-4
GenDyn F-111E 72 Has KB-10
GenDyn EF-111A 72 Revell KKB- 4
GenDyn (Grumman) EF-111A 72 KKB-5
GenDyn EF-111A 72 Has KB-10
German V-1 Terror Weapon 1/48 – Hawk KKE-5
Gloster E.28/39 72 Frog KL-1
Gloster Gauntlet 72 AZ Model KKK-23
Gloster Gladiator 72 Matchbox KB-20
Gloster Javelin 144 WIMCO KKK-25
Gloster Meteor IV 48 Airfix KNB-4
Gloster Meteor IV 48 Frog KB-17
Gloster Meteor NF.11/12/14 72 Xtrakit KKB-24
Gloster Whittle E.28/39 jet 72 BAG Frog KKK-31
Goodyear Blimp _____– Revell KKK-6
Goodyear (US Navy) Blimp ___ – Ideal Toy KKK-20
Gotha bomber 48 – Aurora KKE -14
Gotha G.II, G.III 72 Roden KKK-28
Gotha G.IV 72 Roden KKK-28
Gotha G.V 48 Aurora early KKK-11
Gotha G.V 48 Aurora later KKK-11
Granville Bros. Gee Bee “Z” racer 32 WmsBros KKE-2
Grum Goose 72 Sasquatch KKK-1
Grum Gulfhawk (F3F) w Cooper Details resin parts 48 Accurate Miniatures KKK-42
Grum A-6A Intruder 72 Haseg KNB-2
Grum A-6E 48 Kangnam KC-10
Grum AF-2S Guardian “killer” 72 ACE KKK-17
Grum AF-2W Guardian “hunter” 72 – ACE KKK – 17
Grum E-1 Tracer 72 – Mach 2 KKH-41
Grum E-2C Hawkeye 144 Revell KA-1
Grumman F3F-2 72 Special Hobby KKB-3
Grumman F3F-2 48 Accurate Miniatures
Grum F4F-3P 72 Admiral KKB-18
Grum F4F-3 72 Hobby Boss KKK-38
Grum F4F-4 Wildcat 72 Revell KBH-5
Grum Martlet (F4F Wildcat) 72 Hawegawa KNB-2
Grum F4F-4 32 Revell KKE-25
Grum F4F-4 48 Tamiya KKK-38
Grum F6F Hellcat 48 Monogram KC-11
Grum F6F ________ – Lindberg KKE-22
Grun F6F-5 144 Mitsuwa Model KG-2

Grum (F6F Hellcat) British Carrier Fighter 48 Lindberg KKE-22
Grum F6F-3/5 72 Hasegawa
Grum F6F-5N 72 Hasegawa KNB-1
Grum Hellcat Mk. I 72 Frog KKE-11
Grum F7F-3 Tigercat 48 AMT/ERTL KKC-17
Grum F7F-3N Tigercat 48 AMT/ERTL KKC-17
Grum F8F-2 Bearcat 48 Hawk KKK-13
Grum F8F-2 Bearcat 48 Hawk KKE-17
Grum F8F racer “Conquest I” 48 High Planes KK-2
Grum F9F-3 Panther 72 Hobby Boss KKK-38
Grumman F9F Panther Jet 48 Aurora KKK-39
Grumman F9F Panther Jet 48 Aurora KKK-39
Grumman F9F Panther 72 Premier KL-1
Grum F9F-5 Panther 48 Mono KC-4
Grum F9F-8 Cougar 72 Has KB-12
Grum F9F-8 Cougar _____ – Revell KLK-1
Grum F9F-6 Cougar ____ Comet KKK-12
Grum F11F Blue Angels Formation 4 ac____ Mono KG-1
Grumman (F11F) Blue Angels 48 Lindberg KKK-39
Grum F11F – Revell orig _____ KKK-3
Grum F11F Blue Angel 1/54 Revell KKE – 9
Grum F-14A 48 Italeri KKK-31
Grum F-14A 48 Revell KNG-9
Grum F-14A 48 Revell KNH-7
Grum J2F-6 Duck 72 Airfix KKE-24
Grum J2F-6 Duck 72 Airfix KB-11
Grum J2F-6 Duck 72 Airfux KKB-16
Grum M-130 China Clipper 144 Glencoe
Grum OV-1 Mohawk 48 Roden KNC-2
Grum XP-50 1/55 Entex KKK-6
Grum S2F-1 Tracker 72 Hobby Craft KH-2
Grum S2F-1 Tracker 72 Hobby Craft KB-23
Grum SA-16 Albatross 72 – Monogram KKK-45
Grum TBF-1 72 Academy Minicraft KKK-22
Grum TBF-1C/3 1/72 Hasegawa KB-14
Grum TBF-1C Avenger 48 AccurMiniatures KKC-2
Grum TBM-3 Avenger 48 AccuMiniatures KKC-2
Gryn TBM-3 Avenger night bomber 48 AccuMiniatures KKK-18
Grum US-2 72 Has KB-6
Halberstadt CL.III 48 K&B (Aurora) KKE-12
Hall Bulldog racer 32 Williams Bros KKE-2
Hall Bulldog racer 32 Williams Bros KKK-35
Handley Page H.P.42 Heracles 144 Airfix KKA-3
Handley Page 0/400 72 Airfix KKE-24
Handley Page Halifax 72 Matchbox KKB-6
Handley Page Heracles 1/144 – Airfix KKK-17
Handley Page Herald 72 Frog KKK-21
Handley Page Heyford 72 Matchbox KB-20
Handley Page Hampden 72 Airfix KKE-24
Hannover CL.IIIA 72 Airfix KKB-16
Hannover CL.IIIA 72 Airfix KL-1
Hanriot HD.1 48 Eduard KKK-15
Hansa Brandenburg D.I Toko KB-19
Hawker Fury Mk.1 72 Revell KKK-31
Hawker AV-8 Harrier 48 Monogram KNC-2
Hawker Harrier snap fit 72 Lindberg KKE-22
Hawker Hunter 72 Plastyk KKK-6
Hawker Hurricane 48 Mono KE-1
Hawker Hurricane I 72 Heller KKB-14
Hawker Hurricane I 48 Airfix KKC-17
Hawker Hurricane night fighter 72 Revell KKK-29
Hawker Hurricane Mk.I 72 Sword KK-3
Hawker Hurricane 72 ADVENT (Revell) KB-23
Hawker Hurricane 72 ADVENT (Revell) KKE-25
Hawker Hurricane 48 Mono KKK-10
Hawker Hurricane IIC 72 KeilKraft KKE-11
Hawker Hurricane IIC “LasofMany” 72 Hasegawa KNB-5
Hawker Hurricane IIC 48 Italeri KKK-7
Hawker Sea Fury Cuba AF 48 HobbyCraft KKC-4
Hawker Sea Fury “Bagdad Fury” 72 PM KKB-23
Hawker Sea Fury T.20 72 PM KKB-23
Hawker Tempest II 72 Special Hobby KKB-3
Hawker Tempest V 72 Revell KB-23
Hawker Tempest V 72 Revell KNB-5
Hawker Tempest V 72 BAG Frog KKK-31
Hawker Typhoon car door cpit 48 Has KC-6
Hawker Typhoon 32 Revell KKE-4
Hawker Sid 125/600 72 Matchbox KKK- 45
Hawker Sid (125) Dominie 72 Airfix KKE-23
Hawker Sid Argosy 1/144 Sasquatch KKK-1
Hawker Sid Harrier GR.1 48 Tamiya KKK-27
Hawker Sid Sea Harrier FRS.1 72 Fujimi KLB-2
Hawker Sid Harrier “Egg Plane” Tamago Plane KB-17
Hawker Sid Hawk 72 Airfix KKB-16
Hawker Sid Trident IC BEA 144 Airfix KKK-18
Hawker Sid Trident IC British Al 144 Airfix KKK-1
Heinkel He-51 72 Has KB-9
Heinkel He-51B-2 floats and He-51A wheels 72 Hasegawa KLB-2
Heinkel He-51B-2 floats and He-51A wheels 72 Hasegawa KNH-5
Heinkel He-51B-2 on floats 48 – Classic Airframes KKK-19
Heinkel He-100 72 MPM KK-3
Heinkel He-100 72 MPM KG-1
Heinkel He-111C 72 Roden KKK-28
Heinkel He-111 w V-1 Buzz Bomb 72 – KKK-34
Heinkel He-111 ____ – Lindberg KKE-18
Heinkel He-111H-8 w balloon cable cutter 72 Has KB-5
Heinkel He-111Z Zwilling 72 Testors/Italeri KB-20
Heinkel He-111Z glider tow 72 Testors/Italeri KLK-
Heinkel He-112 72 Veeday Models KKK-5
Heinkel He-112 72 Heller KKK-6
Heinkel He-112 48 Classic Airframes – KKK-19
Heinkel He-115 72 Matchbox KB-15
Heinkel He-162 48 Dragon KK-1
Heinkel He-162 48 DML KKC-16
Heinkel He-177A-5 with Fritz X 72 Revell KB-26
Heinkel He-178 72 Condor KKE-11
Heinkel He-219 Uhu 48 Tamiya KKK36
Henschel Hs-123 72 BAG Airfix KKK-32
Henschel Hs-123 48 AmTech KNG-10
Henschel Hs-126 72 Italaeri KKB-11
Henschel Hs-129 48 AMT/ERTL KKK-45
Henschel Hs-129 48 AMT/ERTL KKC-18
Henschel Hs-129 48 AMT KNG-10
Hiller X-18 ____ Comet KKK-12
Hispano Avia Ha-112 72 BAG Pegasus KKK-31
Horten Ho-229A 48 Dragon KC-10
Horten Ho-229B nt ftr 48 Dragon KKC-4
Howard “Mr. Milligan” racer 48 Hawk KKC-19
Howard “Pete” racer 48 Pegaso KKE-22
Howard “Pete” racer 48 Pegaso KNG-8
Hughes AH-64 48 Monogram KNG-9
Hughes AH-64D Aoache Long Bow 72 Hobby Boss KB-7
Hughes OH-6 civil police helicopter 1/32 Revell KKE-13
Hughes 500D 48 Acad KC-1|
IAR-80 48 LTD KC-15
Ikarus IK-3 72 Guano Aeroplane & Zeppelin Works KL-1
Ilyushin Il-2 single seat 48 AccuMiniatures KKC-2
Ilyushin Il-2 two seat 48 AccuMiniatures KKC-2
Ilyushin Il-2 72 Plastyk KKE-11
Ilyushin Il-10 72 KP KKB-14
Ilyushin Il-18 1/100 VEB Plas KKK-2
Ilyushin Il-18 1/100 VEB Pla KKK-2
Ilyushin Il-18 1/100 VEB Pla KKK-2
Ilyushin Il-62 1/100 VEB Pla KKE-26
Ilyushin Il76 144 Trumpeter KKA-2
IMAM (Romeo) Ro-57 72 Special Hobby KKB-3
Israeli Aircraft Industries F-21 Kfir 48 Kinetic KKK-38
Isuzu TK-40 Fuel Truck 72 Has KB-6
Junkers D.I 48 Roden KKK-28
Junkers F13W Seaplane 72 Revell KKE-13
Junkers G-24 on floats 72 Revell KKE-1
Junkers G-38 military transport 144 Revell KKA-3
Junkers Ju-52 airliner 72 Italeri KKK-7
Junkers Ju-52 miltrans 72 Italeri KKK-7
Junkers Ju-52 minesweeper 72 Italeri KKK-7
Junkers Ju-86 72 Italeri KKK-7
Junkers Ju-87A 48 Special Hobby KLC-1
Junkers Ju-87B 72 Heller KKK-9
Junkers Ju-87B “High Tech” 48 Heller KNG-8
Junkers Ju-87B 32 Revell KKE-4
Junkers Ju-87B Immelman 72 Fujimi KB-13
Junkers Ju-87G 72 Frog KKE-11
Junkers Ju-87D-4 torp bbr 72 Has KC-4
Junkers Ju-87D-5 72 Italeri KKB-15
Junkers Ju-88A-4 48 ProModeler KNC-2
Junkers Ju-87G 48 Hobby Craft _________
Junkers Ju-88C-4, C-6 72 AMT/ERTL KB-21
Junkers Ju-88C night fighter 72 Has KNB-5
Junkers Ju-88C-6c night fighter 72 Revell KKE-13
Junkers Ju-88C-6 night fighter 48 Monogram ProModeler KLK-4
Junkers Ju-188 72 Italeri KKB-17
Junkers Ju-388K 72 Special Hobby KKB-3
Kaman H-43B Huskie 32 Testors KKK-13
Kaman H-43B Huskie 32 Hawk/Testors KKE-17
Kaman HOK-1 “Egg Beater” 48 Aurora KKK-30
Kamov “Hokum” 72 AMT KKK-8
Kalkert Ka-430 72 Huma KKB-2
Kaman SH-2F Seasprite 72 Airfix KB-13
Kamov Ka-34 Hokum 72 ESCI/ERTL KKE-25
Kawanishi E7K1 Alf with catapult 72 Haseg KNB-2
Kawanishi E7K1 “Alf” 72 Hasegawa ______________
Kawanishi E15K1 “Norm” 72 UPC KKB-18
Kawanishi H6K5 Mavis 72 Has KNH-4
Kawanishi H8K2 Emily 72 Has KNB-4
Kawanishi N1K1 Kyofu (Rex) 72 Has KLB-2
Kawanishi N1K1-J Shiden 48 Arii KKC-5
Kawanishi N1K2-J Shiden-Kai 48 Has KC-4
Kawanishi N1K2-J 72 Has KNB-5
Kawanishi N1K2-J 32 Snow KLK-2
Kawasaki Ki-10 72 Avis KB-21
Kawasaki Ki-10 II of Kato 72 ICM KB-23
Kawasaki Ki-45 Toryu 72 Revell KKE-9
Kawasaki Ki-48 Lily 72 Mania KKB-21
Kawasaki Ki-60 72 RS Models KKK-23
Kawasaki Ki-61 Hein 72 Revell KKB-17
Kawasaki Ki-100 48 Has KC-4
Kawasaki Ki-100 72 FinMol KB-1
Kawasaki Ki-102 “Randy” 72 Pavla KKB-18
Kawasaki T-4 72 Has KB-10
Kugisho D3Y2-K/D5Y1 Myojo Kai 72 Valom KKB-24
Kyushu J7W1 Shinden 48 Has KNG-8
Lagg-3 Sov ftr 72 BAG Soviet mfr KKK-32
Laird Solution 48 Hawk KC—1
Laird Solution 48 Entex KKK-25
Laird Solution 48 Hawk KKE-5
Laird Super Solution 32 Williams Bros. KKE-2
Laird Super Solution 32 Williamss Bros. ________
Laird-Turner Pesco Special 1/32 Pyro KKK-26
Lavochkin La-5 FN 72 Zvezda KKK-5
Lavochkin La-7 72 Frog KB-17
Lavochkin La-7 48 Academy KKC-10
(Gates) Lear Jet 48 (newer release) – IMC KKC 12
Lear Jet 48 (original release) – IMC KKC-12
Leduc 022 72 Mach 2 KKK-10
LeRhone ROTARY ENGINE kit ______ – Williams Bros. KKK-30
Let L-410 Turbolet 1/100 VEB Plas KKK-2
Letov S.231 72 KP KKB-23
Lloyd C.V 48 Special Hobby KLC-1
Lock Constellation 749 Capital AL 144 ATP KLK-1
Lock Constellation small scale Lincoln International KKK-5
Lock 749 Constellation 72 Heller KLK-3
Lock Super G Constellation _____ Mono KE-1
Lock 188 Electra Anerican AL 1/109 Revell KKE-15
Lock Electra Los Angeles Dodgers 1/109 KKE-15
Lock Electra Jr. 72 Special Hobby KB-2
Lock Hudson IV / V 72 Italeri KKB -11
Lock Ventura II Royal Air Force 72 – Academy Minicraft KKK-22
Lock AH-56 Cheyenne 72 Aurora KKK-30
Lock C-69 Constellation 72 Heller KNG-9
Lock C-130 Hercules ____ – Revell Brazil KKE – 9
Lock C-130 USCG 144 Revell KG-2
Lock C-141A Starlifter 200 DML KG-2
Lock F-80C Shooting Star 48 O-Lin KKK-39
Lock F-80 72 Airfix KKE-23
Lock XFV-1 48 Aurora KKK-1
Lock YF-12 72 AHM KKE-3
Lock YF-12 72 Revell KKE-3
Lock F-22A 72 Academy KKB-5
Lock YF-22 72 Revell KNB-5
Lock F-80 48 Lindberg KKC-15
Lock F-80 48 Monogram KKC-19
Lock F-80 _____ Lindberg KKE-22
Lock F-90 48 Aurora KKK-11
Lock F-90 48 Hawk KKE-17
Lock F-94B Starfire 72 Heller KKK-9
Lock F-94C Starfire 72 Emhar KB-19
Lock F-94C Starfire ____ Revell KG-3
Lock F-104 COCKPIT 1/12 ESCI KG+ – 3
Lock F-104C 48 Has KC-10
Lock F-104 _____ Revell “S” KKK-3
Lock F-104 COCKPIT 1/12 ESCI KNH-4
Lock F-104G 72 Heller KKK-9
Lock TF-104G 48 Has KKC-3
Lock F-117 48 Academy KC-9
Lock F-117 72 Aifix KNH-5
Lock F-117A 72 Testors/Italeri KLK-3
Lock YF-22A Lightning II 72 KKB-15
Lock F-117A 48 Academy KKE-10
Lock F-117A 72 Revell KNB-2
Lock F-117A 72 AMT KKB-5
Lock F-117A 48 Tamiya KKC-10
Lock XFV-1 72 Pegasus KKB-23
Lock XFV-1 72 Valom KKB-24
Lock P-38J D-Day 72 Has KB-1
Lock P-38J 72 Matchbox KKB-6
Lock P-38J Droop Snoot 32 Revell KKE-25
Lock P-38J/M 72 Revell KKE-7
Lock P-38L Pathfinder 48 Academy KLC-1
Lock P-2 Neptune small scale Entex KKK-1
Lock PV-1 Ventura 72 Academy Minicraft KKK-22
Lock PV-1 Ventura 48 Revell KNC-2
Lock PV-1 Ventura 48 Revell KLC-2
Lock PV-2 Harpoon 72 Special Hobby KKB-3
Lock P2V-7 Neptune small scale Frog KB-17
Lock P2V-7 Neptune small scale Revell KKE – 9
Lock P-3A Orion 144 Revell KKE – 9
Lock P-3A Orion 144 Revell KKE-13
Lock P-3C Orion 144 LS KG-2
Lock SR-71 and D-21 72 Monogram KNH-5
Lock T-33 72 Has KNB-5
Lock T-33 “Whiskey 4” 72 Has KNB-5
Lock T-33 48 Hawk KKE-17
Lock TV-2 48 Hawk KKE-17
Lock TV-2 48 Hawk KKE-17|
Lock T2V Seastar 72 Sword KK-3
Lock U-2 chrome plated 48 Hawk KKK-13
Lock X-35 72 Italeri KKK-31
Lock-Mar F-22 Raptor 72 Italeri KKB-7
Lock-Mar F-35A Lightning II 72 Has KB-5
Lewis WW1 machine gun 2” scale Williams Bros KKE-2
Luftschiff LZ 130 Graf Zeppelin 1.720 Revell KLK-1
LVG C.VI 72 Pegasus KKB-23
Macchi MC.72 racer 50 Artiplast KK-3
Macchi MC.72 racer 50 SMER KK-3
Macchi MC.200 Saetta 72 Revell KKK-29
Macchi MC 202 72 Tri-ang KB-17
Macchi C.205 Veltro 48 Has KC-4
Macchi M.C.202 / MC.205 “Aces” 72 Italeri KKB-11
Macchi C.205 Veltro 72 Has KC-4
Macchi (M.C.205) 72 Air Lines (Frog) KKK-21
MACHINE GUN German Spandau 1/32 Williams Bros KL-1
MACHINE GUN bag of three 1/32 Williams Bros KL-1
Marcel Bloch M.B.155 48 Classic Airframes KKK-10
Mars Probe Space Station fiction _____ – Lindberg KKK-26
Martin M-130 China Clipper 144 Glencoe KKK-20
Martin M-130 China Clipper 144 Glencoe KKK-16
Martin M-130 China Clipper 144 Strombecker KKE-16
Martin AM-1 Mauler 72 SIGA ____________
Martin MB-2 bomber ____ – ITC Model Craft KKK-16
Martin B-10 72 Wms Bros KB-13
Martin Maryland 72 Frog KB-17
Martin B-26 48 Aurora KKE-14
Martin B-26A 72 Velom KKE-25
Martin B-26B/C Shark Teeth 72 Has KB-6
Martin B-26F/G 72 Has KB-11
Martin B-57G 72 Italeri KKK-7
Martin B-57G Night Hawk 72 Italeri KKB-17
Martin P6M-1 Seamaster _____ Revell KKE-15
Martin SP-5B Marlin 72 Has KB+ – 4
Martin Vanguard at Cape Canaveral – Adams KKK-8
McDon AV-8A Harrier 72 Has KB-1
McDonF2H-2 Banshee 48 Hawk KKE-5
McDon F2H-2 Banshee 48 Hawk KKE-17
McDon F2H-3 Banshee US Navy 72 Hobby Craft
McDon F2H-3/4 72 Academy KNB-1
McDon F2H-3 Banshee Canada Navy 72 Academy Minicraft KKK-22
McDon F3H- 2 Demon 48 Hobby Boss KNC-1
McDon F3H Demon 72 Emhar K_________________
McDon F3H Demon 72 Emhar KKK-26
McDon F3H Demon 72 vacform Rareplanes KL-1
McDon Phantom 110 48 Aurora KKE-14
McDon F-4B 72 72 Revell KKE-9
McDon F-4B 48 Academy KLK-3
McDon F-4 (B) Phantom 72 Revell KKE-7
McDon RF-4B 72 IMC “battle damaged KB-34
McDon RF-4B/C 48 Testors KKC-17
McDon RF-4C/E 72 Testors / Italeri KKK-32
McDon RF-4E 72 Revell KKE-7
McDonDoug AH-64 Long Bow Apache 72 Academy KKE-10
McDD F-4C/D 48 AMT KKK-8
McD F-4C Air Commando 72 Revell KKE-4
McD F-4C 72 Mono KB-12
McD F-4EJ Kai Super Phantom 72 Aero Dancing/Hasegawa KLB-2
McD F-4G 72 Italeri KKK-31
McD F-4J VF-31 Tomcatters 72 Has KB-8
McD F-4J 72 Mono KB-8
McD F-4J 72 Mono KK-1
McD F-4J 72 “Tour of Duty” Mono KNB-1
McD F-4J Tour of Duty 72 Mono KB-8
McD F-4J 72 Has/Minicraft KNB-5
McDD MD-83 Crossair al Revell MiniKit KKK-42
McDD F-4M/K 72 AMT KB-15
McDD RF-4C/E 72 Italeri / Testors KKB-7
McD RF-4C/E 72 Italeri/Testors KKB-17
McD R.A.F. Phantom F.3 72 Fujimi KKK-44
McD F4K Roy Nav ________________________
McD F-15C USAF Aggressor 72 Has KB-12
McD F-15C 72 Hasegawa KL-1
McD F-15E Strike Eagle 72 Academy KKE-10|
McD F-15J Japan 48 Fujimi KNH-7
McD XF-85 Goblin 48 Special Hobby KLC-1
McD F-88 Voodoo 48 Olin KKE-18
McD F-88 Voodoo 48 Lindberg KKE-18
McD F-101A 48 KittyHawk KC-9
McD F-101A ____ – Revell “S” KKK-3
McD F-101B 48 Monogram KLC-2
McD XV- 1 Convertaplane 32 Glencoe KKK-16
McD F2H-3 Banshee 48 Hawk KK-2
McDonDoug AH-64 Long Bow Apache 72 Academy KKE-10
McDD A-4F Skyhawk 72 Haseg/Minicraft KNB-2
McDD AV-8B Harrier 72 Italeri KB-4
McDD AV-8B Harrier 72 Testors / Italeri KKK-32
McDD AV-8B Harrier 72 Italeri .
McDD F/A-18C VFA-27 Maces 72 Hasegawa KNB-2
McDD F/A-18C 72 Acadeny KNB-2
McDD F/A-18C “Eagle Nose” 72 Revell KKE-13
McDD F/A-18C “Stars & Stripes” 72 Has KB-6
McDD F/A-18C “Dragon 300” 72 Has KNB-5
McDD F-18 (prototype) 48 Mono KNH-7
McDD F-18 (prototype) 72 Hasegawa KNH-5
McDD F/A-18C 144 Revell KA-1
McDD F/A-18C 72 Has KB-7 –
McDD F/A-18E Hornet 48 Revell KKE-7
McDD T-45 Goshawk 72 Italeri KKB-15
Macchi Castoldi MC-72 racer 72 Delta 2 KKK-17
Macchi C.205 Veltro 48 Has KC-4
Messer Bf-109A 72 Avis KKB-24
Messer Bf-109B 72 Avis KKB-24
Messer Bf-109B 48 Hobby Craft KKK-29
Messer Bf-109B-1, C-1 72 Heller KKB-14
Messer Bf-109C 72 Avis KKB-14
Messer Bf-109C 48 Hobby Craft KKK – 18
Messer Bf-109D 48 Hobby Craft KKK -18
Messer Bf-109E-3 48 Tamiya KKC-14
Messer Bf-109E-4 48 Tamiya KKC-14
Messer Bf-109E 72 BAG Academy KKK-32
Mes Me-109F Destroyer 1/75 Lindberg KKK-11
Mess Bf-109F 48 Airfix KKE-24
Mess Bf-109F 72 Remus KKB-14
Messer BF 109G 72 Hawk KKE-5
Messer Bf-109G-10 48 Hasegawa KLC-2
Messer Bf-109G-3/4 48 Hobby Craft KKK-18
Messer Bf-109G-6 72 AZ model KNB-2
Messer Bf-109G-6 72 Airfix KNBo2
Messer Bf-109G-10 72 Revell KKK-29
Messer Bf-109G-14 “Reich Defender” 48 Hobby Craft KKK-18
Messer Bf-109K-4 48 Has KC-3
Messer Me-109K-4 48 Hobby Craft _________________
Messer Me-109T 72 Plast Aero KB-24
Messer Bf-110C 48 Fujimi KKB-6
Messer Bf-110C 32 Revell KKK-46
Messer Bf-110G 72 Italeri _____
Messer Bf-110G 48 Monogram KKC-19
Messer Bf-110 Destroyer nt ftr 72 Revell KNB-2
Messer Me-110 “Destroyer” night fighter 72 Revell KKE-13
Messer Me-163 48 Hawk KKE-5
Messer Me-163 72 Lindberg KKE-22
Messer Me-163S “Habicht” 48 Dragon KKK-36
Messer Bf-109B / C-1 72 Heller KKB-14
Messer Bf-109E-4 72 Revell KNB-1
Messer Me-109K 72 Heller KKB-14
Messer Me-163A 48 Flashback KKK-31
Messer Me-163B 72 Heller KKB-14
Messer Me-163B 48 Testors KKB-21
Messer Me-163B 72 Heller KKB-14
Mess Me-163S 72 Pavla KKB-18
Messer Me-163 & Me-262 1/100 Tamiya KKK-25
Messer Me-209 V1/V4 72 Huma KB-17
Messer Me-209 V5 72 Huma KB-17
Messer Me-210 72 Italeri KKB-15
Messer Me-262a/U2 bomber w glass nose 48 Dragon KKC-5
Messer Me-262 jet Mistel 72 MPM KG-1
Messer Me-264 72 Special Hobby KKB-3
Messer Me-321 transport gli 72 Testors/Italeri KLK-2
Messer Me-323 Gigant 6e transport 72 Testors/Italeri KLK-2
Messer Me-328A/Me-328B 72 Huma KKB-2
Messer Me-410 72 Italeri KKB-15
Messer P-1111 72 PM Model KKE-11
Messer Me P1106 72 Huma KB-17
Messer P 1988 B/1 72 Revell KKB-4
MessBolkBlohm Bo-105C 48 Fujimi KKK-13
MBB Bo-105 32 Italeri KKK-34
MiG-3 48 Classic Airframes KKK-19
MiG-3 72 Encore KNB-2
MiG-9 72 MPM KB-7
Mig-9 UTI 72 (Soviet mfr) KK-1
MiG-15 metalized 48 Tami KC-3
MiG-15 48 Fleugzeug Modelbaukasten KKK-2
MiG-15 48 Premier KKK-3
MiG-15 48 Hawk KKE-5
MiG-15 48 Hawk KKE-17
MiG-15 48 Monogram KKC-19
MiG-15 bis 48 Tamiya KKK-36
MiG-15 bis 48 Tamiya KKK-36
MiG-15 UTI 72 KP KKB—14
MiG-17 fiction 48 VEB Plasti KKE-26
MiG-17F / Lim-9 bis 48 SMER KKK-26
MiG-17D/E Fresco 72 Has KNB-2
MiG-17F 48 Hobby Craft KKK-29
MiG-17F Fresco 48 Hobby Boss KKK-38
MiG-19 “Farmer” 72 (Chinese kit mfr) KKK-18
MiG-21MF/bis/SMT 48 Plastikovy Model KKK-33
MiG-23 72 – HobTime KC-3
MiG-23 M Flogger B 48 Trumpeter KLC-1
MiG-25 1/32 resin Micro West KKK-43
MiG-27 Flogger-D 72 Has KB-1
MiG-27 Flogger D 48 AMT/ERTL KC-15
MiG-29 72 Has KNB-5
MiG-29 of Striji Aerobat Team 72 Has KNB-2
MiG-29 Fulcrum 72 Revell KLB-2
Mil Mi-2 ______ – Soviet mfrd KKK-25
Mil Mi-6 1/100 VEB Plasti KKE-26
Mil Mi-8 72 KP KNH-5
Mil Mi-10 1/100 VEB Plasti KKE-26
Miles Magister 72 Frog KKB-16
Missile Mobile Monogram KG-11
Mistel 2/S2, Fw-190/Ju-88 48 DML KNC+3
Mistel I Ju-88 & Bf-109 72 Italeri KKB-17
Mistel 5 Heinkel He-162 + Arado E-377a 72 DML KB-24
Mitsu A5M4 “Claude” 72 Nichimo KKK-18
Mitsu A6M2 Zero 72 Has KB-13
Mitsu A6M2b Zero 48 Has KC-6
Mitsu A6M3 Zero 72 Has KNB-1
Mitsu Zero 48 Lindberg KKE-18
Mitsu A6M2 Zero 48 Tamiya KKK-38
Mitsu (A6M) Zero 48 Lindberg KKE – 22
Mitsu A6M3 Zero 48 Tamiya KKC-18
Mitsu A6M5 72 Hawk KKE-5
Mitsu A6M5 72 Haseg KNB-5
Mitsubishi A6M5 48 Monogram KLC-2
Mitsu A6M5 72 Academy KNB-5
Mitsu A6M2 eggplane 72 Kitty Hawk KKB-21
Mitsu A6M3 Zero 48 Tamiya KC-15
Mitsu A6M5 32 Hasegawa KG-1
Mitsu Japanese (A6M) Zero 48 Aurora KKK-39
Mitsu C5M1 “Babs” 48 UPC KKC-16
Mitsu F1M2 Pete 1/50 Tamiya KKK-38
Mitsu F1M2 Pete 72 MRC/Fujimi KKK-40
Mitsu F1M2 Pete 48 Has KC-13
Mitsu F-2A 48 Has KC-5
Mitsu G4M1 Betty 72 Has KB-6
Mitsu G4M1 Betty 72 Has KNB-2
Mitw G4M-1 Betty 48 Tamiya KNC – 3
Mitsu G4M2 Betty 72 Has KB-2
Mitsu G4M2 Betty 72 Lindberg KNH-6
Mitsu J2M3 Raiden Jack 48 Tamiya KKC-14
Mitsu J2M3 Raiden Jack 48 Tamiya ____________
Mitsu Ki-15 “Kamikaze” mailplane 72 Mania KKB-21
Mitsu Ki-15 “Babs” 72 – Mania KKB-21
Mitsubishi Ki-21 “Sally” 72 Revell KKE-3
Mitsu Ki-30 “Ann” 72 Pavla KKB-18
Mitsu Ki-46 II recon 72 LS KKK-27
Mitsu Ki-46 II recon 72 Airfix KKB-16
Mitsu Ki-46 III recon 72 LS KKK-27
Mitsu Ki-46 fighter 72 LS KKK-27
Mitsu Ki-46 trainer 72 LS KKK-27
Mitsu Ki-49 Helen 72 Has KB-11
Mitsu Ki-67 Peggy 72 Has KB-2
Mitsu Ki-67 Peggy long range 72 Has KB-2
Mitsub Ki-67 torpedo 72 Has KB-5
Mitsub Ki-83 “High Tech” 72 Special Hobby KKB-23
Mitsub F1M2 Pete 48 Has KC-13
Mitsub F-1 72– Has KB-1
Mitsub J8M1 48 RESIN – Hi/kit KK-2
Mitsub L3M1 72 LS KKK-36
Mitsub XT-2 72 Has KNB-5
Mitsub T-2 72 Has KNB-5
Mitsubishi Type 10 triplane Torpedo Bomber 1/50 UPC KLC-2
Monocoupe Clipped Wing 48 KKE-22
Mooney M-18 Mite 48 Lindberg KKK-11
Mooney Mite 48 Pegaso KKE-22
Mooney Wee Scotsman (M-18 Mite) 48 Lindbert KKK-30
Mooney Mark 20/21E 48 Bandai KKK-5
Morane 406 72 Heller KKK-19
Morane Saulnier Type L 48 KKK-15
Morane-Saulnier Type L 48 KKC-13

Morane-Saulnier type N 48 KKC-13
Morane-Saulnier type N 72 Revell KKB-17
Morane-Saulnier MS-406 48 Hobby Craft KKC-13
Morane-Saulnier MS-406 48 Hobby Craft KKK-22
Morane-Saulnier MS.502 Criquet 48 ScaleCraft/ERTL KKC-18
Mudry CAP-10L 1/50 Heller KKK-9
Mudry CAP-10L (maybe CAP-20L) 1/50 Heller KKK-13
Multi-Nat Alpha Jet 72 Airfix KKE-24
Multi-Nat Concorde 72 Airfix KNH-2
Multi-Nat Concorde 144 Revell KKK-1
Multi-nat AlphaJet E Patrouille de France 72 Fujimi KLB-2
Multi-Nat E.F.A. 72 A.M.T. KKB-5

(L.L.) Myasischev Bison ____ – Revell KKE-7
Nakajima Kikka jet ftr 72 Pegasus KKB-23
Nakajima NC Type 91-1 72 AZ Model KKK-23
Nakajima A6M2-N Rufe 48 Tamiya KC-15

Naka B5N2 Kate bomber 48 Has KC-12
Naka B5N2 Kate 48 Nichimo KKC-14
Naka B5N2 Kate 72 Mania KKB-21
Naka B5N2 Kate 48 Nichimo KC-12
Naka B6N2 Jill 72 Has KC-2
Naka B6N2 Jill 72 Fujimi KLB-2
Naka B6N2 Jill 72 Fujimi KLB-1
Nakajima C6N1 Myrt 72 Fujimi KKK-27
Nakajima C6N1 Myrt Siun 1/50 Tamiya KKK-38
Nakajima J1N1-S 72 Revell KKE-9
Naka G5N Rita 72 Has KNB-4
Naka J1N1 Irving 72 Fujimi KB-21
Naka J1N3 Irving 72 Fujimi KB-21
Nakajima J1N1 Irving Gekko 48 Tamiya KKC-15
Naka J1N1 Irving Gekko ____ – ODK KK-2
Naka Ki-27 72 Has KB-5
Naka Ki-27 Nate 72 Mania KKB-21
Naka Type 97 Ki-27 Nate 48 Mania KKC-18
Naka Ki-43 Hayabusa 72 Revell KKE-9
Naka Ki-43 48 Has KC-8
Naka Ki-43II 72 Has KNH-5
Naka Ki-44 72 Has KC-6
Naka K1-44 72 Haseg KNB-2
Naka Ki-44 72 Tamiya KB-19
Naka Ki-45 Nick 48 Nichimo KKK-13
Naka Ki-45 Manchouko 72 Has KB-9
Naka Ki-84 Hayate 72 Revell KKB-17
Naka Ki-84 72 Haseg KNB-5
Nieuport 11 48 Aurora KKK-39
Nieuport 11 48 Aurora KKK-39
Nieuport 17 72 Revell KKB-17
Nieuport 17 72 Revell KKB-17
(John Sharp) Nemesis racer 48 High Planes KKK-15
Nieuport 28 72 Revell KB-20
Nieuport 28 48 Roden KKC-15
Nihon YS-11 1/150 Otaki KK-2
Noordyn Norseman IV/C-64A 72 Matchbox KKB-6
NorthAm AGM-28 Hound Dog missile 72 MAI KNB-1
NorthAm A-36A 48 AccuMiniatures KKK-45
NorthAmer A-5A ____ Monogram KG-2
NorthAm RA-5C 48 Trumpeter KKB-1
NorthAm RA-5C 72 Airfix KKB-21
NorthAm RA-5C 72 Haseg KL-1
NorthAm BT-9/NJ-1 72 Special Hobby KKB-3
NorthAm (BT-9) NA-57 72 Azur KKB-18
NorthAm B-25B Doolittle raider 48 AccuMiniatures KKC-5
NorthAm B-25 ______ – Hobby-Time _____________
NorthAm B-25 (B) _____ Revell KKE-7
NorthAm B-25J Silver Wings 72 Has KB-8
Northam B-45 Tornado ____ Frog KKE-11
NorthAm XB-70 AMT/ERTL KNH-2
NorthAm F-86 odd scale Premier KKC-3
NorthAm F-86 72 Frog KKE-11
NorthAm (F-86) Korean War Supersonic Jet Fighter 48 Lindberg KKE-22
NorthAm F-86 48 O-Lin KKK-39
NorthAm (F-86) Korean War Supersonic Fighter 48 KKK-39
NorthAm F-86 w elec motor 48 Lindberg KKC-14
NorthAm F-86F 72 Nichino KKB-14
NorthAm F-86F 72 Paranount KKB-14
NorthAm F-86A 72 Matchbox older KB-15
NorthAm F-86A 72 Matchbox newer KB
NorthAm F-86D 48 Lindberg KKE-22
NorthAm F-86F 72 Haseg KNB-1
NorthAm F-86F-30 72 Academy KC-2
NorthAm F-86F 72 Testors KKB-23
NorthAm F-86F-30 48 Academy KKE-10
NorthAm F-86F-30 48 Academy KKE-10
NorthAm F-86F of John Glenn 72 Fujimi KLB-2
North Am RF-86F 72 Fujimi KLB-2
North Am F-86H “Sabre Hog” 72 Special Ho9bby KKB-23
NorthAm F-100 _____ Comet KKK-12
NorthAm F-100 _____ Comet KKK-12
NorthAm F-100 slick surface 48 Mono KC-2
NorthAm F-100 72 Has KB—3
NorthAm F-100 ____ Revell Air Cadet KKK-3
NorthAm F-100 ____ Revell Academy KKK-3
NorthAm F-100 ____ Aurora KKK-35
NorthAm F-100F 72 AMT/ERTL KKIB-18

North Am F-107A – Trump KB-1
NorthAm F-107A 72 Trump KB-4
NorthAm F-107A 72 Trump KKK-2
NorthAm FJ-1 Fury 72 SIGA KKK-32
NorthAm FJ-2 Fury 48 Lindberg KKK-39
NorthAm FJ-2 48 Grand Phoenix KK-2
NorthAm P-51 Red Baron racer #5 72 High Planes KKK-5
NorthAm Mustang Mk. I 72 Special Hobby KKB-3
NorthAm NA-73 Mustang I 72 MN KKK-23
NorthAm P-51 Mustang I 72 Italeri KKB-15
NorthAm P-51 48 AccuMiniatures KKK-45
the 48 P-51 is not in KKK-45 so CLARIFY WHAT is RIGHT
NorthAm P-51D 32 Hasegawa KKK-45
NorthAm P-51D 32 Hasegawa KKK-45
NorthAm P-51 (D) 48 Aurora KKK-30
North Am P-51//F-6A 72 Special Hobby KKB-3
NorthAm P-51A 48 AccuMiniatures KKK-45
NorthAm P-51A 48 Accurate Miniatures KNH-7
NorthAm P-51A 48 AccuMiniatures KB-2
NorthAm (P-51A) Mustang Mk.II 72 Remus KKB-14
NorthAm P-51D 48 chrome plated Hawk KKE-5
NorthAm P-51D 48 regular plastic – Hawk KKE-5
North Am P-51B D-Day 72 Has KB-1
NorthAm P-51B 72 Airfix KKB-16
NorthAm P-51B D-Day 72 Has KK-1
NorthAm P-51B 48 AccuMiniatures KKC-2
NorthAm P-51B 72 Monogram KB-9
NorthAm P-51B 72 “Old Crow” Academy KNB-2
NorthAm P-51B 72 of Brown Airfix KNB-2
NorthAm P-51B “ProFinish” 48 Revell KKE-13
NorthAm P-51K Shomo 48 Has KK-1
NorthAm (P-51D) Bomber Escort 1/78 Lindberg KKK-11
NorthAm P-51D 8 th AF 48 Tamiya KKC-14
North Am F-51D Korean War 48 Tamiya KKK-40
NorthAm P-51D Phantom Mustang orig 32 Mono KNH-2
NorthAm P-51D Phantom Mustang reissue 32 Mono KNH-2
NorthAm P-51D 72 Academy KKK-22
North Am P-51D Reno Racer 48 Rev KC-8
NorthAm P-51D racer “Miss America” 1/32 Revell KKE-1
NorthAm P-51D of Shomo POA 48 Has KC-13
NorthAm P-51(F-51D) ram jets test Has KC-13
NorthAm P-51D multi-texture 48 Hawk KKE-17
NorthAm P-51D 72 MPC KKB-21
NorthAm P-51D early Has KB-6
NorthAm P-51H 48 Hawk KKE-5
NorthAm P-51H 72 Premier KL-1
NorthAm P-51H 48 Classic Airframes KKC–12
NorthAm PBJ-1D (USN B-25) 72 Italeri KKB -15
NorthAm SNJ 48 Revell KKE-7
NorthAm T-2C/E Buckeye 72 Matchbox KKK-45
NorthAm T-6 Reno racer 48 Rev KC-13
NorthAm AT-6 Texan 48 Aurora KKE-14
NorthAm T-6G Texan 72 KKK-19
NorthAm SNJ 72 Hawk KKE-5
NorthAm SNJ 48 Aurora KKK-30
NorthAm SNJ 72 Hawk KKE-5
NorthAm T-6 Texan 72 Hawk KKE-5
NorthAm T-28 Trojan/Fennec 72 Heller KKB-14
NorthAm T-28A 48 Mono KE-1
NorthAm T-28B 48 Roden KKK-28
NorthAm T-28B 48 Mono KE-1
NorthAm T-28D 48 Mono KE-1
NorthAm X-15 ____ – Aurora KKK-30
Northrop A-17 72 MPM KG-1
Northrop B-2 144 Revell KKK-1
Northrop BT-1 72 Velom KKB-24
Northrop N-156 Freedom Fighter 48 Aurora KKE-12
Northrop F-5A Freedom Fighter 72 Has KNB-5
Northrop F-5E Patrouille Suisse 72 Italeri KKK-31
Northrop F-5E Tiger II 72 Hobby Boss KKK-40
Northrop F-89A/B Scorpion 72 Hobby Craft KKK-19

Northrop F-89D ______ Revell Whip Fly KKK-3
Northrop F-89H 72 Hobby Craft KKK-19
Northrop P-61 72 Airfix KKE-24
Northrop P-61 48 Aurora KKE-14
Northrop P-61 72 DML KB-24
Northrop P-61 48 Monogram KNC-2
Northrop P-61 48 Monogram KNH-7
Northrop Snark guimissile ____ Revell KKK-3
Northrop Snark guimissile ____ Revell KKK-3

Northrop Snark guimissile _____ Revell KKK-3
Northrop T-38 Thunderbirds 48 Has KB-13
Northrop T-38C 48 Trumpeter KNC-2
Nuclear Airliner _____ Aurora KKE-14
Panavia Tornado Desert Storm 72 Mono KB-15
Panavia Tornado IDS Marinefleiger 72 Has KB-12
Percival Proctor 72 Air Lines KKE-11
Pfalz D.III 32 Encore KKK-16
Pfalz D.III 32 Encore KKK-10
Pfalz D.IIIa 72 Pegasus KKB-23
Pfalz D-3 48 Aurora KKK-39
Pfalz D.III 72 Renwal Aero-Skin KKE-11
Pfalz D.XII 72 Toko KB-19

Piasecki H-21 Workhorse 48 Aurora KKK-11
Piasecki (Vertol) H-21 72 Hobby Craft KKK-19
Piasecki H-25 Army Mule 48 Aurora KKK-30
Piasecki H-25 Army Mule 72 Mach 2 KKK-34
Piasecki VZ-8P Aerial Jeep ____ ITC Model Craft

Pilatus PC-6 Turbo Porter floatplane 48 Roden KKK-8
Pilatus/Fairchild AU-23 Peacemaker 48 Roden KKK-8
Piper Aztec 72 Aurora KB-4
Piper Cherokee 140 Cruiser 48 Bandai KKC-13
Piper Cherokee 180 72 Aurora KKK-35
Piper Enforcer 72 The Ready Room KG-1
Piper J-3 Cub 48 HobbyTime KC-3
Piper Pacer PLASTIC FLYING MODEL Strombecker KKE-16
Piper L-4H wheels 72 KP KKK-5
Piper L-4H floats 72 KP KKK-5
Pitcairn Autogiro 48 Williams Brothers KKE-2
Pitcairn Autogiro HO scale Williams Bros KL-1
PLA J-8B fighter 48 Trumpeter KNC-1
PLAF J-10AY aerobatic team 48 Trumpeter KKK-4
Polikarpov I-15 72 Soviet kit mfr KKE-11
Polikarpov I-152 (I-15 bis) 48 Eduard ______________
Polikarpov I-16 Rata 72 BAG Revell KKK-32
Polikarpov Po-2 72 KP KNB-1
Polikarpov R-5 72 Encore KKK-25
Potez 631 night figher 72 Special Hobby KKB-3
PZL P-7a 72 Podlaske Zaklady KKK-44
PZL P.11C 48 Mirage Hobby KKK-13
PZL P.11C 72 Revell KB-23
PZL P-23 Karas 72 Samolot Bombowy – VERIFY LOCATION
PZL P-23 Karas 72 Heller KNH-5
PZL-37 A / B Los 72 Plastyk KKB-11
Pyorremyrsky (Finland ftr) 72 Ardpol KKK-35
RAF RE-8 72 Airfix KKB-16
RAF S.E.5a w Hispano Suiza engine 48 Roden KKC-16

RAF S.E.5A 48 Mono Modelers Club KC-7
RAF S.E.5 Scout 48 Aurora KKK-30
RAF SE-5 Scout 48 Aurora KKK-39
RAF S.E.5a 72 Revell KKB-17
Reggiane RE 2001 72 Italeri KKK-29
Reggiane RE-2001 72 BAG Supermodel KKK-31
Reichenburg Re-111 (2 seat Feisler Buzz Bomb) 72 MAC KK-3
Repub RC-3 Seabee 48 Glencoe KKK-20
Repub Seabee 48 Lindberg KKK-10
Repub F-84 48 Hawk KKE – 5
Repub F-84 Thunderjet 72 Premier KL-1
Repub F-84G 48 Hawk KKE-17
Repub F-84E/G Thunderjet 72 Academy KKK-22
Repub F-84F 1/72 Hawk KKE-5
Repub F-84F ____ – Aurora KKK-35
Repub F-84F ____ – Revell orig KKK – 3
Reoyb RF-84F Thunderflash 72 Italeri KKK-34
Repub F-84G 72 Heller KKB-14
Reput F-84G 72 Heller KKB-14
Repub F-84G 72 Heller KNB-2
Repub F-84G 72 Heller KKK-29
Repub XF-91 Thunderceptor 72 Planet KB-11
Repub F-105 _____– Revell orig KKK-3
Repub F-105D _____– Mono ___
Repub F-105G 72 Mono KB-9
Repub F-105G ____- Trump KB+ 2
Repub F-105G 72 Trump KNG-8
Repub F-105 pre-painted ____- Mono KE-1
Repub P-47D-20 or 25 multi-textured 48 Hawk KKE-17
Repub P-47D-20 CBI 32 Revell KKE-4
Repub P-47D-20 72 Soviet mfrd Frog KKE-11
Repub P-47D-20 72 Has KLB-2
Repub P-47D-20 48 Tamiya KKC-15
Repiub P-47D _____ Comet – KKK-12
Repub P-47D-25 48 Italeri KKK-32
Repub P-47D-25 D-Day 72 Has KB-1
Repub P-47D-25 72 Revell KB-23
Repub P-47D-30 72 Revell KNB-5
Repub P-47M 48 Tamiya KC-10
Repub P-47M 72 BAG Revell KKK-31
Repub P-47D _____ – Bell Toys KKE-22
Repub P-47N 48 Lindberg KKE-18
Repub P-47N 48 Lindberg KKE-22
Rockwell OV-10A 72 Has KB-13
Rockwell OV-10A 72 Revell KKE-4
Rockwell OV-10A 72 Revell KNB-1
Rockwell OV-10A 72 Academy KKK-22
Rockwell YOV-10 gunship 72 MPC KKB-16
Rockwell OVV-10D 32 Kittyhawk KKK-43
Rockwell Space Shuttle and (Boeing 747) Transporter 1/288 Academy KH-2
ROKAF T-50 48 Academy KKC-14
Russian Jet Fighter fiction 48 Lindberg KKE-22
Russian Nuclear Bomber fiction _____ Aurora KKK-11
Ryan Navion 48 Lindberg KKE-22
Ryan ST/PT-20 48 Hawk KKC-16
Ryan FR-1 Fureball RESIN 48 Nero KKK-6
Ryan XF2R-1 Dark Shark 48 Nero KNG-8
Ryan Spirit of St. Louis 72 – Hawk KK-1
Ryan Spirit of St. Louis 72 – Hawk KKE-17
Ryan Spirit of St. Louis 72 – Testors KKB-18
Ryan Spirit of St. Louis Limited Edition 48 Lindberg KKK-39
Ryan (PT-20) Trainer plastic flying model Strombecker KKE-19
Ryan (PT-20) Trainer 48 Testors KK-2
Ryan X-13 Vertijet 72 Mach 2 KKB-15
Ryan X-13 Vertijet 48 Aurora KKE-14
Saab 105 1/72 Marivox KKK-5
Saab J-32 Lansen 72 Heller KKK-9
Saab JA-37 Viggen 72 Airfix KKC-3
Saab JAS-39 Gripen 72 Italeri KKK-34
SAM ground to air guided missile 00 scale Airfux KKE-23
Saturn 1B rocket 144 Airfix KKA-3
Saunders Roe SR 53 72 Airfix KKB-21
Savoia-Marchetti S.55X ____ ITC Model Craft KKK-20
Savoia S.M.79 72 Italeri KB-9
Savoia S.M.81 72 Supermodel KB-12
Scaked Composites Space Ship Two and White Knight Two 144 Revell KKA-2
Sep sailplane 72 Seria Miodel KKK-5
SEPECAT Jaguar A.2 72 Frog KKE-11
SEPECAT Jaguar 72 Maquette KNB-1
Seversky P-35 48 Hobby Craft KKK-22
Shin Meiwa PS-1 1/240 Bigplane KKK-42
SHIP Battleship USS Arizona 1/700 Revell KB-13
SHIP CA-35 Indianapolis 1/700 Tamiya KKK-26
SHIP Russian ac carrier Minsk 1/700 Aoshima KLK-1
SHIP ac car USS Hancock 1/700 Hasegawa KLK-1
SHIP ac car USS Essex 1/700 Hasegawa KLK-1
SHIP British ac car HMS Illustrius 1/700 Aoshima KLK-1
SHIP British sailing ship HMS Bounty _____ Revell KLK-1
SHIP ac carrier USS Hornet 1/700 Tamiya KG-2
SHIP DD-537 USS The Sullivans 1/350 Trumpeter KKK-26
SHIP ac car USS Ticonderoga 1/700 Hasegawa KLK-1
SHIP ac car USS Abraham Lincoln 1/700 Trumpeter KLK-1
Short Crusader racer 72 METAL KIT C.A. Atkins KKK-37Short Sealand ____ Frog KKE-11
Short Skyvan 72 Airfix KKB-16
Short Stirling 72 Airfix KNG-10
Short Sunderland ______ Kader KKK-1
Short Sunderland 72 Airfix KK-23
Siemens Shuckert D.III, IV 72 Toko KB-19
Siemens Shucker D.III, IV 72 Toko KB-19
Sikor (CH-54) Skycrane 72 Revell KKE-7
Sikor H-19 USAF 1/49 Revell KKC – 3
Sikor MH-53 Sea Dragon 72 Italeri ______
Sikor S-55 “Wind Mill” 48 Aurora KKK-30
Sikor SH-3G Sea King 48 Smart Kit KC-1
Sikor SH-3H 48 Has KNC-2
Sikor HH-53 Super Jolly Green Giant 72 Airfix KKE-24
Sikor HH-60J US Coast Guard 72 Italeri KKB-11
Sikor MH-60K Special Ops 72 Testors / Italeri KKK-32
Sikor MH-60K Special Ops 72 – Testors / Italeri KKK-32
Sikor SH-60J Seahawk 72 Has KNB-5
Sikor SH-3G Sea King 72 Dragon KKE-25
Sikor S-51, HO3S-1 72 Mach 2
Sikorsky “Ilya Murometz” 72 Maquette KKK-28
SNCASE SE.535 Mistral 72 Heller KKB-14
Sopwith Baby 72 Eduard KLB-2
Sopwith Camel Dual Combo 2 models 48 Eduard KKK-15
Sopwith Camel 72 Academy KKK-20
Sopwith Camel 72 Revell KKB-17
Sopwith Camel 48 Aurora KKK-30
Sopwith Camel 48 Aurora KKK-35
Sopwith Camel 32 Hobby Craft KKK-22
Sopwith 1 ½ Strutter “Comic Fighter” 72 Toko KB-19
Sopwith 1 ½ Strutter 2-seat fighter 72 Toko KB-19
Sopwith 1 ½ Strutter 2 seat fighter 48 Roden KKC-16
Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter 72 Eastern Express KB-6
Sopwith 7F.1 Snipe 72 Toko KB-19
Sopwityh Triplane “Black Flight” 72 Revell KKB-11
Sopwith Triplane “Black Flight” 48 Eduard KKK-15
SPAD S.VII 72 Airfix _____________
SPAD XIII 72 Revell KKE-9
SPAD XIII 48 Aurora KKE-14
SPAD XIII 72 Academy KNB-5
SPAD 13 w Rickenbacker bust 48 DML KKC-15
SPAD XIII 1/28 Revell KKK-46
SPAD 13C.1 USAS mkgs 48 Hawk KKE-5
SPAD XIII International 32 Hobby Craft KKH-41
(Hegy) Soarriw homebuilt 1/30 Shizukyo KKH-41
SR-75 Penetrator fiction 72 Testors KLK-3
Stanpe SV-4C 1/ 50 Heller KKK-9
Stealth Fighter fictional F-19 72 Monogram Neon Illuminators – KB-16
Stearnan civ PT-17 with cowl Barnstormer 72 Revell KKB-4
Stearman PT-17 72 Revell KC-1
Stearman PT-17 72 Revell KC-1
StingBat LHX fict heli 48 Testors/Italeri KKK-32
Stinson 105 48 (Lindberg) Necomisa KKE-48
Stinson SR-9 48 AMT KKC03
Stinson Flying Station Wagon – Lindberg KC-7
Sud Caravelle ___ Lindberg KKE-18
Sud Lama helicopter 1/50 Heller KKK-9
Sud S.A.330 Puma 72 Airfix KKB-16
Sud AS-332 Super Puma 72 Italeri KKB-17
Sukhoi SuperJet 100 144 Zvezda KKA-3
Sukhoi Su-22U 72 Hobby Craft KKK-19
Sukhoi S-37 Berkut 72 Italeri KKB-7
Sukhoi Su-22M3 72 Pantera KB-14
Sukhoi Su-22M4/Su-17M4 72 Eduard KKB-2
Sukhoi Su-24 72 Zvezda KKB-2
Sukhoi Su-25 Frogfoot 48 Mono KC-7
Sukhoi Su-25 Frogfoot 48 Czech kit KC-8
Sukhoi Su-27 “Flanker B” 72 Italeri KKB-7
Sukhoi Su-27 “Sea Flanker” 72 Italeri KKB-7
Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker 72 Revell KNB-1
Sukhoi Su-35 48 _____ KLK – 3
Superm S.6B racer 72 Frog KB-17
Superm S.6B racer 72 Air Lines (Frog) KKE-11
Superm S.6B racer 48 Hawk KK-2
Superm S.6B racer 48 Hawk KK-2
Superm Attacker 48 Classic Airframes KKC-12
Superm Seafire III 72 Octopus KB-7
Superm Seafire FR.46/47 48 Airfix KKK-42
Superm Seafire XV 48 Hobby Craft KKK13
Superm Seafire XVII 48 Airfix KKC-3
Superm Spitfire 48 _____ KKK-30
Superm (Spitfire) British Interceptor ______ Lindberg KKE-22
Superm Spitfire I 32 Revell KKE-4
Superm Spitfire I 32 Revell KKE-4
Superm Spitfire I 32 Revell KKE-25
Superm Spitfire I 48 Tamiya KKC-14
Superm Spitfire I 72 Has KB-3
Superm Spitfire II 72 Frog KB-17
Superm Spitfire II 48 BAG Monogram KKK-32
Superm Spitfire II 48 Monogram KLC-2
Superm Spitfire II 72 Revell KKK-29
Superm Spitfire II 48 Revell KKE-13
Superm Spitfire V 72 ProModeler KB-11
Superm Spitfire VB 72 Airfix KKE-23
Superm Spitfire VB 72 Aurora Heller KKB-14
Superm Spitfire VII 72 Czechmaster resin – KB-5
Superm Spitfire VII 48 LTD KC-15
Superm Spitfire VIII 48 Otaki KKK-39
Superm Spitfire IXc 72 Ventura KKE-25
Supermarine Spitfire IXE 72 KP KNB-2
Superm Spitfire IX “American Aces” 48 Italeri KKC – 13
Super Spitfire P.R. X 72 Special Hobby KKB-3
Superm Spitfire XIV 48 HobbyCraft KKC-4
Superm Spitfire XIV 72 Fujimi KKK-40
Superm Spitfire XIVE 72 Heller KKB-14
Superm Spitfire XVIE 72 Heller KKB-14
Superm Seafire XV 48 HobbyCraft KKC-4
Superm Spitfure Mk. 18 72 Ventura KKB-16
Superm Spitfire XIX 72 Airfix KNB-4
Superm Spitfire F22 72 Hawk KKE-5
Superm Spitfire Mk.22 72 Hawk KKE-5
Superm Spitfire F.22/24 72 Pegasus KKB-23
Superm Spitfire F.22/24 48 Airfix KKK-42
Superm Swift 1/72 Hawk KKE-5
Talos guided missile with booster ____ – Kusan K.M.T. KKK-37
Supermarine Walrus II 72 Airfix KKB-16
Tachikawa Ki-55 72 Fujimi KKB-23
Temco TT-1 ____- Strombecker KKE-16
Tokyo Metro Fire Dept Chidori (Sud Alouette) 48 Fujimi KKK-36
Travel Air Mystery Ship 1929 48 Hawk KKE-5
Travel Air Mystery Ship 1929 48 Hawk KKE-5
Travel Air Mystery Ship 48 Testors KNG-8
Tsu-Chang AT-3 trainer 72 Lo Model KKK-23
Tupolev Tu-2M 72 ICM KNB-5
Tupolev Tu-95 Bear 144 Revell KKK-1
Tupolev Tu-104 1/100 VEB Plasti KKK-2
Tupolev Tu-114 1/100 VEB Plasti KKK – 5
Tupolev Tu-154 1/100 VEB Plast KKK -5
USSR Naval Planes Yak󈧪, Ka-32 1/700 Aoshima KKK-15
Valiant plastic flying model Lindberg KLC-1
Vertol CH-46E 48 Academy KNC – 3
Vertol CH-47 Chinook 48 Aurora KNC-1
Vertol KV-107-II 1/100 Tamiya KG-2
Vickers Valiant 72 Airfix KNH-2
Vickers Valiant 1/96 Frog KKK-21
Vickers Valiant 1/144 WIMCO KKK-25
Vickers Vanguard 1/144 Airfix KKK-17
Vickers Vanguard 1/144 Airfix KKA-3
Vickers VC-10 1/144 Frog KKK-21
Vickers Vimy heavy bomter 72 Novo KKK-21
Vickers Viscount 1/96 Glencoe KKK-16
Vickers Viscount 1/96 Tri-ang .
Vickers Wellington Mk.1C 72 MPC KKK-47
Vickers Wellington 48 Revell KKB-4
Vickers Wellington II 72 Modelcraft KLK-1
Vickers Supermarine N.113 Scimitar 72 – KKK-21
VL Myrsky II 72 Ardpol KKB-21

Voisin Farman 1908 72 Entex KKK-17
Vostok manned space ____ – VEB Plastikart KKK-25
Vostok Soviet space 1/24 Revell KKH-41
Vought V-173 72 Sword KG-1
Vought A-7A Corsair II 72 Revell KKE-9
Vought A-7A Corsair II 72 Fujimi KKK-36
Vought A-7D Bicentennial 48 Has KNC-1
Vought AU-1 48 Has KKK-4
Vought F4U-1 72 Hawk KKE-5
Vought F4U-1A 72 Testors KNB-2
Vought F4U-1 (birdcage) 72 ________ KNB-5
Vought F4U-1A 72 Academy ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Vought F4U-1A 144 Mitsuma Model KH-2
Vought F4U-1A 48 Hobby-Time KNG-10
Vought F4U-1 British Commonwealth 48 HobbyCraft KKC-4
Vought F4U-1/2 bird cage Corsair 48 Tamiya KKK-40
Vought F4U-1D Corsair 48 Tamiya KKK-40
Vought F4U-4 72 Revell Collectors Choice KKE-9
Vought F4U-5N 72 Italeri KKB-11
Vought (F4U-5N) Marine Attack Fighter 48 Lindberg KKE-18
Vought F4U-5N 48 Has KC-1
Vought F4U-5N 48 Minicraft KKK-16
Vought/Goodyear F2G 72 Xotic 72 KB-13
Vought F7U-1 Cutlass ____ Lindberg KKK-30
Vought F7U-3 ____– Revell orig KKK-3
Vought F7U-3 ____ – Revell Lodela KKE-15
Vought F7U-3 Cutlass upgraded 48 Hobby Craft KKC-1
Vought F-8E 48 ScaleCraft/ESCI KC-7
Vought F8U-1 ____ – Revell orig KKK-3
Vought OS2U 48 Mono KC-1
Vought OS2U 72 Airfix KKB-18
Vought Regulus II 48 Aurora KKE-14
Vought SB2U Vindicator 72 Special Hobby KKB-3
Vought SB2U Vindicator 48 Hi PM KKK-16
Vultee A-35 Vengeance 72 Frog KB-15
Vultee A-35 Vengeance 72 Special Hobby KKB-23
Vultee V-11 Attack Bomber China AF 72 Azur KKB-21
Vultee V-1A Spain Civil War bomber 72 Azur KLB-2
Wallis (James Bond’s) Autogiro 1.24 Airfix KK-2
Wassmer Wa-81 Piranha 1/50 Heller KKK-9
Wedell-Williams racer 32 Williams Bros. KKK-35
Westland Lysander chrome plated 48 Hawk KKE-17
Westland Wessex I 72 Matchbox KKB-6
Westland Wessex heli 72 Air Lines (Frog) KKB-2
Westland Whirlwind fighter 48 Classic Airframes KKC-12
Westland Whirlwind helicopter 72 Airfix KKE-23
World War II Ground Support Equipment 48 ProModeler KG-1
Wright Flyer ____ – Mono KG-1
Wright Flyer ____– Mono KB-10
Wright U.S. Army 1909 biplane 3/16 Hillcrest KKK-43
Xian FBC-1 Flying Leopard 72 Trumpeter KB-21
X-20 Soviet air to ground missile 72 Amodel KKB-23
XSL01 Manned Space Ship ____ – Revell KKE-7
X-Wing Fighter Return of the Jedi 72 MPC SNAP KK-3
Yakovlev Yak-1 Litvak ace 48 AccuMiniatures KKK-1
Yakovlev Yak-1 w skis 48 AccuMiniatures KKK-45
Yakovlev Yak-1B 48 AccuMiniatures KKK-45
Yakovlev Yak-3 Normandie-Nieman 72 Heller KKK-19
Yakovlev Yak-3 of Georgi Zakharov 72 Airfix KNB-1
Yakovlev Yak-3 ____ – Soviet mfd kit KKK-23
Yakovlev Yak-9 48 LTD KC-15
Yakovlev Yak-11 “Moose” 72 MAI KKK-35
Yakovlev Yak 24 helicopter 1/100 VEB Plastikart KKE-26
Yakovlev Yak-25 fiction 48 Aurora KKK-39
Yak-36 Forger 72 Revell KLB-2
Yokosuka D4Y4 Judy 72 Fujimi KLB-1
Yokosuka E14Y Glen 72 Fujimi KLB-2
Yokosuka K5Y Willow 72 LS KKB-23
Yokosuka K5Y Willow on floats 1/32 Nitto KKK-44
Yokusuka P1Y1 Frances 72 Has KB-3
Zlin 50L RESIN 72 Czechmaster KKB-23
Zlin Z-50L 1/43 Soviet mfrd kit KKK-25
Zlin 142 C 72 Plastikovy Model KKB-21
Zlin C. 106 (Bucker Bu-181) 72 MPM KK-3

Brew Buffalo .. Mess Bf-109E .. Rep P-47D-25

3 FIGHTER PLANES OF WORLD WAR I . ___________________

Fokker D.VII ..RAF SE-5a .. SPAD XIII

3 PACIFIC SKY FIGHTERS 72 _____________________
Bell P-39 .. Grum F4F .. Naka Ki-43

TWO KITS IN ONE 72 ____________________________
Bristol Beaufighter . . . Messer Bf-109G

Man in Space Saturn V Rocket and Apollo Spacecraft
. . plus Saturn IB. . Mercury Redstone . . Mercury Atlas, . . .and Gemini Titan II 1/200 AMT

Man in Space Saturn V Rocket and Apollo Spacecraft
. . plus Saturn IB. . Mercury Redstone . . Mercury Atlas, . . . . .and Gemini Titan II 1/200 AMT

Space Shuttle & Nasa (Boeing 747) Transporter
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1/288 Academy
Hand. Page Heracles 144 and Kamov Ka ___ Hormone 72

EARLY BIRDS – 3 Model kits of Pioneers of the Air 72 KKB-18
. . . Voisin-Farman 1908 . . .Antoinette 1908 . . . DeHavilland No. 1 1910

3 aircraft kits in one Sky Racer 1/144 – Penguin KLK-1
. . .Hummingbird . . .Long Midget . . . Knight Twister

4 World War II Fighters – Lindberg ___ KKE-18
…Mess Me-109F .. NorAm P-51.. Rep P-47.. Super Spitfire